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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Guru ji sees the future in Kajol’s palm

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the old lady coming to Kajol’s house. Kajol takes her blessings. The lady says she was unwell, but then also came. Kajol goes to bring butter milk for her. The lady says don’t know how this house will work after Kajol goes. Naina says everyone thinks like this. The lady says you are always jealous. Baba comes there and takes her blessings. Guru ji comes there. Kajol takes her blessings. Guru blesses her and says I have come to bless Kajol. He asks vishu, if he remembers what he had told, that Kajol will brighten his luck. Kajol’s mother says he is our relative, and we call him Guru ji. Vishu tells that he has to go and distribute the card. Guru ji asks him not to burden himself and don’t take the burden on his heart. Vishu goes.

Some relatives come in Arjun’s house. They praise Shreya and tells that she is Lakshmi. Tai ji also praises her. The relative tells that they have heard that choti bahu and her parents are ordinary. Amrita praises Kajol. Shreya says she has talent to trap guys.

Kajol’s mother asks her to see Kajol’s hand. Naina asks him not to say anything wrong as marriage is near. Guru ji checks Kajol’s palm and gets shocked asking God what he has seen. He says Kajol is having wealth in her hand. He thinks Vishu’s death is destined on the marriage day near the mandap, but God can delay it. He thinks he is seeing mourning instead of celebration. Amrita tells that Arjun has chosen Kajol and Kajol didn’t run behind him.

Arjun comes downstairs and greets the guests. Shreya asks him to drop her to Kajol’s house for haldi rasam. Arjun says he is busy at 4 pm and asks her to go with driver. His father asks if they have booked the car. Arjun says he doesn’t know. His mother asks his father to confirm. His father says if they don’t fulfill our small demand, then nobody is bad than me. Naina shows Arjun’s to old lady/Dadi. She says Kajol is dull infront of Arjun. Pishimaa says nobody has qualities like Kajol.

Kajol tells that she has to go out. Anu says she has to go to tailor and check the size. Kajol comes to the temple and prays to God to unburden baba’s worries. Arjun comes there and tells that he was longing to meet her, when she asked him to meet. Shreya says she wants to hear the truth only. Arjun asks why she called him.

Vishu and Rajesh come to see the car. Rajesh says we are already in debt, how we will give salaries to the employees. Vishu says he will take loan from someone with much interest. They come inside the showroom. The salesman asks him to sit in the car and sit.

Kajol tells Arjun that his family demanded luxury car from her Baba. She says you didn’t tell me about this demand. She says after me, I have three more sisters and brother and tells that they can’t even buy an ordinary car. She says my Papa is burdened by this demand. Arjun says my family has made a small demand. He says Bhabhi had brought car and much stuff. He says your respect will be increased. Kajol says if the girl’s father shall be pressurized. She says why did you wish? He says we both will sit in the car. She says you already had a car, then why did you demand, as you will be going abroad soon. He says I will come back too. He says if your father can’t pay then ask him to do down payment and I will pay the EMIs. Kajol says Baba will not agree, this demand was wrong. Arjun asks why did he agree, when he couldn’t fulfill the demand.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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