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Kkb episode 47 (Love of Life)

Kiara was sitting in her room, thinking about the incident which took place. There were many questions in her mind. She sits on her bed and again thinks about the same thing.

Kiara’s POV
Who was that lady who wanted to kill me? And most important why does she want to kill me , I don’t even know her, I need to solve this mystery very soon. But there must me something by which I can find that mysterious lady. Think Kiara think.

She closes her eyes and starts recalling the incident in detail exactly from where it started. Even a little thing would help her a lot in finding the mysterious woman. While thinking about it something pops into her mind and she immediately opens her eyes.

Kiara’s POV
This thing, I have seen it somewhere but where.. This can surely help me to find that lady, but I am not able to recall where exactly I saw.

Kiara tries to recall it but failed, then her phone rings and on seeing the caller ID she gets a smile on her face and picks it up.

On Call.

Kiara – Isn’t it too early, means now you are remembering that you have a friend named Kiara. And why didn’t you come to meet me, I called you so many times but you didn’t pick my call. What was the reason ?

Sunny – Calm down Kiara, calm down. And firstly sorry, I was stuck in my work so I wasn’t able to meet you. We’re you sleeping?

Kiara – No but was about to.

Sunny – Ohh then you sleep, we will meet tomorrow at the same place where we use to meet.

Kiara – Okay done. I am really tired now so good night.

Sunny – Bye.

Saying this he cuts the call while Kiara sleeps peacefully on her bed with a smile on her face.

The next morning.
It was a bright sunny day and the sound of chirping birds was heard. This broke the sound sleep of a beautiful girl who was sleeping peacefully, she gets up and goes near the window where she saw a few birds sitting on a tree and singing a melodious song. A broad smile creeps on her face, she closes her eyes and listens to the birdsong, she was mesmerized hearing this and someone was mesmerized on seeing her beauty. The boy in the garden was smiling like idiots and was admiring the girl in his mind, he was all lost in her beauty and simplicity. The fresh morning glow was giving her a different look, she was looking like an angel though dressed simply. The girl slowly opens her eyes and suddenly her eyes falls on the guy who was smiling like idiots. The girl raises her eyebrows and gives a confused look. While the boy by appropriate gestures tells her that she is looking beautiful (👌). The girl blushes a little and the boy also smiles on seeing her. The girl then goes to take a bath and after doing it goes down stairs.

While on the other side.
The boy happily enters the mansion with a broad smile on his face, he collides with someone and it happens to be Aryan. Aryan was little surprised to see his odd behavior.

“What happened you look happy today, anything special? ” asks Aryan with a smile on his face.

“Hmm.. Guess what, you know today in the morning itself I saw Prachi and I complimented her and she didn’t say anything to me in fact she was blushing. ” says Ranbir while blushing

“Ohh hoo… Now I think you will get your love very soon. Prachi and you, my dear Pranbir. ” says Aryan teasingly

“I also feel the same thing, no one can seperate us now.” says Ranbir

They both chuckle and unknown to them Pallavi overheard their conversation and was fuming in anger. She leaves from there.

In Rhea room.
Rhea got up , she goes and takes a bath, dresses herself and was about to leave when she remembers something, she takes out something from her drawer and looks at it, she gets tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know what will be her decision but I can’t take it anymore, today I will clear everything. ” says Rhea with teary eyes while still holding the object in her hand, she puts it in her pocket and goes down.

After sometimes.
Everyone was present on the breakfast table. Prachi also comes down stairs with a smile on her face followed by Rhea and Kiara. Pallavi goes near Prachi and holds her hand which was noticed by everyone.

Pallavi – What a shameless girl, how many times do I need to repeat the same statement?

Everyone gets up hearing this and goes near Prachi and Pallavi.

Prachi (getting out of Pallavi’s grip) – Aunty what did I do now.

Pallavi – Ohh so you are again asking me the same thing, just stay away from my son. Don’t use your cheap tricks to come close to him.

Vikram – Pallavi stop it.

