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RadhaKrishn 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Alakshmi Realizes True Love

RadhaKrishn 1st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna asks Alakshmi if she can sacrifice like Radha. Alakshmi stands silently. Krishna says she can never sacrifice as she just knows to gain and thinks gaining is actual win; Radha gained him forever for sacrificing him; she should drop her ego and selfishness for a second and think if she really own. Alakshmi leaves his hand. Lamp glows again, and Krishna returns to his normal self. Alakshmi asks Radha to return to her original form. Radha does and smiles at Alakshmi. Alakshmi gives Krishna’s hand in Radha’s hand and thanks them both teaching her the real meaning of love. She says she realized what love is by losing over Radha and she can never gain Krishna until she sacrifices him like Radha. Radha says she is happy that she realized the meaning of love. Alakshmi says she is indebt to her and promises that she will enter the house where there is no love and trust, she will gain Krishna only when he agrees to accept her and will meditate till then. Radha its a bit late, but she realized the real value of love, what is better than that. Alakshmi apologizes Krishna. Krishna says there is no need for that as she corrected her mistake and promises that there would be a time in the future where he will meet her. Alakshmi disappears.

Radha’s soul gets back into her. Radha opens her eyes and gets happy seeing lamp glowing and Krishna in front of her. Mahalakshmi appears. Balram with everyone present there chants Mahalakhsmi ki jai. Krishna tells Radha that she proved her words. Radha says she just knows to chant Krishna’s name. Balram says Radha and Krishna with their immense love cleared all the disasters and chants Radha Krishna ki jai. Devi Gauri says wherever Radha is remembered, there will be asthalakshmi’s presence and Alakshmi wont stay there. Krishna says Radha is great and all women are great who are mother, daughter, sister; their day starts with sunrise, but sun raises with usha, stays with astha, and sets with sandya; similarly a man is born via a mother, spends childhood with his sister, and then rest of his life with his wife and daughterl body needs soul, mind needs peace, illness needs health, and god needs devotees; a man is incomplete without woman, hence Gauri’s name is taken before Mahadev, Lakshmi before Narayan, and Radha before Krishna; heart cannot beat without pulse and man cannot live without a woman; he thanks the women of whole universe. Mahadev bends his head in front of Devi Gauri and Krishna bends in front of Radha.

Sam wanders around lake in anger. Lakshmana asks what is he doing here when the whole palace is sleeping. Sam says with Alakshmi’s presence, he thought he could defeat Krishna, but he failed. Lakshmana says he needs to find some way. He says he has to, but don’t know how.

Next morning, family sits for breakfast. Nishant he is mesmerized with the pleasant smell of food today. Radha says whole family will enjoy food together today. They all enjoy food. Balram says he feels they are having tasty food after a long time. Radha thinks everyone praised her food except Krishna. Balram asks Krishna to comment. Krishna says its absolutely tasty, he couldn’t speak after a peaceful sleep, now he wants to rest and let someone serve him, but since everyone are busy, he will manage himself. Radha angrily thinks its better if he doesn’t speak. After Krishna, Krishna walks to Radha and asks if she is angry on him. She says is acting as if he doesn’t know anything, she served him so well, why did he tell Dau that she couldn’t serve him. He says he wants more members in his family. She asks where did she fall short. He says no doubts she serves him well, but he wants someone to press her legs and fan for him; Radha cannot do that alone, so he wants new family members. She says she will do all his chores and goes to prepare dinner. Balram hears therm. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Krishna is in a jovial mood again. Mahadev says with inclusion of jokes, love is more colorful. Balram asks Krishna why he troubles Radha. Krishna asks him to just enjoy immense pleasure soon. Devi Gauri says there is happiness in Radha Krishna’s lives after a long time. Mahadev says there would be happiness after sorrows and vice versa, let us see what haappens in the future.

Sam meditates on 1 leg and calls Shukracharya. Shukracharya emerges and asks why did he call him. Alakshmi says even evil powers like Alakshmi couldn’t withstand in front of Radha and Krishna. Shukracharya says evil powers have dispersed and they can reunite them via ashwamedh yagna.

Precap: Mahadev tells Krishna that he has to perform ashwamedh yagna. Krishna says he can perform it only with Radha. Mahadev says only Narad can give solution to this problem and calls him.

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