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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Gopi gets ready for the marriage

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nikhila tells her family that we will have 2 daughter in laws, I pray that it will bring good luck to us. Sejal says I will get tuition from Dikshan. Nikhila says Ramila told me that Gopi has done masters in English so you can learn from her also. Shaksham thinks I know Maa will be hurt but Gopi won’t come to the mandap.

Gopi tells Raashi let’s go to the parlor, I have to get ready as Shaksham wanted. Ramila says I will do your makeup, why do you need to go to the parlor? Raashi shows her makeup and says I will do your makeup. Gopi goes to wash her face. Nikhila video calls Ramila and sees haldi in her hand. She says you will apply this to my daughter in law? Ramila says I believe in natural products. Nikhila says I have booked a parlor for my daughter in law, I am sending a car for her. She ends the call. Raashi is jealous. Ramila says don’t worry, once Gopi is married then we will play our game.

Ramila, Raashi and Gopi come to the parlor. Nikhila is there too. Nikhila tells the parlor manager to do everything perfectly for Gopi. Gopi smiles and thinks I will get ready as Shaksham wants. Diksha tells the assistant that I want highlights. Raashi says I talked to Chiragh yesterday and he likes black hair. Diksha says if he is friends with girls then he would know our needs, I like this side of his. Nikhila says Diksha and Chiragh are childhood friends and you know he respects girls, I am proud of him. Raashi and Chiragh have been friends for 1 week only. Diksha asks Gopi if she needs a magazine? Gopi says I.. Ramila says she doesn’t like to read magazines. Diksha asks Gopi who is her favorite author? Gopi is tensed. Diksha says my favorite is Shakespeare. Ramila says Gopi’s favorite is Shakespeare also.

Shaksham is tensed and thinks what if Gopi tells anything to Maa? He calls Nikhila and asks where is Gopi? She says she is with us. Shaksham asks if Gopi said anything to you? Nikhila says no, why? He says nothing. Nikhila asks him to get ready. Ramila takes Gopi from her seat and makes Raashi sit in her place and puts a drier over head. Nikhila asks Gopi to tell her favorite line of Shakespeare. Raashi says it. Nikhila smiles and says we will leave now. Nikhila starts leaving. Gopi runs to say bye to her. Raashi says she said she will be waiting for you so get ready. Gopi sees Shaksham video calling her. He asks if she read his message? She says yes. Shaksham says you will do as I said right? Gopi says yes. Shaksham says I am sorry, I know it’s difficult for you but please do what we discussed. He ends the call and thinks Gopi won’t come to the mandap. Gopi says I never knew they would accept me with all my flaws.
Nikhila tells Minal that Gopi is perfect, she is educated and talented. I am lucky to get a daughter in law like her.

Gopi gets ready for her wedding. She recalls her moments with Shaksham. Mamaji comes there and says you look beautiful, I knew you would get happiness someday. He asks if she will forget him? Gopi says you are like my father so how can I? He gifts her a sketch. Gopi smiles and says you still have it? He says you made this sketch of your father so we could find him but we couldn’t. I wanted to give it to you so his blessings are with you.

The baraat is ready. Nikhila tells Shaksham that it was my dream. Chiragh is ready as a groom. Sejal gets a call and says both brides are at the venue. Let’s go. Shaksham thinks when Gopi won’t come then Maa will realize we are not made for each other.

PRECAP – Shaksham is in the mandap. Nikhila asks where is Gopi? Gopi is locked in a washroom. Shaksham says actually Gopi.. Nikhila asks what? He is about to tell her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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