Abhigya were totally confused, they didn’t know about what were they talking but they couldn’t hear such talks about their daughter so they ask Pallavi to stop it.

Pallavi – Why should I stop, this girl is crossing her limits. I asked her to stay away from my son but still.

Kiara was confused, she comes forward to defend Prachi.

“Aunty please stop it, you don’t have any right to say these things to my sister. ” says Kiara in an angry tone.

“Kiara you don’t know how cheap your sister is. ” says Pallavi.

“Aunty please stop it. ” says Rhea.

“Just see Rhea,she is still defending you, and you are flirting with her would be husband, how cheap. I have never seen a characterless girl like you,  you are engaged but still your eyes are on my son. How much money do you want, tell me I will give you but please just leave my son. One lakh, two lakh, three lakh, or one crore? ” says Pallavi.

“Mom stop it. ” says Ranbir angrily.

A tear scrolls from Prachi’s eyes, Abhigya were totally confused they didn’t have any reaction to it but Kiara was hell angry on hearing this.

“Aunty just mind your language. ” says Kiara angrily.

” Kiara beta you don’t know that your sister is a gold digger, you know she trapped my son for money and she was the one because of whom Rhea tried to commit suicide. She brought another girl in my Ranbir’s life and by using her she wanted to get all the money because of her my son’s life would be ruined because of her your other sister tried to commit suicide. She is a characterless girl, I don’t know how many boys has she trapped till now for money, presently it’s Ishaan, his family doesn’t know her true colors that’s why they accepted her as daughter-in-law otherwise no one would accept this characterless girl. ” says Pallavi while pointing towards Prachi.

Prachi was all broken, tears were continuously flowing from her eyes, while Abhigya and Kiara were hell angry on Pallavi for badmouthing Prachi but before anyone of them would react Rhea comes forward with tears in her eyes, she looked at Prachi with teary eyes, she then turns towards Pallavi.

“No aunty it is not the truth, today I will tell you everything which is actually true. ” says Rhea.

“Truth? ” asks Pallavi in a confused tone.

“Yes truth, truth about the incidents which took place one year back. ” says Rhea while wiping her tears.

But the flow of tears was too much that her eyes again became moist, she walks towards Prachi and Shahana who were standing next to eachother.

“I thought you have changed but you are still the same Rhea Mehra. ” says Shahana on seeing her shattered sister.

“I don’t have the strength to bear anymore insult so better do it next time for today I think it’s enough. ” says Prachi with tears of pain and furry in her eyes but with the utmost calmness and coldness.

But Rhea’s next action completely shocked the two sisters. Rhea Mehra, knelt down on the ground before them with her hands holding both her ears, tears still flowing unstoppably from her eyes and her head bent down in shame, she was trembling like a scared puppy.

Rhea Mehra for the first time in her life was tongue tied, she tried to speak but her shaky voice and her shut jaws betrayed her, she had never ever been so afraid in her life, well only once was she this afraid. She gathered the little courage she had and finally spoke, still face the ground looking at the puddle of tears she made unable to raise her head at the two sisters she should have loved and protected but instead hurt and betrayed.

Rhea spoke with her voice shaking – I….I…Pra..chi, I’m Sorry

Prahana were dumbfounded, their rage disappeared at the sound of these strange words, they could not believe their eyes and ears, they looked and each other wide-eyed and then back at Rhea who was kneeling before them. They did not know what to say so they just listened

Rhea cleared her throat between her silent sobs that were now audible to prahana, she started to speak again trying her best to control her trembling body . Everyone stood as mute spectators, confused about what’s happening in front of them, it was all between Prachi, Rhea and Shahana so they thought not to interfere and better remain quite and listen the whole story.

