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Papa By Chance 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan meets welfare officer

Papa By Chance 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amrit stopping Yuvaan. He makes the rope noose. Amrit runs to call Bela. She goes to get help. She thinks to help herself. Amrit goes to break the door. Bela tries to hit the door. The door opens. Amrit gets it and runs to Yuvaan. He holds the ropes and exercises. She falls over him. Everyone looks on. Yuvaan jokes on her. Amrit says I thought….you were dying. He says I was doing pushup, not suicide. She asks why were you angry. He says I got a good job, I lost it because of Harman, welfare officer is coming to check on kids, so I was doing exercise to calm mind. Rope falls down. She says next time, tell me, I got so worried. He says its good. He gets hit. She smiles.

Amrit sits sad. Bela comes to her and says you worry for Yuvaan so much. Amrit doesn’t listen.

Bela says you still care for Yuvaan, your childhood friend. Amrit says its better I focus on my sketches. Bela hugs her. Yuvaan works out. Gungun asks him to give gift to Dhoni. Yuvaan asks for what. Dhoni says I want gift. Yuvaan says time is running bad, I have no money, go and play.

Kashvi checks some books to help Yuvaan. She gets the call of welfare officer. She says yes, I m Yuvaan’s lawyer, are you coming today, no problem, I will give his address. She worries. She calls Yuvaan. He doesn’t answers. Ladies stare at Yuvaan.

They ask kids to move aside. Kids get an idea and don’t move. They ask for money. Kashvi says he never answers when needed. Amrit asks what’s happening. Bela asks why did you call these women. Amrit says I didn’t call them. Bela says who called them then. They go upstairs to see. Ullu says we are doing business. Bela asks what business. Bela and Amrit see Yuvaan working out bare-chested. The ladies like his fit body. Amrit stops Yuvaan and scolds him for falling so low. She asks him to see those aunties falling down seeing him. He asks what’s this new thing now. Ullu says we are doing business.

Yuvaan says you think my body is cheap, you should have kept high ticket. He asks the lady to click selfie with him. He charges them. The woman agree. Amrit asks are you encouraging kids, shame on you. Yuvaan says you want rent, you don’t interfere in our family business, right kids. They say yes. Kashvi comes and says welfare office is coming soon. Amrit tells everything. She asks Kashvi to teach him something. Kashvi asks what’s happening, if welfare officer sees you doing this, you will lose custody. Amrit says very good. Welfare officer comes. Yuvaan does an act of being a good guardian. He checks phone and hides it in book. The girl identifies him as Yuvaan. She scolds him for cheating her. Kashvi worries.

Yuvaan asks how are you. The girl says forget the children custody. Kids ask Amrit to help. Amrit agrees and take a disguise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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