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My dream and mera dream (Episode 12)

Hi all to my readers. Sorry for late upadates.  Due to There  are many coivd patients in my area. I can’t concentrate in ff. Now its fine one by one there are recover from coivd

So friends stay happy and stay safe. If possible in your nearby any covid patients. Make them happy shower your love to them. Only love can heal any  disease.

Pervious episode: we have seen Sam reasons for fear of tej and Mahi.Tej and Sam has found a solution.

Let’s go to episode

(In Canteen)

Shivani: you come and sit arivand always care about others you never spend a time with me.

Arivand: no yaar I was bit worried about them. Now only they started to love so as Senior in this. I thought of giving some tips.

Shivani: oh senior only I know you better. Your person in the world  who was so boring and unromantic man in the earth. Tej is better than you I shall ask him to teach you some romantic words to you.

By the time sam and Tej  Comes

Sam: what are you talking

love birds.

Arivand: Nothing much your sister in law I mean your current best friend is telling that Tej is better than me in romantic words you tell her Sam how romantic I am.

Sam: Bhai … I think shivani is right

Arivand : Bad sister its okay if you support your best friend means . my Tej will support me you tell man how romantic I am.

Tej: Arivand pls yar don’t be angry I too think shivani and Sam is right.

Arivand: you too Burtus .. Its okay I am one  man army I will defend myself ( doing puppy faces

Sam: oh my mera Bhai you look so cute when you do puppy faces. So Bhai tej is not so romantic as shivani say he will only surprise that too when I am angry.

Shivani: Sam alteast Tej is bringing smile on your face when you are angry at him. Usually  girls always like who bring smile on their faces in that bases your very lucky.

Sam: what lucky in that only dances that’s all.

Tej:Then what do you expect Sam. And what do you want??

Shivani : Yes I love to dance with my lover that too alone .. How romantic it will be.. Music only me and arivand surrounded with greenery background and while roses petals fall on me and Arivand ( she starts to go dream) shivani and Arivand dances for kanna veesi plays……..

After some time

Sam: shivani  shivani..

Shivani comes to reality and look at Arivand there is shy in her face..

Sam: you have gone to daydreams about my bhaiya right.

Shivani smiles and nods ( where she closed her face with her hands)

Sam: okay  let’s leave this matter here. Then my best friend will  continue her daydreams..

Shivani: shut up sam. You tell me what do you expect from tej.

Arivand & Tej: yes we too want know what do you want?


Sam: Nothing much a small proper Date

Shivani: that’s all  Date I was expected more from you I thought you ask something big.

It will be tough task for for tej.

Arivand and tej is talking about sam

Tej:  Arivand your sister really such a innocent girl I ever know. Already I have had planned a date for her. But here she is asking date that too proper date

Arivand: Tej she does not know anything she is just telling her wishes if you surprise I surely say she will be the happiest person.

Tej: I know I only wish she has to be happy in every single moment when she is with me. I promise arivand I will make her live like Queen.

Arivand: I know you tej and I trust you.

Shivani see them both talking

Shivani: I am seeing you both very long time what are you talking about..

Arivand: about Tej and Sam date

Suddenly sam : date what date bhaiya..

Tej and Arivand signal shivani to say something.

Shivani: kuchi nayi Tej has planned a   surprise date for me and your bhaiya I have caught them while talking ..

Sam: Tej where you planned their date.

Tej: Ah … nervously sam … sam restaurant

Sam: what type of restaurant that too with my name I have never  heard about it..

Tej thinks what are you talking

Arivand: Tej don’t be nervous I will tell her.

Sam: Anybody tell me

Arivand: I will tell you actually tej has planned a surprise date for us. But after hearing your wish that too proper date. I have told tej that let it be double date. You and tej I and shivani. We thought it will be surprise but shivani spoiled everything.

Shivani pinches Arivand friendly.

Sam jumps in joy

Sam: is it true?

Tej: yes with a smile.

Sam hugs tej happily and tells I will go and get ready. shivani you too come  let’s get ready for our  date.

Arivand : sorry tej you have planned only for you and Sam but…

Tej: its okay Arivand. It will be double happiness for our love.

Arivand: you are really true friend man…

Episode ends with Tej and Arivand happy faces…












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