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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz loses Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Majaaz crying and hugging Mariam. Nurse asks who are you. He says I m her dad, her life is in danger, I m taking her. She says let me do my work, I m calling police. The lady signs him. He threatens about the lady’s life and asks them to let him take Mariam. Aayat and doctor come there. Majaaz leaves with Mariam. Doctor says Mariam isn’t there. Aayat gets shocked. She rushes to OT to check. The lady asks Majaaz to go out. Majaaz thanks her. He leaves with Mariam. The lady informs Farhaan’s boss that Majaaz left with Mariam. The man asks Farhaan to keep a watch on Majaaz and Mariam. Zain goes to Rifat and says Mahira’s family is worried. Rifat asks what will you do, why do they call you for small problems.

Zain asks her to understand the problem.

Rifat asks him to worry for his family. She reminds Mahira’s cheat. Zain says Mahira is my wife, her every problem is mine, its my duty to solve the problems, I will do this. Mahira looks on. Aayat asks cops about Majaaz. She goes to Jibraan. She calms him. Doctor treats Jibraan. Aayat cries. Rifat says I will not leave them and take revenge from all of them. Aayat says Majaaz risked my son’s life, he has to bear a price for this. Majaaz runs with Mariam. He gets shocked seeing Farhaan and goons. Farhaan asks him to hand over Mariam. Majaaz says let me go from here, what do you want from me. Farhaan says I will tell everything, just sit in the car. Majaaz flies some sand over them and runs away. Farhaan asks goons to catch him. He gets the man’s call and says we will catch Majaaz. The man asks him to get Majaaz fast. Farhaan says I know we need Majaaz and Mariam. Majaaz hides with Mariam.

Farhaan looks for him. The goon says maybe they have run away. Madiha says Aayat isn’t answering, don’t know how are Majaaz and Mariam. Meher says don’t worry, they will be mine. They try to wipe the stains off the walls. Rifat comes there with Zain and Mahira. She taunts Madiha. Meher gets the court notice. She tells about the case hearing. Madiha asks who will go court, Majaaz and Omkar aren’t here, this case is weak, will we lose this haveli. Rifat gets peace. Zain says we are here to help. Rifat says yes, don’t worry, I will call Wasim, maybe he finds some way.

Majaaz makes Mariam rest. He cries and asks her to get up, he has come. He finds the burn mark on her hand and cries. She asks for water. Majaaz runs to get water for her. Aashiyana tera….plays…. He feeds her water and apologizes. He hears someone and runs with her again. He sees a truck. He hides Mariam in the sack. He says we will reach India soon. He drops his wallet. He says its tough to survive without money. He goes to pick his wallet. The truck leaves. Majaaz gets shocked. He shouts.

Majaaz runs after the truck and shouts Mariam. Farhaan hits on his head. Majaaz falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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