The episode starts with a BMW car arriving at the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Ahmedabad. Two people step out from the car. Everyone looks at them and smiles. One of them is  Rohan and the other is Siddharth.

Siddharth: Finally, we r back again.

Rohan: Yeah and one year left for us.

Siddharth: yes bro and lets go and meet our friends.

Rohan: Before that lets go to our respective dorms man.

Siddharth: ok chalo.

The walk to block no 31 and enter into their rooms. They arrange everything properly and lie on their bed.

After sometime both of them come to meet their friends in cafeteria.

Rohan: hey dudes how do u do?

Shailesh: Hey bro u came we were waiting for u.

Neeta: yeah and where is Sid?

Rohan: o my god she just bothers about her BF only but not her best friend.

Neeta: its not like that I just asked.

Everyone makes fun of her

Rihaan: Arey we forgot to do one thing..

And they all hug together.

Priya: So how was ur days with ur family.

Rohan: O I really enjoyed it. And what abt u.

Maya: Same thing with us.

Then Siddharth enters.

Neeta goes and hugs him and everyone teases them.

Siddharth: What is there to tease?

Karan: Nothing Sid.

Rohan: So the love birds r together once again….

And everyone laughs.

Rohan: By the way our classmates have come know.

Rihaan: yeah and this year the new batch of PGP Executives will start.

Sid: So there r new charming girls.

Hearing this Neeta makes a face at him.

Sid: o baba I was just joking..

Neeta: ok

Maya: But we all want one thing from u Rohan.

Rohan: What?

Priya: U must find a lover before u leave the campus..

Rohan: That wont happen ever.

Sid: Why not?

Rohan: I am not interested, that is why.

Sid: Becoz of ur first breakup na?

Rohan became silent.

Shailesh: U just leave it and move on with another bro.

Rohan: U guys plz give me sometime.

Priya: we have given more time to u know

Rohan: Ok now plz stop this and its becoming dark lets go.

Sid: u cant escape that easily ok.

But Rohan says nothing. And they all leave the cafeteria and reaches their dorms. The boys gather in Rihaan’s room and talk abt their holidays till late night and after sometime they all leave from his room wishing good bye to each other and enter their respective rooms.

Rohan lay down on bed and recalls his friends conversation but sooner he went to sleep.

Precap: The college gets filled with many students next morning. Rohan hurriedly walks to the auditorium and suddenly a girl bumps into him. He holds her in his arm when she was going to fall. They have an eye look.

Hey dudes I know the starting is boring but don’t worry the interesting episodes r going to come so  wait and see and if u have ay doubts with characters see the characters intro episode ok so bye and plz do comment….

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