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Dil ki Manmaniyan, Khwahishon ki Udaariyaan (Episode 4)

Hi Guys! I am back with my next update. I apologise for not sharing the episode 4 soon…I was too busy to get time to write.

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Anyways, since now I am back, so will make every effort to entertain you all.

Today’s episode is dedicated to @Snowflake and @Keerthi.

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Gurpreet, Biji, Mahi and Amrik are taken aback on seeing Simran, while Simran is stunned to see her dear ones standing right in front of her eyes.

A teary eyed Gurpreet moves forward and tightly hugs her daughter taking her into her embrace and Simran starts weeping miserably.

Mahi questions Simran that what is she doing in India, when she was supposed to be in Canada.

Simran finds herself so swept in emotions that it becomes impossible for her to speak even a word. She tries to speak, but instead of syllables, what comes out of her mouth is just the sound of her happy cries.

Candy irritated with their behaviour pushes Gurpreet and brakes the mother-daughter hug and hugs his mother tight and screams at Mahi that why is she shouting at his mumma and scolds Gurpreet for making his mumma cry. He questions Tejo saying, “Mami who are these people and why have you brought them here?”

Even before Tejo can open his mouth, Amrik starts fighting with Candy.

Amrik: Oye chutku (small kid)! What do you mean by who are these people. She is our sister and who are you to question are relation and what do you mean that my mom is making your mumma cry?…..(Realising what he just heard, he exclaims) O Teri! Do you mean she is your mumma?

Candy (angrily): Then? Who else can be my mumma?

Amrik: Beta ji, I think you have some misunderstanding … She is my sister and not your “Mumma”.

Candy (angrily pushes him away): She is my mumma.

Amrik: No she is not.

Candy: Yes she is.

Amrik: No she is not.

Candy (at the top of his lungs): Yes she is.

Amrik (responds in the same manner as Candy): No she is not. She is my sister.

And both of them angrily join their hands to wrestle and continue shouting until Tejo and Simran intervene and pull them away.

Tejo warns Amrik to behave and scolds him for getting into a brawl with a kid, while everyone looks on and Simran smiles on having to see such a cute banter between her son and little brother.

Candy comes to Tejo and says: Mami take this bad boy away!

Amrik: O bete ki! Beta don’t you think that you have got too much into character and are now calling my Bhabhi your Mami.

Tejo pulls Amrik and angrily widens her eyes and says to him: Chup, ek dam chup. Ab ek shabd aur nahi. (Silent, complete silent. Do not utter even a single word now)

She holds Candy’s hand and makes him sit on the sofa and says, “Good boys do not fight. You are a good boy right?” Candy nods. Tejo continues and asks Candy to sit patiently and and do not intervene and she assures him that she would explain everything to him some time later and tells that let elders solve their issues first. Candy agrees and both him and Amrik stare each other angrily as if ready to eat each other any moment now.

Tejo joined her hands and went in front of Simran and apologized to her for not keeping her promise and bringing everyone there. She adds that when she saw everyone missing her miserably, she could not contain herself and could not lie anymore.

Mahi questioned Tejo whether shehad already met Simran and if so then why did she not tell her. Tejo apologized to all for hiding the truth and said that there is more than meets the eyes and looked at Simran signalling her to not delay and confess her truth.

Simran took a step forward and said, “I am trying to muster courage after 10 long years to confess my truth to all.” Saying so Simran narrated her entire ordeal as to how she got to know that the man she loved was a married man who spooled her life, how she realised that she was pregnant and how she could not return to them to make the Virks loose more request and how she had been pretending to live in Canada in front of all and living a duel life on the small neighbouring pind with Candy. She then thanked Tejo for giving her the strength to reveal her story in front of her family and burst into crying profusely.

Mahi, Amrik, Gurpreet and Biji hugged Simran tightly and started crying with her. They asked her why she hid so much pain of hers. Had she stopped considering them as her family. Simran had no answer. Tears flowed from her and she stood there speechless and sobbing miserably.

Biji suddenly saw Candy and shouted out of excitement that she had become badi nani and hugged Gurpreet and told her, “Mubarakan bahu! You have been promoted and have become nani.”

