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Shakti 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Parmeet tries to fool Virat into believing her

Shakti 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat shouting Soumya ji, how dare you to touch my mother. He shouts Harman ji, leave my Dad’s collar. Harman says I have just held his collar, if you come to know about your father’s truth then will kill him. Virat asks him to leave his collar and says he is my Dad, I will not bear this. Soumya tells Virat that the parents whom he worshipped, will kill them once knowing the truth. She says your parents had taken your love’s life, they have killed Heer. She says they are responsible for Heer’s death. Virat asks what are you saying? Soumya says yes, Virat. Kareena told us this truth before her death and a fb is shown. She says she told before dying that Sant Baksh, Parmeet and Daljeet had taken Heer’s life. She says they are your guilty. Virat asks Sant Baksh what are they saying?

Preeto tries to light the lamp again, while Harak Singh closes the window. He says I will light the lamp. He lights it, and tells Preeto that he has closed the window, and now this lamp will not set off. Preeto says this storm will not stop with the closed window.

Sant Baksh asks Virat not to trust them and says they are lying. He says Heer is missing and that doesn’t mean that she is dead. He says they are searching her and she will be found. Parmeet asks do you think that your parents can kill anyone. Sant Baksh says you can doubt your father, but you can’t have a doubt that my uniform is more dear to me than my life. He says in Gitu’s case, I had kept Daljeet in the lock up. He says they came to accuse us, without any proofs and witness. Soumya says Kareena told before dying that they have murdered her. Daljeet asks her to be quiet and tells that he is stuck in one case and she is accusing him with another case. He says Heer was part of the house. Parmeet swears on Mata Rani and says they haven’t killed Heer. Harman calls them shameless to swear on Mata Rani wrongly and says I will not leave you. Virat asks Harman and Soumya to stop and says if Heer is missing, then we will think her dead. He says that doesn’t mean that you shall accuse my family. He asks why are you doing this? Soumya says Heer will not return as they have killed her. She says you have seen how they had tied her. She says if you want then you can trust your family blindly, but we will get them punished. She says what was Heer’s mistake, that she raised her voice against this cheap man. She says she wanted her husband and family’s love, but what she got hatred and death. She says Heer was my pride and reflection, I wanted her to accept her identity and take free breath, by becoming independent, but they have taken her life. She says neither we will wait for you in this war or will not hope that you will be with us. She says I will forget that Heer was related to you and if you come in our way then I will regard you as my enemy. She says you search Heer and I will get them punished. She asks Harman to come, and says we have to send the murderers in jail. Harman promises to return and get them jailed and burn their house. Shakti song plays….

Virat asks Sant Baksh, Parmeet and Daljeet, what Harman Singh and Soumya ji said, you people have killed Heer. He asks what happened with Heer, what did Kareena say before her death, if you know about this. He asks if anyone will tell something.

He tells Daljeet that if you had done wrong with Heer then tell me. Daljeet says we really don’t know where is Heer? Here nobody knows about her. He says they might have a misunderstanding, we really don’t know where is she? Virat says they are not children and not foolish to have any misunderstanding. He says I know Soumya ji very well, her gut feeling about Heer never went wrong. He says they have no proof yet. He asks Daljeet to tell if he knows something about Heer.

He then goes to Gurwinder and says know well that Heer is my life and my heart beat is stopping hearing this. He asks her to tell the truth, if she knows anything. He says I just trust you in this house. Parmeet thinks if this Gurwinder might ruin our plan and goes to stop her. She tells Virat that she will prove that they are not responsible in Heer’s death. She says Kareena’s statement is right as she told before her death. She goes to the kitchen. Virat asks where is she going? Parmeet says I will die and will tell that we are not responsible in that Heer’s death and you will be convinced, right. He asks her to stop. Parmeet asks him not to come infront.

Harman and Soumya meet Commissioner who tells that they don’t have proof that Sant Baksh, Parmeet and Daljeet had killed Heer, as her body is not found yet. Preeto calls Harman and gets worried. Commissioner says I will keep the enquiry on until the body is found. He suggests Harman not to drag the matter without proofs. Soumya thinks the law’s hands are tied, but not mine. I will get justice for Heer.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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