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Choti Sardarni 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher and Rajveer’s Sangeet

Choti Sardarni 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says for me and my brothers Badi bi is no less than a mom. Our parents died when we were kids. She raised us and gave us all the love. It was my mistake, you can punish me not her. Badi bi says Seher please.. Seher says if someone insulted me would you say the same? Would you let them? If someone took my right of being your daughter away from you? Seher says she’s my mothher. You can’t insult her for my mistake.

Dida asks Rajveer where were you? She says talk to Seher. She left the house. Mausi ji has created a big issue. Rajveer says how does she know? Dida says Mausi ji went to her place with shagun and Seher wasn’t there. She has created a fuss. where could she go?

Param says Seher won’t do such a mistake again. Karan says we are sorry. Seher says it’s my mistake so I will apologize. It was something urgent so I had ot go. I am sorry. You can punish me. Mausi ji says you don’t need to come to the sangeet. I have to rethink if we made a mistake by fixing this relationship. Pick the shagun. Karan and Param beg her and ask her to forgive them and not go like this. She leaves.

Karan says Seher what was so urgent? Param says why did you leave? Mausiji is about to step out. Rajveer calls her and says it isn’t Seher’s mistake. Seher didn’t want to go, she said she can’t leave it’s a custom. I asked her to leave. Mausi says why? What is going on between you two? Did you play with our customs and my order? Tell me the truth. Badi bi says girls don’t share a lot of things. Let it be. Param says we know you love her but she left the house twice. Karan says is there any problem? Let us know. PAram says tell us, we will solve it. They put her hands on their heads and ask what is it? Seher is confused.

Rajveer says Seher and I were organizing a surprise party for sangeet to cheer you all up. Seher says I.. Me.. Mausiji comes in and says it wasn’t Seher’s will to go. They place back all the shagun. Mausiji says Rajveer called her to organize a sangeet party. she said not to him but he didn’t listen. He told me everything. She says Seher it wasn’t your mistake. Karan says why didn’t you say all this Seher? Mausji says let it be and let’s plan the sangeet. She gives her gifts. Harshdeep says Seher, you won’t have seen an evening like this. You will be ashamed.

Scene 2
The sangeet party starts. The theme is retro. The media arrives outside and stop Seher. They ask if this is a love marriage or arrange, they ask how you feel? You are going to be part of such a big family. They ask Rajveer if it’s love or arranged marriage. Dida says Seher and Rajveer love each other. You can call it a love marriage. Seher is shocked. Seher holds Seher’s hand and takes her inside. The song fikr na karya kar plays.

Rajveer says I know what are you thinking. About our next clue. We always get it from the last incident. When I reached there that man was.. Mausa ji reads his story, he was a shady man. He was walking in the corridor. Rajveer says which novel is this? He says this is real. Rimple says go eat snacks. Don’t annoy the kids. Rajveer says how do you like the theme? I know you love old movies. Mausi ji says I love it. I know you both are made for each other. Harshdeep says everyone has to dance.

Music plays. Mausi and Badi bi dance. Harshdeep says this song is for Rajveer and Seher. Everyone takes them to the stage and say dance. Everyone claps for them. Seher is confused. Seher and Rajveer dance on pyar tou hona hi tha. A woman says there’s no chemistry between them. They don’t even wear their hands properly. Badi bi says she’s nervous like any normal girl. Rajveer says Seher, please. Seher leaves the stage. Rajveer says dida it’s happening because of you. Why did you not let us practice? We will rehearse and do it. He says I know you don’t want to dance but we have to act. They dance. He says if they don’t doubt us we can get more time to find Kunal. Seher smiles. Seher says play the music.

Seher and Rajveer dance on aik mein aur ek tu. Everyone claps.

Episode ends.

Rajveer tells Seher that he got a clue. He recalls when he had a fight, he saw a key. They find that key and it says “godown no. 15”. They reach that godown. Kunal sees Seher and tries to call her, but his voice doesn’t come out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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