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Udaariyaan m twist – FF – Part 1

Hey guys this is my first FF…hope u all will like this ….

In accordance with the current track in which tejo is invited by her friend and fateh and jasmine are also going to attend the same party ….so here we go

Tejo reaches home thinking of the invitation given by her friend and gets her dress ready for the tomorrow’s party fateh drops jasmine telling her to meet tomorrow …jasmine is happy that now she can openly say that fateh is her life partner …fateh reaches and home and starts thinking and of tejo and buzo again and gets furious …he enters the room and goes inside the washroom ignoring tejo …meanwhile tejo thinks that fateh is hiding something important from her or either she had committed a blunder mistake ….tejo was thinking the same by the time fateh comes out and sees tejo arranging the party wears he asked tejo,”where are you going “…tejo said ,”my friend invited me in a party so I m arranging things for tomorrow’s party”.

Fateh again doubts tejo and recalls tejo and buzzo lying to him …at the same time he gets a call from jasmine ..he goes to the terrace and tells to her ,”tejo is again going to enjoy with buzzo tomorrow” .Jasmine says still you are thinking of tejo we have a big day tomorrow just leave tejo and think of ourselves …he talks with her and comes downstairs finding that tejo is asleep ….he rests on the bed still thinking how tejo can cheat him .

It’s 11’o clock in the night tejo gets a call from urvashi (simran) ..fateh got angry seeing this …he found tejo is sleeping so he took the phone and goes inside the washroom in anger …he picked up the call and was shocked to hear female voice coming from that side. Simran said ,” tejo you called me that time but candy had fallen down so I was handling him that’s why I told buzzo to take the call and tell that I will talk to you later but no one answered from that side so he hanged up the call “…simran was expecting tejo to answer something but here it was fateh who is so much surprised as now he understands that the voice coming from that side is of simran dii ….simran says ,”hello…tejo……”…but no one replied …

Fateh comes out of the washroom thinking all these ….he thought how can simran dii call tejo , how she knows buzzo, how buzzo can meet her as she is in Canada , is she really in Canada , do tejo and buzzo really having affair ….he fall asleep thinking all this waiting for tomorrow morning to let tejo wake up and he can ask her about all this ……..

Precap FF2: jasmine and fateh entering the party hall unaware of tejo’s presence …..fateh goes to meet his friend and here tejo’s friend take her to meet Nikki and his fiance…….

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