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Mere Sai 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni’s Evil Plans To Throw Drama Company Out of Shirdi

Mere Sai 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anta and Panta sneeze hiding outside drama tent. Ganpat Rao asks who is there. They both hide. Maid checks and says there is no one. In temple, Mhalsapati’s son Malhari follows Mhalsapati’s instructions and performs pooja. Sai lifts boy to apply tilak on idol. Malhari then performs aarti and serves it to everyone. After pooja, Appa says he is very happy that Tatya is taking care of all his work and he is tension-free now. Mhalsapati hears that and thinks if Malhari is also ready to take his responsibilities.

Banta tells Santa that they did not find anything, so they should get ready to be scolded by Kulkarni sarkar. They hear Ganpat Rao scolding his troupe member Narpati and hide. Ganpat Rao scolds Narpati not to smoke beedi as he stinks while acting and now he is coughing vigorously.

Member says he cannot stop beedis. Ganpat Rao snatches beedis and burns them. Narpati angrily says he is a small time artist, but not his servant and leaves. Pant asks why did he scold Narpati, what if he does not come. Ganpat Rao says nobody can dare to go against him. Anta and Pant go and inform Kulkarni about the incident. Kulkarni explains them some plan and smirks.

Champa looking herself in mirror thinks she will marry only Raja nal/Ganpat Rao. Sai goes there begging. Champa’s mother greets him and asks Champa to get some rice for Sai. Champa picks plate, but drops it seeing lizard and shouts.

Anta and Panta chat with Narpati and brainwash him that even he is an artist and cannot bear insult. Narpati says he has to return back to drama group as he does not have any other go. They say even they smoke beedi away from their boss and their boss does not scold them. They give him beedi and smoke themselves, reminisce Kulkarni giving them green thread normal beedi and red thread beedi which has hypnotic and says he will sleep whole day today. Narpati falls asleep. Antap Panta carry him to Kulkarni and inform Pant. Pant walks in and is shocked to see Narpati asleep there. Kulkarni says Narpati has serious illness which is contagious and he should be sent out of village, else he will kick out whole drama troupe. Pant agrees.

Champa’s mother walks in and sees Champa afraid of lizard. She fills rice in plate and takes Champa out. She gives rice to Sai and says Champa is grown up now, but is afraid of lizard. Sai keeps his hand on Champa’s head and blesses her. Champa says she cannot help. Her father returns from city, gifts champa earrings, and scolds wife not to scold his daughter. Wife says he is spoiling, how will she manage in her in-laws house..

Precap: Pant asks Ganpat Rao to accept truth. Ganpat Rao says how will he get Damayanti so soon. They then hear Champa singing and get mesmerized with her voice.

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