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Ye Dil to pyaar maange hai #riansh #immj2 #forever #2

Hello guys..

Thank you so much for your appreciation and support. Keep showering your love in my FF.

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Thank you Soo much guys . So let’s get started…

So episode starts with…….

Riddhima opens the door and was left dumbstruck……

Her husband her lifeline her love was standing in a wedding attire and his hand was on the waist of a girl with bridal attire….

She could not digest the fact….

Soon Kabir ordered the driver to shift their luggage in the villa.

Then he smiled and said ” Darling won’t you welcome me and Mrs. Sejal Kabir Kapoor. ” While the girl was smiling sheepishly.

She fell on the floor and started laughing holding her stomach…

After some time she got up and said” is this a prank? You won’t change always cracking lame jokes and pranks🤣

Kabir: this is not a joke Riddhima open your eyes and see the reality.

Riddhima: how dare you Kabir to marry someone else leaving me behind.

She lashed out on him and said we love each other Kabir how could you do this and she holder his collar and started screaming I will kill you Kabir….. Tell me na was there some problem had this cheap girl forced or blackmailed you you could have talked to me we would get a solution na what was the need to marry some road side girl…

And this was enough and Riddhima got a tight slap and she fell down on the floor…

Sejal: How dare you touch my husband and she again slapped her this was for telling me a cheap girl. And once again she got slapped this was for badmouthing our relationship…… Get this thing in your mind that he is my legally wedded husband and I am his LEGALLY wedded wife..

Riddhima got up and went to Kabir : see Kabir this girl has slapped me many times and you stood still….. You have only said na that every hand that would reach me has to reach first you. Than what happened now all your promises are gone where?

Kabir: I ***************

Riddhima: No tell that this is a lie please I am begging you please Kabir………….

Done for today guys. Wait for se time I will try to post the next part soon. Till then take care and shower your love on my FF.


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