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Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Suman breaks down

Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev scolding Rishita. She says I didn’t know this would happen, I m sorry, I was attending interview call. He says you should have scheduled interview call later, your responsibility was to attend mum. She says I didn’t do anything intentionally, I m sorry. Dhara says I m worried for mum, we shall go home. Gautam says Rishita will take care of mum. He takes her to a toy shop. He says we can buy toys for the baby. He buys the toys. The shop man laughs and says you bought the entire shop, but this isn’t for baby, you can buy this when baby comes. Dhara gets worried. She takes Gautam with her. She says I feel nervous, I m scared of any bad happening. Gautam says nothing will go wrong, Lord blessed us, I will drop you home and go to the shop. They leave. Dev says I m your son. Suman says call Dhara. He hugs her and consoles. He says we are not different, I m your son. She says just call Dhara. He says no, come with me.

He gets angry on Rishita. He says you didn’t keep your responsibility, you should be ashamed. He takes Suman. Raavi is at her friend’s house. Shiva comes for delivery. Her friend asks her to pay the man. Raavi gives the money to Shiva. Shiva looks at her. He gives the change back.

Dev gets water to give a bath to Suman. He pours water on her head. Suman cries. Shiva says you know Pandya family well and got married there, do you just know this. Raavi scolds him. She says we have no relation between us. Rishita says I will make Suman ready. Dev says no need, I can do it myself. He takes clothes for Suman. He asks Suman to change. Suman cries.

Raavi sees Shiva getting the heavy sacks. She thinks he is mad to take the heavy sacks, he is trying to save money. She hides from him. Dev brings Suman to her swing. He combs her hair. Rishita says I didn’t wish to happen with you, I didn’t know you will bear this pain, really sorry. Dev asks her to leave. Anita comes. She sees Suman. She hears Dev scolding Rishita. Suman says this never happened by Dhara. She cries. Gautam stops Dhara home. He asks her not to take any stress now. He goes to the shop. Dhara comes and sees Anita. Anita says I didn’t get courage to go inside seeing Suman’s state. Dhara asks what state. She asks Suman what happened.

She asks Dev why is he combing Suman. Suman throws the comb at her. She says which shouldn’t have happened, I realized that I m handicapped. Dhara goes to her. Suman cries.

Suman says you made me helpless, you have changed Dhara, better kill me. Dhara cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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