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Agnifera 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni Accepts Kishan’s Love

Agnifera 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishan, Agni, and Sakshi fight with goons. Mukhri reaches with police team and arrests goons and takes him to police station. Agni gets injured, asks what was all this and collapses. Kishan lifts her and takes her home with Sakshi. Family gets tensed for Kishan. Kishan says he is fine and praises Agni’s bravery. Agni says she is a trained police officer, but Kishan being a civilian fought bravely. Sakshi says good they understand each other. She then asks Kishan’s Daadi to relax and nicks her KD. Daadi jokes if she was there, she would have trashed goons.

Kishan’s father asks Agni to describe whole incident. Chachaji says it is proved Sakshi reached on time and rescued them, they want to know in detail how they all 3 fought against goons. Agni says he is right, Sakshi came

on time and rescued them. She says she arrested those goons in Lucknow and they attacked her here, she arrested them again with Sakshi and Kishan’s help.

At night, Agni tries to bandage her sprain when Sakshi enters and helps. Agni says she is trained to find out truth, Sakshi was guilty, so she help her. Sakshi says she just did it for Daadi as Daadi would have been tensed seeing Agni in trouble. She confesses that she mixed sleeping pill in Agni’s juice to make Kishan look like a heron, else Agni would have trashed fake goons also. Agni reminds Kishan had saved Daadi a few days ago and says they both are sister and if Daaadi finds out their fight, she will feel bad. Agni says she saved Agni, but still hates her as she is her baba’s murderer’s daughter and will not rest till she take revenge from Agni.

Agni walks down and sees Kishan standing, asks him to go and rest, realizes it is her imagination. She then sees Kishan sitting in living room again and thinks it is her imagination again. She walks to him and cries what if something had happened to him. He asks not to cry and promises he will never let her cry. He then hugs her and asks if she really cares for him. She nods yes and says let us go and sleep now, walk to their respective rooms.

Next morning, Agni wakes up and opens door, finds Kishan standing, touches him and asks what is he doing in the morning. He says good morning loudly. She asks to tone down and asks if he has to say anything. Kishan shyingly say she wants to inform family about their love. Agni says she will not. Kishan says she broke alliance, so she should inform family. Agni says everyone must be sleeping, she does not want to disturb them. Sakshi wakes up and says she fixed their love story and will even get them married if they want. They both walk away. After getting ready, Kishan asks Agni to inform family. Daadis walk in. Agni stands nervous.

Precap: Daaadi asks Agni to select a girl for Kishan. Kishan says Agni did not agree, so he has to marry someone else. Badki yells at Yashi that she must have brainwashed Agni.

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