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Lamp of Love Episode-15: Binoy’s help for Bondita.

The episode starts with everyone turns to see Anirudh saying, what are you people discussing that too speaking about being very careful, Tapur thinks oh no, now I have to think something before someone blabber the plan. KSj says nothing, we are discussing about ashram people that’s it, and everyone gets relived. Anirudh says, okay kaka I came to tell you some good news, Thakumaa asks what is that? Did you decided to get married. Anirudh asks what? Marriage and laughs, Thakumaa not this soon. KSj tells then when will you Anirudh, Som tells dada if you keep on postponing marriage then think about me, how I will get married before your marriage.  Anirudh says, okay stop I came to inform that my friend is coming to our village. Sampoorna asks which friend? Anirudh tells the one who studied with me in London, Kabir Dalal. He is coming tomorrow to support in our polygamy work and smiles happily. Sampoorna tells that she will arrange for his stay, Anirudh leaves. Tapur says, thanks to duggamaa dada didn’t listened our conversation from first. Thakumaa tells he is not ready for marriage itself, in that case will our plan work. KSj says, Kalindi we are doing this to make his feelings visible and to realize the same. Everyone nods.

Bondita thinks about meeting viceroy, she decides to discuss about this matter with Anirudh and goes to his study room. Anirudh sees her and asks when she came back, Bondita tells she came back an hour ago, but was tired so she rested in her room, Anirudh asks her if she is fine now, Bondita says, yes Sakha babu and smiles. Anirudh asks about her meeting with administrators. Bondita tells that everything was good the administrators are okay with separate classes but Sakha babu… Anirudh asks what happened Bondita any problem, actually some people said that they cannot afford fees, so the administrator said that I should talk regarding this to viceroy. Anirudh thinks and says, okay Bondita I’ll let you know soon about this, you can meet him. Anirudh says, Bondita my friend is coming tomorrow to our village for helping in polygamy, Bondita tells that’s great Sakha babu, I am really excited to meet him, I can ask him how you was in your college days and laughs.

Everyone sits and chitchat, Thakumaa comes there and tells she is going to ashram for regular checkup for the women who are residing there, and also tells Anirudh that she has arranged everything for his friend’s arrival. Sampoorna calls everyone to have dinner, Binoy asks Bondita when should he arrange her meeting with viceroy, Bondita gets shocked and asks how do you know this? Binoy tells I have heard when you were talking to Anirudh, he tells that this viceroy is very close with him, so he can make her meet him. Bondita and Anirudh gets happy. Anirudh tells that they will meet him day after tomorrow as tomorrow Kabir is coming to their place.

Anirudh goes to his room and he goes towards the door and closes and takes a bag from his cupboard, he opens and takes out bunch of letters. He takes the very one that he started writing and sits in his couch.

Letter to Bondita Das from Anirudh Roy Chaudhary,

Bondita today I feel empty without your presence, I don’t know how you are there in London, whether everything is fine or not, but I am thinking about you each and every second here. I can hear your voice but couldn’t see you, I miss your arguments, your cute face and your naughtiness, I feel like I should have been with you but then I myself talk with you, you know how in this way via letter, Bondita this distance is very far but our heart is really connected close, do you know I have kept a name for you, shall I say it’s Bulbul, Ahan Bondita you are my Bulbul, I want you to be like Bulbul flying in sky independently without any worries, and there are so many names but why I opt this means your voice is so melodious, I can really listen to you a full day, your voice is my strength Bondita.

Anirudh smiles and keeps his letter in the same bag and thinks Bondita it’s been so many years now our dream came true, memories flashes from his marriage breaking and Bondita reminds him that they are no longer husband and wife Anirudh hits his hand in the table, a glass brakes and he starts bleeding, Bondita comes there hearing sound and knock the door. Bondita calls Sakha babu open the door, what happened I heard some noise, Sakha babu. Anirudh keeps the bag in the shelf and opens the door. Bondita sees his hand and gets shocked, Sakha babu what happened to your hand Anirudh tells that a book feel in the table when he was about to catch it feel on the glass and his hand got hurt. Bondita sees that and cries Anirudh tells I am fine Bondita it’s just small one , Bondita asks him to keep quiet, she applies haldi on his injury and worries seeing it, Anirudh looks her, he makes her hair strands proper they look into each other, Anirudh gets closer to Bondita, she feels shy and looks down, Thakumaa comes there and asks what happened, Anirudh moves back and tells nothing a small injury, Thakumaa asks how it happened and asks Bondita to bring haldi milk for him, she checks and tells you have applied haldi on right time Anirudh, he tells that it was Bondita who applied, Thakumaa asks her to give him and tells Anirudh to take care and rest well. Bondita makes him to drink haldi milk and sits near him until he sleeps. Anirudh fell asleep after sometime, when Bondita was about to go her saree pallu gets struck in Anirudh’s shirt button, she tries to remove it and sees Anirudh in close and thinks Sakha babu you look so handsome while sleeping too (RTM plays).

To be continued…

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