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Porus 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Laachi Is Pregnant

Porus 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bamni praises Puru that he got control of their problems so easily, he is proud of his son. Puru says his qualities are because of his father and mother, whatever he is is because of Bamni. Bamni says they have food available for 2 months now and by 2 months they will get crops ready. Chanakya says this is timely solution, they have to find out permanent solution and throw out Alexander from Bharat soon. Bamni says Alexander has huge army and even Faras’ support, but they have very less soldiers left now. Puru says they have to seek Magadh kingdom’s help. Chanakya says Magadh’s king Dhananand has not accepted their friendship even after many tries. Puru says they should try repeatedly until he agrees, so he will go to meet Dhananand.

Hephastian takes Barsine to Olympia and

informs her that Barsine was trying to assassinate Alexander. Olympia angrily yells at Barsine and orders Hephastian to kill Barsine right now. Hephastian raises sword, but then says let Alexander himself decide her punishment. Roxanne says she will behead traitor right now. Olympia stops her and says let Alexander himself decide Barsine’s punishment as Barsine loves Alexander’s enemy Porus and asks what is special in Porus that everyone get attracted to him. Barsine says his heart, he fights for his country and its pride, not to snatch someone else’s country.

Puru gets ready to leave for Magadh. Barsine wishes him good luck and feels drowsy. Puru asks if she is acting. She says she is Dasyu princess before Pourav rastra queen, so she knows how to control herself. She continues chatting and collapses. Bamni runs and holds her. Puru says she is acting and asks her to get up, but she does not. Chanakya checks and says she is unconscious in real and asks Puru to take her to her room. Puru lifts her and takes her to room. Midwife checks her and congratulates Puru that he is becoming father, Pourav rastra is getting its prince. Puru gets emotional and tells Bamni that his heir is coming. Bamni also rejoices. Puru walks to Laachi and thanks for giving him heir. Laachi says she is proud of herself that she is mother of Pourav rastra’s heir. Bamni walks to Anusuya’s painting and congratulates her for becoming grandmother. Puru walks in and asks why did he come here. They both get sad reminiscing Anusuya. Bamni says Anusuya’s absence, he has to fulfill her responsibilities,, so he will not send Puru to Magadh and himself will go to meet Dhananand and warns him to take care of his bahu well and if he troubles her, he will punish even Pourav king. Puru smiles..

Precap: Chankaya says Dhananand is arrogant king, so Bamni’s presence was necessary there and hopes Dhananand agrees to support them. Ambhi panics hearing about Laachi’s pregnancy and tells his mother he needs Laachi and she should get Laachi’s child aborted somehow.

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