Rhea spoke – I am sorry, Prachi, Sahana, I am sorry for everything I’ve done to you, you have every right to hate me, to scream and me and to taunt me, I am not worthy of you, I don’t deserve to have sisters like you, I am selfish, arrogant, spoilt, (Rhea’s voice broke as she spoke and prahana felt pain but hid it deep in their hearts, they could not believe what was happening) I…I am inauspicious, I am evil and wicked, I have hurt you beyond repair, my sins are unforgivable…b..but please, just forgive me..Mom, dad, everyone, everything.. nothing is the same without you, everything is wrong, everything is broken and I broke it. I could not unite our parents, I failed, I drove them further apart with my deed, your death broke everyone, I didn’t understand then but now I do, I see now what I was too blinded by jealousy and hatred before to see, We need you, I need you, please dii

That last word shook Prachi to the core and Sahana was flabbergasted, there was no dry eye in the room at this point because unknowingly even prahana were crying, their tears breaking at each sentence Rhea said as they remembered everything they went through at her hands, they were conflicted because they saw the pain in her eyes even with her head bent down. They heard the pain in her voice as each word shattered her soul. Prachi was overwhelmed with swirling emotions, suddenly all the times she spoke to her twins pictures came flooding back, her longing for her sister’s love, her other half from the womb who was taken from her, she unknowingly looked up and walked lifelessly towards Rhea who was so distraught she did not even notice Prachi come kneel Infront of her. Sahana’s eyes were so full of tears she could barely see, she lifelessly sat on the floor a little away from Prachi and Rhea and she just stared at them.
Prachi spoke with much difficulty, she could only utter a single word.

Prachi – Why?

At this Rhea realized Prachi was right Infront of her and she raised her head slowly, prahana were shocked to see her face, it was puffy, her nose was red, the white of her eyes was almost gone as they were bloodshot, she had heavy dark circles and bags under her eyes,  her nose was running and the tear’s in her eyes flowed mercilessly…her tears, they were real, this thought hit prahana like a truck and Prachi’s heart shattered, she was fighting the urge to wrap her arms around her little sister, to sooth her and ease her pain. But she remained strong and listened.

Rhea had nothing to speak. She didn’t have the answer to the question which Prachi asked her. Rhea composed herself as best as she could and put her hand in the pocket of her hoodie, this action which would normally frighten prahana because what if it was a knife and she was trying to kill Prachi again?

Surprisingly this was not what crossed their minds, their Heats did not start racing, the were calm as if they knew they we perfectly safe now. Rhea slowly removed her hand from her hoodie pocket clenched in a fist, she opened her fist and in it was a flashdrive, this puzzled prahana who looked at each other with eyebrows raised. Then Sahana asked

Sahana – what is that? She said trying to compose herself because she was crying just as much as the twins.

Rhea took a deep breath, wiped her tears, cleared her throat and then spoke

Rhea – it’s evidence.

Prahana – Evidence??

Rhea – yes, evidence. Evidence of all the crimes if committed against you, from the necklace robbery to the a..a.. accident. Rhea said the last word brokenly as she could not bear the thoughts of what she did to Prachi.

Everyone was shocked hearing this, Pallavi wasn’t able to look up and her face expression faded, she bents down her head in guilt.. While Abhi and Ranbir were the ones who were most angry.

She placed the drive in Prachi’s hands who wasn’t at all shocked at the revelation that Rhea was behind her problems because she already knew, but that she was confessing her crimes and even giving her evidence…was this Rhea? What the hell was happening? Sahana on the other hand was also not surprised because Prachi already told her everything after they left, instead she was shocked that Rhea leaving herself at their Mercy, that she was willing to let them expose her, or send her to prison, the same Rhea who considered herself a goddess over them was now kneeling before them as their slave.

Rhea slowly and lifelessly got up and turned to leave, she intended to do as she forced Prachi to do a year ago, she was going to leave and never return, if Prachi did not turn her into the police that is, whatever it was prahana decided, Rhea was ready to face the consequences of her actions, this time, she would prove to her sisters and her family that she has truly change and regrets her actions. As she slowly made her way to the door with tears that found their way down her cheeks again she was brought to a halt when Prachi called her name, she froze with fear and braced herself for the insults and anger Prachi had every right to unleash on her.

