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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj creates a scene

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Balraj asks why did you send him. Ahana says calm down, I will talk to Rudra, we don’t want to lose Rudra to Prisha. Balraj says make him do that concert. He goes. Ahana says I will not let them unite, they will do what I make them do. Mishka asks what. Ahana says patience, my ultimate dream is to get Khurana empire on my name and Rudraksh on your name. Mishka smiles. Vasu asks Gopal to get medicines. Yuvraj comes and says I got to know Rudra took Prisha and Saransh home. Vasu thanks God. Yuvraj says this is Prisha’s house, she needs good care, who will care for you. Gopal says Rudra saved their lives, he took care of them. Yuvraj says you made me a servant, and gave Prisha to Rudraksh. Yuvraj says he cheated and married Prisha, he will not take care of Prisha, Prisha got shot in his house, I m shocked to hear this, you are Prisha’s parents, you should worry more for her.

Rudra takes Prisha and says you are feeling low, there would be some reason. Prisha says I m fine, I was acting. Rudra asks what. Prisha says you and Balraj were fighting, Sharda was worried, sorry. Rudra says you did right, sorry, I behaved such, I will leave this house. Prisha says its not a solution. Ahana says she is right. Yuvraj says Saransh would be traumatized, don’t know what is happening with Prisha, she should be here with us. Vasu says Yuvraj is right, I don’t want to lose Prisha and Saransh. Yuvraj smiles. Ahana says we will talk later, Saransh is here. Rudra asks Saransh to have chocolate milkshake. He says sorry for being so angry. Prisha looks on. Rudra says fine, I will drink it. Prisha says no, I will have it. Saransh takes the glass and drinks it. They hear Yuvraj and Vasu. Ahana says calm down, I will go and see. Mishka argues with Yuvraj and Vasu.

Vasu asks Mishka to call Prisha and Rudra. Mishka asks why shall I call him. Ahana comes and asks Mishka how can she talk like this. She greets Vasu. She asks Mishka to apologize. Yuvraj says for the first time, she said right. Ahana makes Mishka apologize. Mishka says I m sorry. Ahana takes Yuvraj and Vasu to the room. Vasu sees Prisha and Saransh happy with Rudra. She hugs Saransh. Yuvraj says Amma and Appa were so worried. Prisha says I didn’t have phone, sorry. Rudra says I called aunty, phone was out of network, so I sent the message. Vasu checks and says yes, I got the message, I didn’t save your number, I will save it. Rudra says its okay, I have humanity in me, how is uncle. Vasu says fine. Yuvraj says Prisha, pack your stuff, you are coming with us right away. Rudra says they won’t go anywhere, they will stay here. Yuvraj says so that Saransh gets kidnapped again and Prisha gets shot, will you get happy if she dies. Rudra says Prisha can go if she wants, but Saransh will stay here. Yuvraj says same trick again, this time its about life, Prisha and Saransh aren’t safe here. Prisha says Rudra and his family aren’t at fault, they are caring for us. Ahana thinks Prisha is clever to stay here. Yuvraj says you don’t need to worry for this man, we are there for you. Saransh says I want to stay with Rudra. Rudra says I won’t let you go. He asks Vasu to talk to Prisha, sorry for everything. He promises that no such thing will happen with them again. Vasu smiles. Prisha stops Yuvraj and says let them go, Saransh has to rest. Prisha asks them to go. Rudra and Saransh go. Rudra asks Ahana to come. Ahana and Sharda go. Prisha says Yuvraj you are worried for me and Saransh, but Saransh is very happy with Rudra. Vasu says we had come to take you, but Saransh looks happy.

Prisha says yes, Saransh got attached to Rudra. Yuvraj says you had to make Rudra away from Saransh. Prisha says Saransh’s happiness is imp for me, Rudra is giving him happiness. Vasu says Prisha is right, let him stay here, he wants to stay here. She asks Prisha not to worry and rest. Yuvraj thinks if Saransh stays forever, then you will also live here, I will beg on the roads, I m not so foolish, I will take Saransh with me. Prisha asks Saransh what is he thinking. He asks will Niketan come back. She says no, he is in jail, you are brave, don’t get afraid. She makes him sleep. Saransh wakes up and sees Niketan coming. He wakes up Prisha and says there was some shadow. They get shocked seeing Niketan. Niketan threatens them. He says you have exposed my secret. He shoots Prisha and catches Saransh. Saransh shouts no…. He shouts in the sleep. Prisha wakes up and asks him to open eyes. He wakes up and says Niketan was there, he shot you. Prisha says he is in jail, I m fine, see there is no one here, you have seen a bad dream. She makes him sleep. She thinks I wish he forgets this soon.

Prisha says Saransh would be sleeping with Rudra. She goes and sees Saransh. She stops Rudra from going to Saransh. She says I can’t do there. Rudra says you can’t go there, you can’t put the family at risk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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