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Second Chance (Part 10 Noor tells about Arjun to Roshnaq)

Hi everyone

Sorry for being late, I got some personal problems so I could not keep my word. Also I had kept the episodes short.

I hope that you all are fine and safe .

Lets start,

Precap : Noor and Arjun surprised when Anwar and family is not coming.

In Siddiqui house

Noor talking to Arjun

Noor : Who told you that Anwar is not coming??

Arjun : Bhai and to you ?

Noor : Appi

Arjun: How did they stopped?

Noor : I will call Appi and ask the reason and call you .

Arjun : Even i call Bhai

Noor happily cut the call and turned back and shocked to see Roshnaq standing behind

Roshnaq : what happened Noor? To whom you are talking that to in the morning itself??

Noor : Ammi it was best friend.

Roshnaq ; which friend?

Noor : leave it Ammi, tell me what happened? Do you want to say something.

Roshnaq : Yes Anwar’s Ammi called now and told that they are not coming today.

Noor  : ok Ammi

Roshnaq : I want to ask beta are you happy with this marriage??

Noor : Ammi why are you asking now?

Roshnaq : you know beta Abbu does everything without a second thought.In Zoya’s case also I cannot ask her opinion. and you know the rest of the things, this time I don’t want to repeat this in your case also .

Noor was very silent

Roshnaq : Tell me beta

Noor : Ammi frankly speaking  I am not happy with this marriage.

Roshnaq was surprised

Roshnaq : then why did you not said this before

Noor : Because of Abbu

Roshnaq : what is the reason

Noor was again silent

Roshnaq : tell beta

Noor closed her eyes and said : Because I love someone else

Noor : What ? who?

Noor : Ammi I will tell everything . He is my classmate, he is the son of famous business man his name is Arjun Hooda

Roshnaq gets shocked!!!

what will be Roshnaq’s reaction ? Will she stand with her husband or daughter? Does she have any connection with Hoodas

To know it




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