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Bepannah 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya’s first Karvachauth

Bepannah 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh, Aditya and Arjun come to police station too. Anjana cries. See, they dint let me even wear mangalsutra. My neck was never before. Harsh assures her she will adorn it tomorrow once again. It is my promise to you. We will celebrate Karvachauth together tomorrow.

Zoya is pacing in her room when Aditya enters. Their argument echoes in the background. He sits down on the sofa while she clutches onto her mangalsutra teary eyed. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays. She turns and notices the vows collage on the wall. She thinks to offer water to Aditya but Arjun gives it to him. Are you alright? I saw that you are very tired. It was a long day today. Rest for a while. Tomorrow will be longer. Aditya says you are thinking about tomorrow. I am wondering how we will spend tonight. He gets up noticing zoya there.

How will I breathe in the same room where she is? Arjun suggests him to sleep in his room. Aditya says I thought I will fast for her and break my fast seeing her face but now I cannot understand how to see her face. How can she stay here after all this? Arjun requests him to keep his issues aside for now. We have to think about Mom and Dad right now. He takes Aditya with him.

Zoya wakes up and goes downstairs to drink water. She turns and notices Harsh standing there holding a plate. Harsh gives Sargi to her. I thought I will get a DIL and daughter at once. Anjana laughed at me telling me not to dream like this but I still brought Sargi for you. It isn’t easy to make relations but it is tougher to maintain them. I accepted you as my DIL and daughter but you broke both my dreams. I dint get neither a DIL nor a daughter. I wont keep any expectations from you now. He leaves. Zoya looks at the plate emotionally.

Zaya is pained by Harsh’s words. Aditya comes there. I hope I never have to hear what I heard yesterday from you! She tells him that she wouldn’t have said it even by mistake if she wasn’t compelled. He tells her that the sun is about to rise. It is karvachauth today. He feeds her water and food. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays in the background. Zoya’s eyes well up. She hugs him from behind and cries as he bends down to keep the plate. She tells him she wont be able to continue this drama anymore. They hug. Aditya too is emotional. Aditya tells her that even he cannot do it but they have to do it. She tells him that she couldn’t even face Papa fearing that she might tell him the truth. He says I know everyone is upset with you but it is because they don’t know what or why you are doing. They will be proud after knowing the truth. We will tackle Rajvir together. I promise we will fix everything. She nods. Till when will we play with our loved ones? What if we get caught? That woman never let me forget that she is trying to separate us. There was only one intention behind sending Ma to jail or creating rift between us. She wants to separate us. He says she wont be able to do it because of you. Even I couldn’t have done what you did today. You were so brave. She replies that this was braveness but a rude thing that she has done. I have hurt everyone especially Ma. I could do it only because of your support or I would have broken down long ago. Aditya says I was thinking how to tell you when Ma confessed. When I saw you in front of me, I thought I will lose you for forever. If you hadn’t understood me then, then I don’t know what would have happened to us.

Flashback shows Aditya chasing zoya as soon as she steps out of the house after finding out Anjana’s truth. . I don’t know what to tell you. I know Ma made a mistake but she dint do it intentionally. She completes his sentence. It was an accident. I know your Ma may be short tempered but she can never anyone. He thanks her. She says Yash and Pooja made mistakes and left us in all these problems. We kept defending them and kept finding faults within ourselves but the truth is that we weren’t at fault. They were wrong. Their relation was based on a lie. All of this happened because of that relation. After hearing Mummy ji’s words I have realised that Yash and Pooja would have left happiness behind if their love was pure. Your Ma did all that for your happiness. She found with circumstances for your sake. My mother too would have done the same thing. Parents can do anything for their kids. Your mother did all that for your sake. I love you too. You trust me right? I married you as I love you very much. I cannot even think of revenge. He wipes her tears. I know it. He shows the divorce papers to her with her signature pointing at the area around it. I know that these are marks of your tears. Your tears cleared away every misunderstanding. Love is said to be blind but lovers can see what other people cannot see just like Rajvir couldn’t. He wants to separate us, wants to attack our family. She thanks him. You were acting inside? He says I wanted to know Rajvir’s real intention. He wants to separate us by using Pooja and Yash’s murder against us. He wants to separate us. I went home to find out the truth only. If you want to punish Ma then you can. She says she has been hiding it inside her since so long. It is enough already. Yash and Pooja’s death was an accident or Rajvir would have put her in jail long ago. They want something else. He shares that he has an idea to bring out the truth but it will be difficult to execute it. You might have to do something which you don’t want to. Flashback ends.

Zoya is feeling bad for sending Anjana to jail. He reasons that everyone has to pay a price for their mistakes. This is Ma’s punishment. You cannot break down thinking all this. We have to be near Rajvir to find out his truth. She tells him that for that, she will have to stay away from him even after being so near. I will have to trouble everyone else a little more. He reminds her that they are together. He looks away suddenly. What if I hadn’t seen Rajvir in the fair that day then I wouldn’t have found out anything. Maybe I too would have thought that you are with Rajvir. Flashback shows Rajvir talking to the mystery woman. She tells him to attack on Hooda family and destroy them. I cannot trust like you. It is your strength not mine. I only believe what I see. It isn’t that I don’t trust you. I trust your trust. I have been cheated so many times. I am afraid to be hurt again. She assures him she will destroy herself but wont let his trust break ever. We will have to trust each other more to figure out the truth. I will help you whenever you will begin to feel weak and vice versa. They hug.

Aditya opens the door. Harsh and Arjun bring Anjana home. Anjana refuses to drink water as it is Karvachauth. Arjun tells her not to do it this time. You are also not well. She denies. I am strong because of you guys. Aditya assures her they all are with him. Zoya says I saw it today that law is only for the weak and poor. Aditya tells her to go and lecture somewhere else. It is no point trying to make us feel guilty. It wont happen as we know we are right. Zoya refuses to let them or the law forget the truth. Servant brings food for Zoya. She asks him to keep it in her room. Anjana remarks that it is good that she wont have to pretend to be nice anymore. This wedding is a sham after all. Right Aditya? Zoya and Aditya look at each other. Zoya goes inside without saying anything. Aditya tells his mother not to worry. Go and rest in your room. You are fasting too.

Aditya pretends to shout loudly at Zoya for eating on Karvachauth. I thought I will fast with you and prove my love whereas you are eating. She smiles. You too can eat if you want to. I am not holding your hands. You and your family are like this. You guys just pretend. They continue to argue cutely. He kisses her while doing drama. He murmurs that whoever is keeping an eye on them will tell Rajvir about their fight now.

Aditya opens the door and notices Victor at the door. He asks him what he is doing here. Victor says Ma’am asked for juice. He tells Victor not to follow Zoya’s orders ever again. Zoya stops him and takes the glass. You can go now. Aditya tells him to stop but Zoya tells him to go. Victor leaves and so does Aditya. Zoya wonders how the mystery woman is able to find out everything that has been happening at Hooda House.

Preap: Aditya helps Zoya get ready for the function. Zoya gate crashes Anjana’s party. No one invited the DIL in the party? Anjana says your party is actually a fast. Zoya begins to feel dizzy. Aditya realises that if she faints everyone will understand that she kept a fast. Zoya falls down. Someone is recording it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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