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The Twisted game of Destiny- College day 2 ep. 32 IMMJ2 Fanfic

College day 2

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Episode starts

Vansh cuddled up with them and soon they both drifted off to sleep leaving Vansh in deep thoughts. He wanted to find out who did this to him, he wasn’t going to spare the person who did this to his wife and his kids. He had rage inside him, the eagerness to know who dared to mess with him. In those thoughts he soon drifted off to sleep waiting for the next day to rise. Sejal looked in their room from the window and smiled looking at the trio sleeping together.

Next day in the morning, the twins woke. They had a peaceful sleep after years, that too in the arms of their father. They woke up to see Vansh missing. They stared at each other in a questioning look and got up to head for their mother’s room. As they had expected, he was there with Riddhima. He was taking care of her, he sat down beside her and took her hands in his.

Vansh: Riddhima please wake up! Sweetheart (sad) do you know how much I missed you? Now finally when you’re here with me, you’re sleeping, not even talking to me. Our kids need you….they’ve stayed without you for 9 years, and me 18! I wonder how you must have handled everything, your delivery, taking care of two children at once. I wish I was there with you (anger) I swear upon you Riddhima, I won’t let that person escape who separated us, who harmed you three!  Please wake up! (caressing her head)

Rivan: (entering with Riva) Morning dad!! How’s mom?

Riva: Morning!! How’s she doing?

Vansh: Morning!! (smiling) There isn’t any improvement.

Rivan: Mom! Come on now, wake up! Look all four of us are together now!! Our happy family

Riva: She won’t listen to you Riv! She’s ziddhima. She’ll listen to her princess! (smiling) Mom wake up!!

All three of them spent some time together, narrating all the events to her and after some time, called dadi to the room while they freshened up and met for a talk. They met in the study where Angre, Vansh and the twins settled down.

Vansh: Okay, so you both wanted to know our past and everything right?

Riva: Yea, we want to decode everything from the beginning and as well as know your love story (she winked) If there was so much hatred between the families then how did you guys fall in love?

Rivan: hatred?

Riva: Idiot, didn’t you see how Aryan and Kabir mamu were so angry on dad, and all their fights.

Rivan: Oh yea

Riva: Dad start! (ready and crossed her legs)

Vansh: You’re so cute!! (smiled at her antics) Okay so….


(I’m not repeating the first time meet-hope you all remember, but he told them everything)

After the fiasco that happened in the class with her brothers and that Mr Interesting guy, Riddhima was upset. But she decided to let it go and start afresh like she always did, hoping someday she would be able to live a simple life she always wanted. She went back to her class and sat where she was before.  She ignored Vansh and continued with her studies, but on the other Vansh was having mixed feelings. He never thought the girl whom he fell for instantly was Manav Raichands daughter, their business rivals. He was trying to hate her, but her beauty had truly trapped him.

A day after their meet

Their batch was working in the lab, trying to test something. Riddhima was working on a counter while Vansh entered the lab. The lab technician advised him to go beside Riddhima’s counter and having no other choice he went there. She saw how focused Riddhima was in her task that she didn’t even bother looking who came beside her. Vansh started working too and realized he lacked some of the equipment. So he decided to ask Riddhima for them.

Vansh: Ms Hot head! (no response) Ms Arrogant! (no response) Ms Riddhima Raichand!!

Riddhima: (turned and looked) Yea What!!

Vansh: I want the test tube and the tongs!

Riddhima: Are you ordering me?

Vansh: Can you not give it to me without starting an argument?

Riddhima: Can you not order around?

Vansh: Can you not just pass it to me?

Riddhima: Can you not ask for it politely?

Vansh: Can you not present all your tantrums in front of me?

Riddhima: Can you not just say “please”?

Lab tech: Can you both not fight? (interfering in anger)

Riansh together: He/she started it! (they looked at each other)

Riddhima: what’s your problem? Sir he wanted the equipment, okay I wouldn’t even have said anything if he asked for them politely, by just adding a please!

LT (lab tech): Vansh what’s this?

Vansh: Sir I just wanted the equipment, nothing wrong in that right! Instead of just handing over them to me, she started arguing.

They went closer to each other and started fighting again, and this time both their hands hit the test tube and it fell down on the floor, shattering into pieces. The LT got really pissed at this while they both looked at each other in anger.

LT: Just because your fathers are rich men, doesn’t mean that you go around destroying things. (yelled) If this is just your second day then I wonder how you will bear each other for the rest of the years. You both fight at such petty stuff! (to the rest) All of you go out now!!

Everyone followed his instructions obediently and Vansh and Riddhima glared at each other and were about to leave when the Lab tech stopped them.

LT: Where do you think you both are going?

Vansh: Outside, you told us!

Riddhima: Exactly sir

LT: The rest not you! You’ll get your punishment now!

Riansh: What!! But

LT: Shut up! Now you can fight as much as you want! (he went outside the lab and locked the doors) Enjoy as much as you want inside! (left)

Vansh: sir!! (knocking on the door for it to open)

Riddhima: Sir please open!!

They both gave angry glares at each other and cursed themselves for talking to each other.

Riddhima: This is all because of you!!

Vansh: Oh hello, Ms Hot head, no it isn’t. If you would have silently given me what I wanted then nothing of this sort would have happened.

Riddhima: (shouting) Uhh!!

Flashback ends

Rivan: God, you both used to fight like cats and dogs! Mom and Ms hot head? (laughing)

Angre: worse than that!!

Riva: Just the second day, and all that happened!! (laughing) What must have happened ahead!!

Vansh: I’m telling you, I wished I got that teacher in my hands, I wouldn’t have spared him at all!

Rivan: Then what happened?

Vansh: Then….


The past continues

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