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Not a dream – RiAnsh OS

Hii everyone!! Just came back from school so posting it now! 

Remember when Kabir saw the dream that Riddhima got to know each and everything and is determined to tell it to Vansh? Do this OS starts from there only…


Riddhima threw the pictures on Kabir’s face. Kabir took one of the photo, of him and Anupriya. He looked at Riddhima, her face was red due to crying, and had a different level of anger.

“Are these evidences enough to proof your treachery?” Riddhima asked and he kept silent looking at her.

“Betrayer…. You kept my life at risk and didn’t tell me even one time!” Riddhima sobbed. Kabir was shocked to the core and didn’t say anything.

“What are you looking han? I know everything that you and Anupriya Ji’s son!!” Riddhima holds him by his collar and hits his chest.

“Why!? Why did you dot his to me!! (Hits him) Why did you and mother use me!? Played with my feelings!? (Hits him) You said you love me! And then such a big betrayal!? Riddhima cried and Kabir lowered his gaze not meeting her eyes.

Riddhima sighed, and wiped her tears adjusting herself.

“You used me.. so that Vansh who is innocent, you can prove him guilty. You told me he is a murderer, he is a mafia, he does illegal things but there is nothing like that!! And me being mad, believed every single word you said… But not now…. NOW, it will be the real justice” Riddhima said in a determined tone.

“Riddhima…” Kabir tried to say something, but she cutted him in between.

“No Kabir! Not anymore… I am FIRST OF ALL going to tell Vansh. And I will myself find Ragini’s truth.” Riddhima said and turned to leave.

Reaching the door, she tried to pull it but it wasn’t opening. Kabir slowly marched towards her with a knife in his hands. Riddhima was busy pulling the door when Kabir turned her and pinned to the door. Riddhima winced in pain when Kabir held her arm tightly.

“Now you are not a useful pawn, so now…you are FINISHED” Kabir said and laughed. He extended his hand backwards to stab her but Riddhima took a vase next to her and hit him on his head.

Kabir left the knife holding his head and Riddhima continued pulling the door. She knocked the door and shouted for help, but seemed like nothing worked. Riddhima saw Kabir gathering courage to stand up again and Riddhima finally opened the door, hitting the vase on the door.

(Kitna mazboot vase hai 🙂🔫)

Getting no time to grab any vehicle, Riddhima was running on the streets and Kabir followed her, being midnight, there was no one on the road and it was all lonely. While Running, Riddhima grabbed her nupital chain, and remembered what she was going to do, she was going to put an innocent to jail. Indeed she loved him, but always kept her feelings inside her.

VanshhRiddhima let out a whisper running and looked behind to see Kabir nowhere around her. She stopped and bent down due to too much exertion.

Slowly but steady, Riddhima marched towards the VR Mansion and finally reached jumping through the small gates at the backside of the Mansion. She ran inside and saw everyone sitting in the hall.

“Vansh!” Riddhima cled him out seeing his concerned face, for her. Vansh took big steps towards her, but stopped as his eyes widened with shock.

Vansh ran to her and hugged her tightly, Riddhima hugged him back and sobbed.

“What happened Riddhima? Who did this?” Vansh asked pointing toward sher arms which had marks of Kabir’s fingers.

“Vansh.. woh… tumhari…”

“You blo*dy girl! Dare you enter this house!!” Anupriya cutted her in between.

“Mom! Please later..” Vansh said and turned to Riddhima.

“Vansh . Tumhari ma ko ..”

“She is a spy Vansh! That inspector has sent her here! To send you to jail!!” Anupriya said in a loud voice and Siya along wih Dadi gasped in shock. Vansh shockingly looked back at Riddhima who was continuously nodding in no.

“No Vansh! I… I am… Your mother was killed by…” Riddhima tried to speak but was pulled by Anupriya.

“Leave me please!” Riddhima sobbed as Anupriya pulled her with force and pushed her out of the house. Riddhima slipped down the stairs and fell down.

“Enough!! Vansh… Anupriya Ji has killed your mom! And Kabir is his son!” Riddhima shouted being hell irritated.

Riddhima entered the house again and cupped Vansh’s face who was looking at her with disbelief.

“Vansh.. I can prove it.. please.. believe me once…” Riddhima pleaded and Vansh nodded in yes as his eyes were filled with tears.

Riddhima held his wrist and took her with him to Kabir’s office. Vansh entered inside and saw pictures of Kabir and Anupriya together, along with Riddhima’s and Vansh’s pictures on the pin board.

“Vansh..Kabir..he..” Riddhima started sobbing and Vansh pinned her to the wall wih anger in his eyes.

“Did he do this to you?” Vansh asked again. And Riddhima nodded in yes.

“Vansh…Kabir used me…as a pawn..” Riddhima cried and hugged him tightly.

“I never got any kind of love, nor parents’, not family’s. I always craved for love. I met Kabir, he lied to me he was a PT teacher. Then, he always pampered me. And me being dumb, always considered it as love. He sent me saying that you are a murderer, a criminal and what not.” Riddhima said and looked at Vansh who didn’t hug her back. Riddhima cupped his face and continued.

“But when I got to know you closely, I realised what Love is. It’s not just being pampered, it’s different. It’s a special bond. I forgot what I came for, I started hallucinating, I saw you everywhere.” Riddhima said and wiped Vansh’s tears.

“Vansh.. I always wondered why Anupriya always hid that box. It had photos of her and Kabir. And the footage of her killing Ma. I was always used.” Riddhima hugged him tightly and he too repriocated.

“Please don’t leave me Vansh. You have me a the love I craved for since childhood. I don’t want to be alone again.” Riddhima’s eyes watered again.

“No more tears sweetheart. The culprits should be punished.” Vansh said wiping her tears and kissed her forehead.

“Mom you couldn’t stop her!? Really!? You know Vansh will not leave us!” Kabir shouted at Anupriya as they were standing near a fireplace where they always met.

“Yes Kabir! You are saying something right for the very first time” Vansh said standing with his hands in his pocket, smirking.

Kabir and Anupriya’s face horrified seeing him, and Riddhima came from behind him. Both looked at each other and entangled their hands.

“Why!?” Vansh growled at Anupriya.

“You always were like a mother for me. Then WHY!?” Vansh shouted.

Marching towards Kabir, he punched him hard and he fell on the ground. A tear fell from Riddhima’s eyes, but she wiped it. Vansh punched him more until he was so weak to get up. He moved towards Anupriya, and she stepped back.

“Don’t worry. You have your whole life to think where were you mistaken. And your son will be dead. So bid him a good bye.” Vansh said with a chuckle.

The police officers came from behind, and took pleading and crying Anupriya away from there. Kabir again stood up and went to attack Riddhima but Vansh came in between beating him more. He took out his gun and pointed at him with a smirk.

“What will you get killing me?” Kabir gasped.

“Who said I am killing you?” Vansh said with a smirk and moved away. He gave the gun to Riddhima, who was trembling. He helped her to support the gun, and pointed towards Kabir.

“Mujhe istemaal krne ki saza. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania ko chot pohochaane ki ek hi saza hai. Maut” Riddhima said and Vansh pulled the trigger shooting the bullet as Riddhima closed her eyes in fears.

Vansh tapped her and she opened her eyes to see Kabir, lying lifelessly. She turned to Vansh and hugged him tightly, as he repriocated.

“I love you” he said
” I love you too” she replied


hope you all liked it!! Bohot mehnat se likha 🤧. Do comment your reviews and if any suggestions please tell I will love to do them 💜

Tanvi 💫

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