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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrita and Pritam’s argument

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmo talking to the laundry man. Guneet asks the man to calculate well. Amrita says I will check the clothes for stain and call him if there is anything, I will talk to my mum and come. She goes. Pritam is leaving. Nimmo stops him and thanks him for saving Amrita’s life. She says you also saved the baby’s life, we are waiting for the baby. Guneet says yes, we will never forget your favor. She says give us your number, it will be needed for police NOC, what happened, we can need it. Guneet says yes, police will ask for it. Pritam says fine, write. Nimmo notes down on the diary. Pritam asks can I go now. She says yes. She takes the diary. Kamli shows the stained clothes. Amrita says I will scold that man. Kamli gives the diary.

Papers turn over. Pritam is with Nitin. She says that girl will take us along. Amrita calls Pritam. He disconnects. He says maybe bank offer. Nitin says answer the call. He takes the phone and answers. Amrita scolds the laundry man. Pritam asks who are you. Nitin laughs. Pritam says stop the nonsense. He ends call. Amrita asks Kamli did you write right number. Kamli says yes, he always talks like that. Amrita asks how dare he. Kamli says he is also junglee like the new tenant. Amrita calls Pritam again. Pritam says we have to find a new source and find out who is giving the stuff to the other gang. Nitin answers her call again.

Pritam argues with Amrita. She says you don’t come to wash clothes for us, I will see you when you come to get money. Nitin laughs. She says I will ask Angad to see him. Nimmo comes and says this is Pritam’s number. Amrita asks what. Nimmo says I took his number today. Amrita says it means I called Pritam. Nimmo goes. Pritam calls back. Amrita worries. She disconnects. He calls again. She answers. He scolds her. He asks what’s your name, I will tell you. Kamli comes and says Dada and Dadi are fighting again. Pritam says so its you, fake doctor. Amrita says yes. Pritam says you are talking from Sakhuja house, Nimmo took my number, you called me to torture. Amrita says sorry. He says no sorry, I will talk to Guneet, its enough drama. He ends call. Kamli asks what happened. Amrita says you gave wrong number, this wasn’t laundry man’s number. Kamli asks whose number was it. Nitin laughs at Pritam.

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