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Barrister Babu 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Chandrachur leaves for Chandan Nagar

Barrister Babu 1st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Laboni’s Haldi ceremony. Seeing Laboni, Bondita imagines her Haldi ceremony in which her whole family is present. Thakumaa tells Sumati to apply Haldi to her first. After that, Thakumaa applies haldi. Sampoorna says that she is from both girl and boy’s side, so she will apply double haldi. Everyone dances around her. Back to present, Kali Thakumaa tells Bondita to dance. Bondita dances while Anirudh smiles looking at her. Bondita goes near Anirudh and dances around him.

After Bondita’s dance, she falls on top of Anirudh. Anirudh applies haldi on her cheeks. He says that he’s starting afresh by mixing his love’s color in that haldi. She says, from today, she will make him all the colors of her life. She touches her cheeks on his cheeks and applies haldi. They both wish each other a happy Haldi. They hear Laboni crying and telling Kali that she doesn’t have any real brother and she made someone her brother who is not coming to her marriage. Who will pick up her Doli now? Who will do brother’s rituals? What will her in-laws say? Kali calls Anirudh and asks him to become Laboni’s brother. She ties a turban on his head. Kali tells Laboni that her in-laws don’t know who her brother is. Laboni says, she will talk to Pishi once more and tell her to bring her son. She leaves. Kali tells Anirudh that he will have to act of being Laboni’s brother. He nods yes. After Kali leaves, Bondita comes to him and says if he becomes Laboni’s brother, then it may create problem for them. They will have to try staying away from these people as much as they can. She prays that Laboni’s brother comes to the marriage.

Tupur is packing bags. Chandrachur grabs her hand and says they’re not going anywhere. Tupur says that Saasuma asked her to pack. Laboni has only 1 brother and if he doesn’t go, then… He tells her not to act smart. He knows that she’s sending him, so that he doesn’t search for Bondita. She asks him whether he doesn’t see anything besides Bondita. He shouts at her. She says that she is not saying this, Saasumaa did and that’s why she wants to send them to Chandan Nagar even for one day, otherwise she will tell everything to Thakumaa.

Phone rings at Laboni’s home. Bondita was going to pick up, but Laboni comes. It’s Chandrachur and he says that he’s coming to her marriage. Laboni expresses her happiness. Bondita hears and gets happy. Tupur also gets happy thinking Chandrachur will get busy in marriage and in the meantime, Anirudh and Bondita will get married. She will also try to win Chandrachur’s heart during Laboni’s marriage. Chandrachur tells Laboni that he will come, but Tupur won’t be able to as she’s sick. Tupur gets sad.

Sampoorna brings tea for Trilochan. He says that she didn’t tell him about Anirudh’s call. She says that she didn’t get any call. Binoy comes and says they did get call. They talked to him. Trilochan calls Bihari and sends Binoy away. He then tells Sampoorna that Binoy remembers his enmity even in this condition and she forgave people who are responsible for Binoy’s condition? He asks her to give him Anirudh and Bondita’s location and in return, he will give her anything that she wants. He asks what do you want? She says give permission to Anirudh to marry Bondita. Bring Bondita to this house as his daughter-in-law. Let them be together. He gets furious and says that will never happen. He warns her that he talked to her nicely till now, but he can go to any extent to bring truth out of her. She says that she will break, but she will not speak the truth. He can do whatever he wants.

Bondita applies color / paint on Laboni’s feet for ‘alta’ ritual. Someone calls Laboni and she leaves. Bondita is feeling very tired. She thinks Anirudh must be more tired. She falls asleep.

Anirudh comes there. He puts a stick in her ear and she wakes up. He makes her sit on a chair saying he also wants to do the ‘alta’ ritual. He asks her to forward her feet. She says, you can’t touch my feet. He pulls her leg himself and applies paint on her feet. She smiles. She says, it’s all looking like a dream to her, him being groom, her being bride, their marriage. He says the dream that’s going to come true tomorrow. She wishes that happens. She is feeling scared and hopes her dream doesn’t remain her dream. He tells her nothing like that will happen. They saw a dream together and it will come true tomorrow. They will get married tomorrow. Suddenly, Chandrachur comes there. Bondita sees him and gets very scared. Anirudh asks her what happened? Chandachur takes out his gun and fires a bullet at Anirudh. The whole thing turns out to be her imagination. She wakes up from her sleep and says, Sakha Babu.

Anirudh comes to her and asks what happened? She asks him that he’s okay, right? He says that he is fine and asks whether she saw any bad dream. She says, a very bad dream. She is scared of something happening to him. She hugs him saying she won’t be able to live without him. He says he can’t live without her either. He promises her that he won’t let her separate from him, never. She is little relived. Someone calls Bondita. She was about to go, but her saree’s pallu get stuck. Anirudh says that it’s clear that their destiny doesn’t want them to be separate from each other. She says that someone is calling, so she will have to go. He says that they can do a crime together. Then they will get handcuffed and no one will be able to separate them. Wherever she goes, he will go with her. She smiles. Rishta Tera Mera… plays.

Precap will be added later.

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