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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 44 #proposed

Hello peeepies aagyi me

I wanted to write much more but my body betrayed me..

Ps : itne me itna hi milenga😂

I want to convey a msg of my dear riansh1212 urf manha ji .she is extremely sorry for not updating her Ff and she is unable to login in her TU account

Let’s start

Day after tomorrow (morning)

Scene 1

Vansh’s pov

I opened my eyes slowly as sun rays distrubed my sleep..

A small smile crept on my lips as i crancked my neck and saw the most beautiful lady in this universe was sleeping beside me like a baby

My life my riddhu was sleeping hugging me as if i will vanish if she will loose her hold ..

I kept admiring her feature untill

“Stop staring vanshu” she said opening her one eye..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

I snuggled more in his chest as he pulled me more on him..

After ages we slept all anger and sorrow vanished just by sleeping in his embrace..

“Vansh sorry” i said looking up at him..

“For what “, he said in confusion

“For hurting u ” i said looking down..

“Nobody is wrong here.. neither u nor i..we are doing what we feel is right..

Duniya me har chiz se lada ja skta hai riddhima siwaye bebasi or majburi ke ..” he said keeping his chin on my crown

“But i am happy we took angre’s words seriously and behaved like mature people rather than being jerk” i said and chuckled softly

He looked at me and we both went to down the memory lane

Pov ends

Flashback starts

One day ago

Riddhima’s pov

I was crying clutching bedsheet as vanshu didn’t come to meet me..

I shouldn’t have said that to him..

Suddenly the door opened and D’Souza came holding a letter in her hand

Passing me the letter she left without saying anything

My eyes brimmed with tears as soon as i read the letter

It stated

” Jaan..its high time to show up !! Meet me at terrace

Your vanshu”

I jumped in excitement and ran towards the terrace with the speed of 200km/sec

Reaching to the terrace my gaze fell on him..

Sitting near the edge of terrace with dark circles in his eyes..

“Vanshu ” i whisperd and jumped on me hugging me like a pillow

” I will die under you Mr khali raisinghania ” i said and he instantly left me

“Are u hurt riddhu!! ” He said with the most innocent face ever

He can’t see me hurt even a bit and i thought he will hurt me deliberately..silly me..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

“Sit Sweetheart” i gestured her and she sat keeping her head on my shoulder

Whatever i will do today i will become the most selfish creature of this universe but i am ready for being selfish for my sweetheart only

“We badly need to talk vanshu” she said and i kissed her crown

“That’s what i called u here for” i said taking her hand in mine

“N number of time i have hurted u..i am sorry jaan

The person who is crying in front u right now is not any VR ..he is vansh..your vansh ..

I don’t know whether u will trust me or not but u are not any commodity for me riddhima..

U are my oxygen..plz don’t think ever that i bought u..

I did that for sure but it’s not like what u feel..

My world is different riddhima..and i want u  to stay away from u are my only family.i don’t want u to lost in it just like i have losted..

Mene khud ko kho dia hai riddhima ab me tumhe nhi khona chahata ” i said and hugged her crying like a baby

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

Damn!! His tears..i will die in guilt here only..

“I am sorry vansh..but i was fed up with that game of hiding ..

Its suffocating me now ..

Plz say the truth..for me plz ” i begged hugging him more tightly

“I won’t..u will leave me after knowing it ” he said like a baby and clutched my kurta more

“I won’t..pakka wala promise say na vanshu” i said ruffling his hairs

” I know u won’t leave but I don’t trust your bappa

He always play with me ..

First insure me that u won’t leave then only i will say truth ” he whinned like a kid

I stayed mumed for few seconds then left his hand

Detaching myself from him i walked few steps away from him and then..

“Will u marry me vansh” i said getting down on my knees..

He looked at me with shock..

“Riddhu” he whispered and i nodded in yes with tears..

“Make me yours forever and then I won’t leave u ever ” i said and he hugged me close to his heart

” You are mine Mrs.raisinghania ” he said and showered feather kisses on my face..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

I was the happiest person right now..

She asked herself to be mine..

I promise jaan..your vansh will never let u go..

This will not be a marriage only..this will be your ticket to my golden cage..

I will reveal my whole world to u once u will be fine forever..

I don’t care then u will hate me or love me..

You will be mine..and i will keep u close to my heart forever

” So when u wanna be Mrs raisinghania ” i asked wiping her tears

“After one weak..i want to enjoy like we used to do in shimla..

Plz vansh..i want to live that moments again..will u give me that again

Will u become my vanshu again” she said with a pleading tone

” Your wish my command..” i said bowing down my head in front of her..

She tip toed and kissed my forehead and i lost my rest of sabar that moment

Crashing my rough lips on her sweet one i bited them till i tasted some blood

“Mine ” i whisperd and took her to my room in my arms..

I badly wanted to mark her mine as i was missing her badly..

But she looked pale..may be she kept crying till whole day..

Tucking her to bed i slept hugging her close to my heart

Flashback ends

Done done dana done ✅

Thoda boring tha i know !!

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