Prachi – you haven’t answered my question. She said painfully but sternly which shook Rhea to her core.

Prachi – Why?

This simple word destroyed Rhea, the thought of going to prison seemed so much better than answering that question, she slowly turned back with her head still bent down when Prachi almost screamed this time

Prachi – LOOK AT ME.

At this Rhea’s fear seized her mercilessly, but she fought it and slowly raised her head to meet her sisters gaze, her twin who’s eyes were just as bloodshot as hers, her face looking absolutely dejected, she tried to look away from the intense gaze but Prachi’s eyes said to her with a chilling seriousness “don’t you dare”

Rhea started trembling again and slowly gathered her thoughts and began to speak softly.

Rhea – when I was little I was always lonely, at school other children would push me down and make fun of me for not having a mother, I cried every night and begged God to bring my mother back, I tried to ask dad about her but he always changed the subject, nobody in the house would even say her name, I know you think that’s a lame excuse because I had a whole family of people right?

She said sadly to which prahana nodded in affirmation. While Pragya got tears in her eyes.

Rhea sighed as she continued, well no, not really, because even though Aryan and I were the only children in the house we were still very lonely, the elders of the house didn’t really form and bond with us except purab chucks, and I know you’re wondering about dad, well dad was always busy, I thought that when he quit being a rockstar he would spend more time with me but no, he was home yes but his mind was not with me, he was just a different kind of busy, I was so afraid from that time that he would also go away from me like mom did, he did not know how to connect with me and it broke my heart to see him try as tired as he was from working but fail, so I started lashing out at everyone, I pushed them all away because I felt they didn’t love me, I was so alone until one day I overheard buji and mitali aunty talking about mom, they said so many bad things about her and I ran crying from there to ask dad why mom left but as usual he did not answer, that was when buji began to tell me that mom left me and dad because of another man, that she took my sister because she loved her more and went away with a wealthier man. I cried my little heart out and that was when I began to hate mom, I hated her because I thought she didn’t loved me but I wanted to meet my sister so that maybe if I was like her, my mother would love me too.

 Prahana felt awful for Rhea at each word she uttered, but the last line she said really shattered Prachi’s heart.

Rhea continued – I never really had an emotional bond with Dad, I knew he loved me but he never knew how to emotionally be there for me, Everytime I was in pain all he would do was buy me things and give me money, so as I got older, I grew attached to material things to fill the void of emotional need I guess. You know you had so much more than I ever did Prachi, I guess that was why I was jealous of you.

Prahana were shocked at Rhea’s statement, how did they have more than she ever did? When she was a princess of wealth while they struggled financially all their lives.

Rhea – I know what you must be thinking, how right? How is that possible? Well I will explain it to you, you Prachi and Sahana have something that all the money in the world could never buy. You had a home, a warm, happy, loving home, with a mother who taught you how to cook, who held you when you cried, who taught you to ride a bike and most importantly, what I always longed for, you had each other, you are sisters.

At this point Rhea could not control her tears and she fell on her knees with a thud and sobbed. She composed herself again and tried to speak through the choking tears

Rhea – that was something all the toys and money in the world could never buy me, I just wanted a home but that mighty Mehra mansion was just that, a mansion, it was never a home, that was until you came into our lives. You walked into my life out of the blue and suddenly my house was a home, everybody loved you and laughed with you, Dad, my dad who was emotionally unavailable for me all these years suddenly was your Rock, he was suddenly able to read your emotions and Ranbir, the only real friend I had other than Aryan was now changing to impress you, my brother Aryan was no longer my brother but your brother. I was so angry and jealous, where was all that affection when I needed it? For 20 years of my life I longed for it but all I got was trinkets, cold soulless material things that gave no warmth.

Prahana did not know what to say

Rhea – I was so angry, I did not know what to do, then buji who tried to fill my mother’s place but never could came to me and told me you were just like my mother who left me, she told me you wanted to destroy and take the only things that ever really mattered to me and I blindly believed her, my hatred for you grew and I Started trying to get you out of our lives, first I only wanted you to leave on your own so when Ranbir proposed to me on his birthday I seized the opportunity to hurt you using him, I am so sorry for that, but my plan backfired because he really fell in love with you and he told me he would not go through with the bet.

