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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra confronts Sam about her money

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sam hears Roli farting and is disgusted. Roli says I am sorry but your food has upset my stomach. Sam runs from there and tells Chandrani that she will work in the kitchen. Chandrani goes and sits on the sofa. Rishi and Roli rub her feet. Chandrani plays the farting toy. Sam is disgusted by them.

Shubhra gets Harsh’s message that he gave her message to Kuldeep and he is safe. Shubhra messages him that he is the bestest friend. She comes home and gives chocolates to Rishi. Chandrani says what’s for me? Shubhra gives her sweets. She shows her 85 thousands cheque and says everyone is liking my designs. I have got a big order. Chandrani is happy. Sam comes there so Shubhra brings sweets to her and makes her eat it. Sam says my office is cleaning is 3 times expensive than this. Shubhra says you can make fun of my money but it’s my hard earned money and I don’t need to hide anything. What fraud have you done that you are hiding? Why don’t you show your financial records? The truth is that only you are cleaning my house and that’s for free. What’s forcing you to do all this? Are you hiding your black money? Sam angrily leaves from there.
Sam says they are not worried for Kuldeep like they know he is alright. She might know where Kuldeep is.

Harsh brings groceries home. He asks Kuldeep to take his juice. Kuldeep says don’t worry, I got the food made today. Harsh sits to eat with him. Harsh serves food to Kuldeep. Kuldeep likes the food and says can I call Shubhra? Harsh says Shubhra doesn’t know that you are here. If she knows you are here then Sam will know it soon, I have kidnapped you and if Sam finds out then she will file a complaint in the police. Just wait 3-4 days and then you can meet your family. Kuldeep says can you give my message to Shubhra? Tell her that I am sorry for hurting her and I won’t be able to bear her being angry at me. He gives a letter and asks him to give it to Shubhra. Harsh smiles and says I will give it to her.

Rishi and Roli sit outside Sam’s room. She comes out and Rishi scares her. Sam screams and asks what are you doing? Rishi says I was just shooting a video.

Shubhra brings Kuldeep’s laptop and asks Sam to put in his password. Sam says you know where Kuldeep is so ask him. Shubhra says I don’t know where he is? Sam says you look very calm, you must know where he is. Shubhra says don’t forget that he tried to kill himself because of you. We have a proof against you and I can put you in jail if you don’t straighten up. Shubhra asks her to get lost from her room. Sam leaves.
Sam is working in the house and is stressed.

Kuldeep is looking at his family photos. Harsh sits with him. They both smile. Kuldeep recalls how badly he behaved with Harsh. He says I did so wrong with you. I am really sorry. Harsh jokes that you are the only one who has punched. I was always a good boy so no one punched me. You have fulfilled my dream. Kuldeep says you are half crazy. Harsh laughs.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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