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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita convinces Ruhi to get married

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Aaliya where did she go by lying. Aaliya says I had to thank Rohan, I went to meet him, not Shagun, he is just a friend, he helped me, I really appreciate that, I thanked him and gave a card, in return, he gave this bracelet, stop laughing. Ruhi says so cute and hugs her. They go for meeting. Raman scolds manager. Ishita smiles. Raman says promise me you won’t say no. She says fine, tell me. He says go home, you are distracting me. She jokes. He asks her to stop her drama and go. She gets call from Mrs. Bhalla and goes. He smiles.

Ishita is at the signal. She hits a car and gets shocked. She gets down the car. Rohan gets angry and gets down the car. He sees Ishita and thinks she is Aaliya’s mum. He says its okay, its not a big dent. She says no,

I have to pay for damage. He says its okay, I will drop you home, trust me. Ishita leaves her car there and says I will send someone to pick it. Rohan takes them. Ishita introduces herself and Mrs. Bhalla. She gets Monica’s call. Mrs. Bhalla says I called to ask if you got any good proposal for Ruhi. Monica says have patience, I don’t want to send random alliance. Mrs. Bhalla says I want best alliance for my granddaughter.

Ishita says marriage jodis are made in heaven, don’t rush. Rohan drops them and says don’t worry about the car, I called people to tow it. Ishita thanks him and asks him to come home next time. He leaves for his urgent meeting. Mihika sees this and asks who was he. Mrs. Bhalla says he was a nice guy, Ishita has hit his car, he came to drop us. Mihika asks what, isn’t this strange. Ishita says yes, but not everyone is same, maybe his upbringing is good. Mihika asks how can you trust any stranger, its weird. Ishita says this is strange, I didn’t tell him house address, how did he get us directly.

Ruhi says office looks office since Raman is coming. Romi says Mihika we will go on vacation. Ishita laughs. Everyone dines. Ishita gets Monica’s call. Monica says congrats, your daughter got a nice alliance, you can meet him. Ishita asks is this guy nice, fine I will tell everyone. Raman and Ishita ask Ruhi to meet the guy. They all talk.

Ishita goes to select dress for Ruhi. Ruhi recalls Suhail and Nikhil. She says no, I m scared. Ishita says its natural, I also felt scared. Ruhi says I was involved with wrong people, Suhail and Nikhil, I have no sense, I can’t do this. Ishita says when a child falls down, he gets up and walks again, he doesn’t leave walking, we are there to support you, we are there with you, everyone has bad experiences, we should learn from it and move on, you know my story, my relation broke once, people used to call me infertile, I didn’t get scared, if I stopped, I would have not got you, Raman and family, this had to happen, you have to move on.

Ruhi says I m happy in my own space, what’s the need to marry. Ishita says we all have basic needs, you live with family and feel perfect, but no one knows about tomorrow, you need a companion, we have to take a leap of faith, I married Raman and had faith in him, then he gave me love, I fell in love with him, and about strangers, look at your grand parents, Amma and Appa saw each other at the time of marriage, you go and meet the person, if you think he is good, you get married to him, else say no, don’t meet him again. Ruhi says he should be like Papa. Ishita laughs and says why do all girls say this, its a good thought, your Papa is a difficult person, I hope you get the best, don’t worry, you can reject him if you want. They hug.

Aaliya asks Rohan to talk to Ruhi. He asks why, I have come here for Aaliya, why Ruhi. Ishita and Raman ask what do you mean. Rohan says I want to marry your daughter Aaliya. They get shocked.

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