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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 54

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Episode begins with.. 

Vansh comes and sees Uma. Uma looks at both sia and vansh.

UMA: Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Vansh tell me, I feel like I heard riddhima’s voice. Is she here? I know she won’t forgive us and come here. But, still.. 

VANSH: Mom, riddhima is here. She came here because I called her. She haven’t forgiven us. But, still she is here. Because she is not like us. She knows the value of each and every relationships. She doesn’t want a son and a daughter to lose their mom. But, please don’t force her to forgive you. 

UMA: Okay vansh.. But, I want to see her.. 

VANSH: I’ll go and bring her.. 

Vansh goes to see riddhima. Just then, ishani and angre comes there… 

ISHANI: Bhai, what happened to mom? 

VANSH: Don’t worry.. Now, she is fine.. 

ANGRE: Where is riddhima? 

(Angre doesn’t know anything about riddhima’s decision of divorcing vansh) 

Ishani gets angry hearing riddhima’s name. 

ISHANI: Shall we go in? 

ANGRE: Okay.. 

Angre and ishani goes in. Vansh searches for riddhima. He couldn’t find riddhima in the hospital. 

VANSH: Where has she gone? Just now, I saw her here.. 

Just then, he notices riddhima hiding. He goes near her.. 

VANSH: What are you doing here? Why are you hiding? 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t want to answer your questions.. 

She was about to go. But, he holds her hand and stops her.. 

RIDDHIMA: What are you doing? 

VANSH: Why are you hiding here? 

RIDDHIMA: Because of you. Do you remember what you told ishani and what she said to me? You did that for your revenge, right? Because of that, I’m here. I can’t go in front of them. She has asked me not to come infront of her, not to speak to my bhai.. Enough! You got your explanation, right? Leave my hand.. 

She goes.. 

Vansh comes to ishani. He asks ishani to come out. 

ISHANI: Tell me, bhai.. 

VANSH: Ishani, I know you are angry with riddhima.. 

ISHANI: Don’t speak about her bhai.. 

She goes.. 

VANSH: How am I going to correct my mistake? What will I do now? 


Ishani and angre leaves. Riddhima hides and sees angre leaving. 

RIDDHIMA: Sorry bhai. If ishani tells anything to you, then you’ll try to find the truth. I don’t want that to happen. I know that you love dad very much. I don’t want you to know about this truth. This will totally break you. I can’t see you in that state. Moreover, I don’t want you to undergo the same pain which I’m undergoing. Not only you, no children in this world can bear this truth of their father. It’s my bad luck that I got to know about this. But, I can’t ignore this truth. 

Angre and ishani was about to leave. But, angre stops and comes to vansh.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, I don’t have the right to interfere in your matter. But, I’m having a feeling that my sister is not fine. I don’t know what’s happening in her life. But, please don’t misunderstand her and leave her alone. Whatever might happen don’t lose your trust on her. Riddhima is strong in handling problems and understanding others. But, emotionally she is weak. She can very well hide her pain but, can’t forget it. I can’t be with her all time. But, when I decided to get her married, I had a trust on you. Still now, I have that trust. This is a humble request from a brother.. Please, be with her.. Try to understand her. Even if you have any misunderstanding try to find the truth and solve it. I’m going abroad for a business meeting for the next few days. I thought that she’ll be here so that I could tell her. But, I couldn’t meet her. I tried to even contact her. But, she is not picking my call. I don’t know why. But, I’m not anger. I’m afraid because I know she is ignoring me. When she ignores me she’ll be more hurt than me. She is hurting herself. I don’t know why.. Please, be with her.. 

Vansh looks at riddhima who was hearing all this and crying. 

VANSH: (thinking) Sorry angre.. Sorry riddhima.. Because of my stupidity you both are suffering. I promise, I’ll solve all this before angre returns. 

ISHANI: Angre, shall we leave? 

Angre was about to go. Again, he comes.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, I lost my mobile somewhere. This is my new number. I have a feeling that she is somewhere here. Give this number to her. Ask her to call me if she needs to talk to me. I won’t disturb her till that. I’ll be waiting for that. Even now I feel like she is somewhere here and hearing me. In that case, riddhu I just want to tell this.. Don’t lose your hope. Your tears are your strength. Don’t waste it unnecessarily. You used to tell all your problems to me. But, today you are ignoring me. I don’t know why. Don’t get hurt. Your bhai will always be with you, always wait for his sister. You don’t have to comes with me. I’m going abroad. I can’t leave without informing you. Tomorrow is my flight. I’ll be waiting for you at the airport. I won’t force you. I know that there will be some reason for whatever you do. Take care. Don’t lose your hope. Bye.. 

He wipes his tears. Vansh looks at riddhima who was hearing all this and crying. Vansh too cries. Angre goes. Riddhima sees him leaving and cries.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m sorry bhai.. I can’t lie in front of you. You don’t know what happened yesterday. You can’t bear it. You are trusting vansh. I don’t want to break it. Will you be able to bear it if you come to know that vansh left me on the road? My trust is totally broken. But, I won’t let your’s to break. You’ll curse yourself if you come to know of my decision of divorcing vansh. I don’t want that to happen. I know, I can’t hide it for long. But, I don’t want you to know about it now. But, still you understood that I’m in some problem and I’m hurt. I don’t know how.. May be, that’s why you are my bhai..I love you bhai.. I miss you very much.

She cries. She wipes her tears and goes to see uma. Uma sees her and gets happy. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, are you fine? 

UMA: Riddhima, how are you? 

RIDDHIMA: Fine mom.. I’ll bring food for you. You have to eat medicines too. 

UMA: Riddhima, I know you haven’t forgiven me. If you are not comfortable, don’t call me mom. I won’t force you. 

Riddhima smiles at her.. 

UMA: Why are you smiling? 

RIDDHIMA: I can’t forget everything easily. That’s true mom. But, I don’t have any problem in calling you mom. Because, whatever you may do or say you’ll always remain as a mom for me. That won’t change. 

She goes and brings food for uma. She feeds her and makes her sleep. Vansh looks at her. 


SIA: Riddhima, you go home. I’ll take care of mom. I know you’ll be having work at office too. Ikk call you if there is any need. 

Riddhima goes. 


Riddhima comes to the office. She comes to her cabin and finds two tables there.. She calls shwetha.. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, what’s this? 

Just then, vansh comes there.. 

VANSH: It’s my table. Now, even I’m the owner of this company. I too need a desk for working. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, why in my cabin? 

VANSH: This is my office. I’ll do everything according to my wish. If you have any problem, you may go. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, I won’t go anywhere. This is my office too. She sits in her chair. Vansh comes and sits opposite to her in his chair. He looks at her angry face and smiles.. 

VANSH: (murmuring) Cutest devil in this world.. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, bring me those project files.. 

Shwetha brings the files. As riddhima was going through, she gets disturbed.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Why am I getting disturbed? 

She thinks of angre’s words.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Bhai, told that he has lost his mobile. But, I got a call from his number while I’m in that village. Whose that person who called me? That lady didn’t even say anything. Who was that? Why did she call me? Was it really lost? Or did anyone stole it? I have to know the timing when bhai’s mobile was lost? 

Meanwhile, vansh notices her getting disturbed.. 

RIDDHIMA: I have to find it immediately.. 

SHWETHA: Riddhima.. Riddhima.. What are you thinking? 

Riddhima without answering her leaves immediately. Vansh notices her and follows her.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima’s office gets short circuit. The office staffs runs out. Riddhima was about to run but, the photo from her hand falls down under a table. Vansh comes to the office and gets shocked.. 

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