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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Pappu tries to patch up with Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Chanda tries to convince Pappu and says please eat. Arjun comes to meet Chanda. He says are you doing my work? She says yes. He says so Jogi signed any event? She says I can’t find news. Why would Jogi agree with us? He says become friends with them. Just do it. She says a good idea. Chanda tells the idea to Pappu. He says let’s do it.

Jogi says to Mahi why don’t you get it? money isn’t everything. I can’t take this money. Why do you become so ordinary with money? I am ashamed of this relationshoip and calling you my wife today. Mahi says the world runs with this money and we can’t run the world as per your rules. It’s better for all of us if you understand. He says I won’t understand. If you ever try to sell my talent or faith, I won’t ever sing again. Mahi says I am sorry. It’s not wrong to be practical. Don’t sell your faith but how would we run the house? Some organizers fund jagratas because they run their ads and make money out of them. Would you listen to bebe? Let’s ask her how much money is needed in the house. What would reduce their burden and repair LSD’s shed. Your Matarani is helping your mom.

Scene 2
Pappu asks Seema to invite Mahi to tiha. Shalu says I won’t let her come here. She insults you and her husband attacks my sindur. My sindur is my crown. I won’t let her come here. Renu says I know your emotions but enough fight. Shalu says I can’t forget what she did. Renu says it would be fun. Seema says Renu is right. Forget the past and move on. Seema hugs them both.

Scene 3
Mahi says to Rupa I am doing all this for this house not for myself. Rupa says Jogi doesn’t understand. Are you tired? It’s been a few weeks only. Mahi says he’s a lot more complicated than he looks. Rupa says marriages are complicated. Don’t try to change him. You have to be the wiser one.

Seema says can I come in? Pappu comes with her with gifts. Rupa says what’s all this? Biji says they are here for another drama. Rupa lets them come in. Pappu touches Rupa’s feet and says Mahi how are you? Mahi says what do you want? He says I came to apologize. Rupa says enough of your drama. He says Mahi came to us to end all the fight and I asked her to leave. She has a big heart. Mummy ji also wants us to patch up and forget the fights. It’s tiha tomorrow. The girls go to their mothers tomorrow. Mummy ji is at my place so we came to invite Mahi for tiha. Mahi says what? He says yes. Seema nods. Seema says you have to come. Mahi hugs her. They leave. Mahi says bebe I.. Rupa isn’t happy.

Scene 4
Arjun comes to Pappu’s place. He says is it done? Pappu says yes. Pappu says when we can attack directly why this?Arjun says I can kill them but I want them to suffer. Chanda says Arjun let’s go to my room. Shalu says to Pappu if I do Arjun’s work will you call me model ji again? He says maybe.

Rupa says you wanted to patch up with them? Mahi says I was tired of fighting and Jogi gets in trouble. Rupa says you don’t need to patch up with them for Jogi. I am here for him. Mahi says this fight will only damage Jogi. Rupa says I know they are your family but they shot Jogi. They are the same people. Mahi says we have to look to the future. If he keeps fighting what will he do next? Rupa says girls who keep forgetting the mistakes of their families never become of their in-laws. Mahi says tiha is a festival. Why are you stopping me? Jogi says not only bebe. I am stopping you. That’s a danger zone. No one from my house will go there. Can Pappu ever change? This must be his game. You can meet your family but not at Pappu’s house. You won’t go there.

Jogi makes smiley in Mahi’s food. Mahi says I am not hungry. He says it’s for me. He says it’s so tasty. Mahi says don’t try this with me. Mahi says don’t do this drama. He says I want to save you from trouble. Even if you get married. Mahi says you never use your brain just say your bebe does. He says our reasons are different. I want to save you. Mahi says I want this fight to end and focus on your career. I never knew Pappu would agree. I went to his place to end this fight. Going on tiha will make it all normal. He came to invite me today. Jogi says he’s planning something. I won’t let it affect you. No means no. Mahi is angry. Jogi comes to her. Mahi says let it be. He says I care for you. Like you did to get me out of jail. She says it was my resposibilty. He says you can go to tiha if it makes you happy. Mahi hugs him and says thank you. They eat together.

Scene 6
Jogi sings at the jagrata. Everyone enjoys it. A woman says your voice makes us so happy. It’s soulful. The jagrata ended. Mahi gives them parsad. Everyone keeps appreciating them and takes selfies with Jogi. Jogi says it feels so good. People are so happy. It all happened because of you. Mahi smiles. Mahi says I uploaded this video. See all the love you’re getting. Your time is coming close. He says our time.

Jogi makes Rupa eat sweets. He says people were so happy. Your DIL plans everything so well. Mahi isn’t wrong either. Let her go to tiha. Rupa says oh, she made you on her side? Rupa says we are all on one side. Rupa says there are two sides. One says Mahi should go and the other says she shouldn’t. Jogi says it’s okay. Let her go. Rupa says if you go, Pappu will do something to trap you. We have to stay distant from them. Jogi says I am their SIL. Rupa says the same people who shot you? Renu shot you and Mahi let her go. Then they sent you to jail. Jogi says Renu targeted me but Mahi got that bullet. Not everyone is evil in that house. Rupa claps and says wow. She says Mahi you did what you wanted. You made son and mom fight. Jogi says they are my in-laws. Rupa says what will you do if they do another drama? He says I will handle. Rupa says she can go to tiha but after that, there will be no place for her in my house. Rupa leaves in anger.

Jogi is worried. Mahi hugs him and says don’t worry. You stood with your wife. But it isn’t wrong. Bebe will understand. You’re right but so is she. She cares for us. He says I have an idea. You can go to your mummy’s place. But what if I bring her here? This house will become your mom’s. Mahi says I can’t live with these schemes all my life. I love my family. Mummy coming here isn’t enough. I will be happy if I go there. She says in her heart I need to find out why they planned to kill you.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi says bebe has agreed to send you to tiha. Mahi hugs him. Mahi says to Rupa I am going there with a plan and until I succeed I won’t come back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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