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Qurbaan Hua 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat reveals that the burn marks were fake

Qurbaan Hua 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vyas je runs after Neelkand asking what is he doing, Neel replies that the identity of a person is from the face so how can he not know how important it is, Neel mentions after the incident when his face was ruined then only him and Chahat stood by her, she went to get the Priyaghpush even after facing such troubles, he knows Vyas je told her so now he is going to get it, Vyas je agrees and praises him, Chahat hiding behind the bushes thinks where is Neel going.

Neel reaches the tree where he prays that he get the Priyaghpushb, Chahat sees him struggling to get onto the tree where there is also a nest of bees, he tries to get the glower but realizes that there are so much bees, he manages to get it which puts a smile on the face of Chahat, Neel also starts enjoying, Chahat thinks he fought such pain just because of her, she is not able to control her smile.

Vyas je is making the medicine when Neel comes to the house, he lifts the helmet when Vyas je sees the sting of bees, so asks if they have bit him so much, Neel replies that these are small scares and he would do anything for the sake of Chahat, Neel asks Vyas je to help him make the paste, Vyas je asks for the water but Neel rushes to bring it then they both go to Chahat.

Neel entering the house calls Chahat to come as he has brought the paste which he would use to cure her face, Ghazala coming warns Chahat to not trust him as his paste might ruin her face even more, Neel questions what does she mean as does she not remember that the paste cured his face when it was ruined, Neel offers to apply it to Chahat saying that it would surely cure her face, Chahat stops him explaining there is no need because the scars are fake, Neel asks what is it, Chahat replies that she wanted to see who would stay with her and if Zain only loved her beauty, she even got her answer because Zain did not even stay to console her after the scars, he was getting irritated and left her however Neel climbed to the tree for her sake, he was even falling but refused to give up even after being stung by the bees, she asks why is he doing so much for her even when she is her enemy, Neel exclaims it is because he loves her a lot, they both look into each other’s eyes, Chahat starts weeping when she questions what does he mean, Neel asks why is she not saying anything because he can also see that she has started loving him, Neel requests her to say it for once as he would then fight the entire world just for her, he pleads her assuring she doesnot have to worry about Zain because he failed in the test, he explains Zain loves her face and she is going to marry such a person, he once again asks her to say if she has even the slightest feelings for her, Chahat is about to say it when the mobile rings, Ghazala sees it is a private number so stops Chahat saying ti would be her father.

Chahat answers the call when Zain disguised as Mr Baig explains Zain told him what happened with Chahat and so started searching for the doctor, he explains Zain really cares about her so she should get into the Nikkah with him after which he will come to meet her, Ghazala is glad Zain was able to solve the situation otherwise she was going to come into the words of Neel.

Zain enters the house with the doctor explaining to Ghazala saying that she must not be worried as he has brought the best doctor from Rishikesh and he would surely cure the face of Chahat, Ghazala says that Chahat was just taking his test, she asks her to come as they are already getting late for the Mehndi function, Zain then sends the doctor away, he going to Neel advises him to accept now that he is no longer in the life of Chahat, Neel getting mad is about to hit him when Vyas je stops him taking him upstairs, Zain smiles thinking that he would not let Neel do anything.

Vyas je is applying the medicine, Bopho exclaims it is enough as they have to inform Chahat that Zain is talking disguised as Dr Baig, Neel stops Bopho asking what is he doing as they cannot tell Chahat that her father has died, Vyas je explains they can tell her that she is not talking to her father, Bopho exclaims how would they prove this, Neel mentions he has an idea because if they get the mobile of Chahat then would be able to prove Zain is actually the one calling her, he is tensed wondering how would they get her mobile, Naveli assures she would get the mobile during the Mehndi, Alka comes praising Vyas je who asks if her Yatra was finished, Alka replies that she heard Zain was marrying Chahat, Neel replies that nothing of the sort would happen, Alka thinks this wedding would happen because this is the only way she would get Neel for herself.

The Mehndi function starts when Chahat is sitting, Zain’s mother comes saying to Ghazala that she must ask some professional to come and apply the Henna, Ghazala replies there is a problem because she was not able to find any one, Naveli explains that she can apply it, Ghazala however stops her but Chahat mentions there is no need since Mehndi or Henna doesnot have any religion, she goes to exclaim that Chahat is looking really beautiful, Shlok and Dua come to have the sweets however get scolded by Ghazala, Chahat doesnot like it, saying that they are just children. Naveli asks to take a photo but then says that she left her mobile upstairs, requesting Chahat to use her, Dua taking the photo leaves giving it to Bopho who immediately starts searching the contact.

Naveli is applying the Mehndi when she sees Chahat is tensed so asks what happened, Chahat replies that yesterday he fell a lot of times while trying to get the flower so she was wondering where is he, Naveli replies that he is really sad and it is because even after wining her test she chose Zain, Ghazala is with Zain’s mother who asks if there is any music setup, Neel comes exclaiming he would sing the song so starts it, everyone is left amazed by his voice and enjoy the performance a lot, Neel turns away from Chahat as he is not able to control himself and starts crying, Chahat realizes it but is not able to say anything, Neel comes to take her hand and starts applying the Mehndi.

Precap: Neel explains they have to make Chahat Zain in this number because only then would Chahat realize that it is actually him, Bopho comes to Chahat explaining that Neel wants to end all the problems with Dr Baig so can she call him, Bopho exclaims he is tracking the number but is on the road outside the house, Neel wonders where is he going so stop the car, he is shocked to see the person who is sitting inside the car.

Update Credit to: Sona

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