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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update : Tiwari and Vibhuti get Whipped

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu come to talk Angoori. Angoori stops him and says to him don’t talk to me if someone sees us. Vibhu says I’m not scared and I made Saxena president, he doesn’t have guts to say me anything. A man with hinter come and stands behind Vibhuti. Vibhu says if someone come I’ll not spare him. Angoori says to Vibhu I already warned you. Vibhu dayd don’t worry I’m not scared of anyone. Man with hunter gives Vibhu cold look and Vibhu ask Angoori to go in I’ll talk to him. Vibhu does his shirt up and man start whipping Vibhuti. Pelu sitting neary by start playing beat on radio.

Anu in market looking for Rickshaw. Tiwari come and sees Anu says to himself about Saxena’s rule and goes to Anu and start talking. Anu says what are you doing did you forget the rule. Tiwari says you might be tiered give me these bag I’ll hold it for you. Anu says what are you doing this area is under surveillance go from here. Tiwari says I’m not scared. Man with whio come and sees them. Tiwari sees him and get scared. Anu says enjoy your time and leave. Man come forward to Tiwari and start beating him.

Vibhu in his bedroom with Anu. Anu fomentating Vibhu’s back. Vibhu says its paining a lot. Anu says you shouldn’t have done that. Vibhu says I was just talking to Bhabhiji.
Tiwari in his bedroom with Angoori. Angoori fomentating Tiwari’s back and says were did you talking to Anita or teasing her. Tiwari says how can you says like this, its only you who I love.
Malkhan and Tillu fomentating Teeka and he screaming in pain what are you doing its so hot. Tillu keeps ice on him he scream again. Teeka says please keep something in between something mild, I think I’ll die. Tillu says I warned you earlier but still you were talking to Rusa. Teeka says don’t bring Rusa in between. Malkhan says everything happen to you is because of Rusa. Teeka says Rusa did nothing its all because of Saxena.
Anu says this mean its all because of Saxena. Vibhu says if its a business meet then you will not talk to anyone. Anu says but this rule is not for business talk, this is for useless people of Kanpur. Vibhu says what are you trying to say that I’m useless.
Tiwari says I spent lot if money for Saxena but what he did for me. Angoori says quiet I think so that was an mistake.
Deepak on news channel giving report on new rule how everything has changed and eve-teasing case for bhabhiji on daily basis from 25-30 came to 5, and believe it can come to 0 too. Anu says never thought his rule with get success. Angoori says he should be appreciated for his work.
Deepak says morden colony was on top in eve-teasing cases and now things have changed because of our new president Saxena who have developed fear in everyone lets ask him about his olan of action and how is he feeling. Saxena says I’m very happy I thought some people will protest but that didn’t happen. Deepas asks Saxena don’t you think innocent people are also getting punished. Saxena says have you seen flour machine everything goes in it and comes out in powder form. Deepak asks Saxena sh will you implement new rules too. Saxena says yes.
Teeka says to Saxena if I get you one time I won’t spare you. Vibhu says I’ll break his teeth. Tiwari says you will suffer. Deepak says on news channel do this afterwards for now we will go to Commissioner and ask his openion with our reporter Swami.
Swami asks Commissioner about his openion on new law. Commissioner says this is good law and it will help to bring change. Swami says I saw scars of being whipped. Commissioner gets in car and run away.

Vibhu talking on phone with someone telling about Saxena’s new law and says need to do something about Saxena, will talk to Tiwari and make plan against Saxena. Vibhu sees Angoori cleaning rice. Vibhu jump from his house to go to Angoori and see a man near a pole totally covered, goes to him and says I recognised you and says I need to talk to Angoori its urgent. Man says if you talk I’ll whip you 10 times. Vibhu says don’t how will I talk to her. Man says I told you, you can talk but 10whip. A man come dressed like child. Vibhuti asks who are you. Man says I’m small, cute boy, you can talk to aunty through me there will be no problem. Man with whip also nods his head. Vibhu says to man come and ask aunty is her husband home. Man says to Angoori, Uncle is saying you arer stupid, when 100 stupid people died then you were born. Angoori gets angry shout on Vibhu and leave. Vibhu try to convince her but man with whio see him talking and then beats him.

Anu in market if my husband was employed I would have a car now but all he can do is keep fooling around and where are all the rickshaw of Kanpur. Tiwari riding in Pelus rickshaw, Tiwari sees Anu and ask Pelu to stop and says to him see bhabhiji is standing but according to new law I cannot talk to her, so you go to her and tell her my message, Tiwari has brought rickshaw for her. Pelu give slip saying you don’t count me as Man. A man standing near shop disguised as kid says to Tiwari I heard what you trying to do so if you want to send a message I’ll deliver it to her. Tiwari gets happy and says you are underage and why are you teeth yellow do you eat mud. Man says yes sometime. Tiwari says this wrong habit and listen Anita bhabhi is standing there give her my massage that I’m leaving this rickshaw for her and I’ll go by walking. Man shouts and says a poem to Anu and run away. Anu gets angry you are disgusting. Tiwari start talking to Anu says I’m sorry I meant something else. Man with hunter come and gives him cold look. Tiwari gets down of rickshaw and bends.

TMT come near tea stall. Teeka shouts in pain. Malkhan says I warned you earlier. Tillu says we need to control. Malkhan says Tillu is right we need to live according to new law. Teeka says you are right. Rusa come to tea stall. Tillu says why did Rusa came at this time. Teeka says now what she want we already got beaten up. Malkhan says don’t talk to her. Rusa greets TMT. Teeka gets up and gives beggar a coin and leaves. Malkhan also does the same. Tillu gets up but Rusa says to him hi. Tillu says to himself she is talking to me if I replied her today will be my chance to get whip. Rusa says you look smart today. Tillu sit again and a man disguised as kid also come and sit. Rusa says to Tillu why are you so silent talk to me are you angry from me. Man disguised as kid says to Rusa you are cute. Rusa says thank you you are cute too like that lolipop and look at him he is not talking to me. Man says why aren’t you talking to aunty. Tillu says to man because of new law I cannot talk to her. Man says tell me I’ll tell her everything will be fine your work will be done and mine too. Tillu asks what your work. Man says I need lollipop. Tillu gives him money and tells him to say that uncle love’s you a lot. Man shouts and says uncle is saying you are annoying and abusing you and saying you are cute but dumb. Tillu says what are you saying I never said you to all this. Man gets up says to Rusa he is abusing you and run. Rusa scolds Tillu. Tillu says to Rusa how can I say like this to you. Rusa gets angry and leave. Man with hunter standup and says she went but gifted you 10whip. Tillu bends in position.

TMT in there house. Malkhan fomentating Tillu. Tillu shouting in pain. Malkhan says no need worry you got skin of Rhino. Teeka pouring alcohol on Tillu back and tells him. Tillu says are you mad it wil pain more. Malkhan says I thought that we will have wine shop one day. Tillu says but he beating us with hunter.

Saxena on news give new order that all men will cover there faces from tomorrow.
All men at tea stall with faces covered. Vibhu and Tiwari teas others and other remove there veil

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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