This revelation shocked Prachi to the core, she was totally confused now, if he loved her then why did he engage Rhea? She decided to hear the rest of Rhea’s story before jumping to conclusions.

Rhea continued – I thought I was in love with Ranbir and I went mad in trying to get his love, buji told me you were trying to steal him from me like someone tried to steal chucks from her and I believed her, that was when I truly started trying to hurt you, buji guided me in all the evil things I’ve done to you, she paid the goons and Sanju and planted evidence for the robberies…I realize now that I was stupid to listen to her, I tired to kill you by hiring that truck driver to hit you but I really regretted when I saw mom crying over you and when she scolded me after finding out I was behind everything, her words broke my heart and I was shattered, I went to the only person I thought could understand me, buji, but she told me to get rid of evidence and that it was not my fault that you were trying to snatch my everything, so I broke into your house the day you were in hospital and I found pictures of us and mom and dad, that when when I realized you were my sister, your mother was my mother, I was shattered at the revelation that I just tried to kill my own sister, my twin whom I had longed for day and night my whole life, she was the one I hurt so badly.

Rhea was an emotional wreck now, she cried her heart out while prahana were also still in year watching her fall apart like that. While Aliya starts sweating badly, everyone had tears in their eyes.

Rhea – I wanted to fix it all, All the hate and all the jealousy went away in that instant and all I wanted was to run to you and hug you and protect you from everyone and everything, I wanted to tell you all the things I wanted to do with my dii growing up, so I ran home with full joy and told my buji that I found my mother and my sister, I was so happy and I vowed to reunite our family but buji started speaking bad about you and mom and calling you gold diggers and middle class people, I got very angry with her and I stormed out, I was on my way to dad to tell him I found you when Ranbir confronted me about everything I did to you, he broke all ties with me and I was so hurt, buji came to me and told me you snatched my mother from me and I was so upset with everything going on in my head that I tried to take my life to end it all. I know there is no justification for what I have done to the both of you, but since you asked I had to answer, after you left everything changed, I realized that I K..Killed my own sister, I could not look at myself in the mirror, mom and dad fought and blamed each other again, they hated each other but pretended for the only daughter they had left (abhigya was shocked to hear this) . I thought if you went away I would get all their love but I was dead wrong, I lost everything, we lost everything….so please, please Prachi, Sahana, punish me however you want, I will accept it, if you want to send me to prison I will go, everyone will know what a monster I am….I will do whatever it takes for you to please stay, you do not have to forgive me, I do not deserve it but please, our parents have mourned you everyday and can’t bear this guilt anymore.

Rhea folded her hands and begged prahana. Prachi and Shahana stood there as stone statues with tears flowing from their eyes. The family members who stood as mute spectators also got tears in their eyes. Ranbir had tears in his eyes as he now understood why did Rhea do this,he starts blaming himself, he failed to be a good friend,it was only him with whom Rhea shared everything but he could never understand her..Pragya stands there in disbelief with tears flowing from her eyes. Kiara was still confused as she didn’t know about Abhigya’s seperation but had tears in her eyes.
There was immense silence in the main Hall and unknown to everyone Ishaan who came to meet Rhea , heard everything he had tears in his eyes he didn’t enter the mansion and turns around to leave when he hears something and stops right at his place.

Precap – Prachi’s decision and reactions..

Hope so you guys liked this episode, my special thanks to Esie who helped me in writing this episode.  She is a superb writer and I must say she writes even better than me. Once again thanks Esie for providing me with this wonderful episode ❤. Guys do read her fan fiction “Breaking free (Pragya’s story) ” which is available on wattapad as well as tellyupdates. I also read it and it’s just amazing, so do read and do comment 🤗

Link – “Breaking Free (Pragya’s story)

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