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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Avnit smirks as she gets the item from her dad. She flashback shows how Akash busy listening to music when Avnit’s dad came and threw Seema from the wheelchair. Akash rushed to her and Avnit’s dad stole Akash’s phone. The flashback ends. Her dad says don’t do it, he is a kid. Avnit says you have done your work so leave. Avnit calls Akash and says I will kill you now and then your mother. She shows him a knife. Akash slaps her hard and says I knew you were pretending to be nice. Avnit says yes, I have done this with your mother, I will finish your family and then have Jogi.

the producer tells Jogi that I will get the contract ready for you. You sang so well. Mahi is excited. Jogi says I got this chance because of Avnit only. Mahi says where is she? She calls her but Avnit doesn’t pick up.

Akash tries to grab Avnit and her sleeve tears. Akash is stunned. Avnit tries to run away from him. She locks herself in the room. Mahi calls Akash but Avnit takes the call and screams to save her.. she breaks the phone. Mahi and Jogi hear her screaming noise. They rush to the house. Avnit is in the room with Seema. Akash tries to open the door. Avnita says I will kill her today. She is about to stab her but Akash breaks the door and grabs her neck. He shouts that I will kill you if you do something with my mother. He drags her from there and throws her on the ground. Avnit says you can’t do anything. I will get Jogi from your sister. Akash grabs her harshly. He fights with her and says how dare you try to hurt my mom? He tries to strangle her. Avnit’s clothes are torn in the process. Akash slaps her and falls over her. They both fight on the floor. Mahi and Jogi enter there. Avnit screams to save her. Rupa and Beeji come there too. All are stunned. Akash moves away from Avnit. Jogi puts his jacket over Avnit’s torn clothes and asks her to calm down. He glares at Akash. Avnit says it’s all my fault, he didn’t do anything, please don’t do anywhere. It’s all my fault, nobody will say anything to Akash. Akash says I didn’t do anything. Mahi asks Avnit what’s this new drama? Jogi stops her from confronting Avnit. He asks Avnit what happened? Akash says let me tell you, she took a knife to mummy’s room, she would have killed her if I didn’t stop her. Jogi says show me the knife. Akash says it’s in the room. He brings Jogi there but there is no knife in the room. Akash is stunned and looks around. Avnit’s dad has taken the knife away already. Jogi glares at Akash and leaves. Jogi comes to Avnit and says there is no knife inside. Mahi says Avnit was with us then why did she come home? Avnit cries and says nobody will say anything to Akash, it’s all my fault. She shivers and acts like a scared girl. Jogi sits with her and says just tell me everything? Avnit hugs him and cries. Jogi says just tell me. Avnit says I got a call from Akash, he told me Seema was not feeling well so I came home in a hurry. I tried to tell Mahi in the studio but she didn’t listen to me. Mahi says yes, she said it but I didn’t get any call. Akash says I didn’t call her. Avnit shows her call records and it has Akash’s calls. Jogi says Akash has called Avnit many times. Akash says what? He is stunned to see his calls. Avnit says I am telling the truth. Jogi reads Akash’s message to Avnit which says to come home fast as Maa is not well. Akash is shocked to see it.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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