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Udaariyaan 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh-Jasmin’s party plans

Udaariyaan 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tejo saying where did the papers go, did anyone take it. Fateh comes to Jasmin and says take this, you were worried for this. The files fall down. Mahi comes and asks are you fine. Tejo says fine, I was finding something, I got hurt, don’t worry, I will keep this. Mahi says you look worried, I heard you and Fateh talking, that’s why I asked. Tejo says we were not fighting, it was small nok jhok. Mahi says I will help. Tejo says go to your college, I will handle this. Mahi goes. Tejo says I will go to the academy and talk to Fateh. Jasmin says these papers are for our freedom, we would have got ruined if anyone got this. She kisses and hugs him. She says I m so happy, take me for shopping. He asks her to come.

Tejo comes home. Mahi asks where are you lost. Tejo says I was just… Mahi says you can think about Fateh, patch up happened? Tejo says no, he wasn’t at the academy. Mahi says he has come home some time back, you were finding him at the academy, he is here. Fateh hits the punching bag. He thinks of Tejo and Buzo. Tejo comes and gives the towel. He says thanks, I m practicing. She asks can we talk a bit. He asks her to say. She says I called you and went to your academy to see, you weren’t there. He asks was this the imp thing. She says no, something else, Khushbeer asked me for some imp certificates, I got visa papers, yours and Jasmin’s, when I went there again, I didn’t get it. He says I don’t touch your personal things, why are you checking. She says I don’t like to, tell me about the forms. He thinks of Jasmin. She asks how did the forms disappear. He worries and turns away. She asks did you apply now or is that old forms. He says of course, its old, I saw it today and torn it, its no use now, did you think of something else again, you think of that affair, did you go mad, what happened to you, you doubt all the time. He goes. Tejo says what’s happening, why does a small thing becomes a big issue, how shall I handle all this.

Fateh and Jasmin are on the way. Tejo comes to her college. She thinks of Fateh’s words. She thinks we were so happy, don’t know whose bad sight caught our relation. Jasmin says I can’t believe we applied for visa, I m so happy, we will be in Canada soon. Deepti comes and hugs Tejo. Tejo asks when did you come, how is the baby. Deepti says all good, I m going to join next week, why is your face looking dull, what happened. Tejo says small issues. Deepti jokes. She says my sister’s engagement party is happening tonight. Tejo says its Nikki’s engagement, congrats. Deepti says Nikki met her fiance in London, her engagement is at the Mirinda hall. Jasmin says we will be going to Mirinda hall, there will be no relatives there. Fateh says we are going in evening. Tejo says I will tell Fateh. Deepti says he has to come. Tejo thinks don’t know if he will come or not. Jasmin says wow, couple dance. Fateh says Satinder told me. Deepti talks to Tejo. Fateh says control Jasmin. She says I m very happy.

He says I m happy seeing you. Tejo says I will come in Nikki’s engagement. Deepti says so you will have an evening with us, take your invitation card, don’t think to refuse. She goes. Tejo thinks maybe Fateh’s mood gets better with this. Jasmin says card is beautiful, Mr and Mrs. Virk, when will we get the visa. Fateh says 10-15 days. She says we have few days to run, our love story will be successful one after the unsuccessful stories of Romeo-Juliet, Heer and Ranjha, we have to make a solid plan. He asks what’s the plan. She says get your stuff to me, I will keep it at Sweety’s brother’s flat, no one will know when we have to go. They eat icecream. She laughs seeing the icecream on his lips and cleans it. They smile. Tejo comes home. He applies the icecream to Jasmin’s face. She beats him and says sorry. He laughs. He cleans her face. She kisses him. Tejo checks his suit. Jasmin says drop me home, I called the beautician home, I have to look the best, your friends will call me a Pataka. He says you look like a Pataka even if you don’t get ready. Buzo calls Tejo and asks did you talk to Fateh. She says yes, but his mood isn’t good, I m thinking to take him to my friend’s party. He says good, I pray that nothing goes wrong between you two. Fateh comes. She says thanks Buzo, really sweet, you are the one who understands me, we will meet soon.

Buzo says Candy gave a message for you… I miss you Tejo. She says me too. She ends call and sees Fateh there. She says its good you have come, sorry for yesterday, I have a good plan to make your mood better. She says this is perfect. He goes and checks his clothes. She says my friend organized a party, its good if we go, we will spend time and enjoy, will you come. He says sorry, our timings don’t match. She says sorry, it was last min plan, do you know where is the party. He says I can’t come, I have much imp work, then I have to go in my friend’s party, he came to India after ten years. She holds him and says fine, we will go in your friend’s party, he will be glad to meet your wife. He says just boys will be there, you will get bored, you better go in your friend’s party. She says fine, you go, what will I tell my friend, why you didn’t come, I won’t go alone. He says anyways, you can ask Buzo, I m sure he will be very happy to go with you. He goes. She says Buzo, what did he mean. She sees the invite.

Khushbeer ends the call and stops Fateh. He asks are you going somewhere. Fateh says I m going to my old friend, there is a party. Khushbeer says take Tejo. Fateh says she is also going in some friend’s party, we had last min plans, its fine, we will enjoy with our friends. He calls Jasmin and says I left, you also come at the turn. Khushbeer asks don’t you have to go in the party. Tejo says no. He says don’t cancel it for Fateh. Nimmo says let it be, its late. He says you don’t worry, she knows to take care of herself. He asks Tejo to go and get ready.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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