A smile spread across Gurpreet’s face and she caressed Candy’s hairs and leaned forward and introduced herself as his Nani, his mother’s mother. Candy looked at Simran who smiled and Candy meekly said, “Nani..”, while Gurpreet took him into his embrace. Dadi sat beside Candy and said that she is his Nani’s mother and your mother’s Dadi. Candy innocently asked, “So should I call you Dani?” Everyone laughed at his innocence and told him to call her sirf Biji (Biji only). Candy replied “ok sirf biji”. Everyone chuckled as Biji said oye khotiye, call me “Biji”. Candy repeats “Biji”. Biju says “ye hua na mera shabash puttar”.

Next Mahi comes forward and says, “Hi Champ! I am your one and only one Maasi”. Candy learns Maasi, “so you are Mumma’s sister?”, he asks. “Yes sweetheart” she replies.

Mahi further exclaims that he is the most adorable thing she has seen in her life. Candy pouted and complained that he isn’t a thing. Mahi laughed and replied that she was just teasing him and she pulled his cheeks and said that he is cuttest boy and he adds “and most handsome too” and everyone laugh.

Next Amrik comes forward and they both glare at each other and the former says with attitude, “Fine, she is both your mother and my sister, so matter solved.” Candy brings his hand forward for a hand shake and smilingly asks “Patchup?” and an excited Amrik picks him up and states that they both are best mama-bhanja jodi. Candy requests Amrik to take him to Tejo. The latter asks whether he is happy and Candy replies that he is very happy as he got Mami in one week and Biji, Nani, Maasi, Mama in the very next week.

Simrans adored them and happily complaints that since everyone now have Candy, so no-one cares for her and they all come to her and tell her that had she not been there, they would never have Candy.

Amrik excitedly exclaims that he would get Rakhi tied from Simran after so many years tomorrow. Tejo hands over Simran her Rakhis and asks her to tie then to her brother’s hands herself. Simran hugs her and thanks her for everything.

Mahi pulls them all on Sofa and says that she would get her Mehndi for Rakhi directly done from Simran and exclaims that her Simmi Di is best. Simmi says that she would get it done from Gurpreet, while Candy volunteers to make design on Biji’s hands. Mahi insists on getting Mehndi applied first and takes away Simran with her to the bedroom where she recognizes the bedroom setting as seen in the video call. Meanwhile, Candy starts his drawing practice on Biji’s hands and Tejo moves towards Gurpreet and asks, “Auntie ji, can I apply Mehndi on your palms?”

Gurpreet hugs Tejo and replies call me your Maa. Tears drop from Tejo’s eyes. Gurpreet wipes her tears and confesses that she held nothing evil against her. It was just that she could not assimilate the fact that my son was happy with you. But some days back she realised that he was really happy with her. The way Tejo took her care, she had accepted her as her daughter in law, but just not expressed herself. She further asked Tejo,” Fateh and you have come closer right?” Tejo blushed profusely and hid her gaze. Gurpreet held her chin and made her look into her eyes and said, “I know you love him, I have seen it in your eyes and I know you two have come close, I had seen your excitement after your night out. There is no need to shy. Even Simmi’s dad and I when had come close, every moment had started looking blissful for me. Look Tejo! That day I had accepted you as my daughter in law, but today after knowing what all you have done for my Simmi, you have become my daughter. Now I can proudly say that I am a mother to three daughters.” Tejo gleamed with happiness, addressed her as Maa and promised that she would reunite Simran with her dad. They both happily hugged each other. Tejo then started applying Mehndi on her hands.

After some while, all the ladies had mehndi on their hands and we’re sitting and laughing together and teasing Candy for his doodling on Biji’s hand (mehndi) and spoiling his clothes, when suddenly they all heard Buzo’s voice.

Buzo entered the house asking Simran to not come out as he had seen Amrik’s car parked nearby. Suddenly his eyes fell on everyone staring at him in horror while Candy hugged him and called him Papa. Everyone was stunned.


I know this update was long, but my way of compensating for not uploading the last week.

Will share the next episode soon.

Stay tuned and do share your views 😉

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