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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 38

Chapter : 38…”As you sow, so you shall reap”….

Scene 1:

Van:Riddhima I have an emergency meeting in Mumbai, so I have to go there immediately.

Rid:But our plan?

Van:Vikram is there na. I know you and Vikram can do it.

Rid:Ok, come fast after your meeting ends.

Angre and Vansh left for the meeting.

Kab:So we have to follow Nikhil now.

Rid:I have sent Aryan for following him. I thought to kill him at evening time so that no one saw us.

Vik:Yes, you are right.

Rid:I want to show you all with a person come with me in the terrace.

When they reached there, they were shocked.

Kab:Riddhima kill him. Now only.

Vik:What he is doing here?

Arj:Riddhima say something.

Rid:He is Raghav’s P.A, Armaan. He is in our team. He only gives us all the information about Raghav.


Arm:Yes, Riddhima knows me before coming to Kolkata. I gave all the information about him to her.

Vik:If he double cross us?

Arm:I am betrayaing him, not you. I want his end. So I am in your team. You can believe me.

Arj:As you sow, so you shall reap.

Rid:This will happen for Raghav. He with his men betrayed my father now he will face the consequences.

Riddhima gives an evil smirk.

Scene 2:

Vik:He is in a mall.

Rid:Ok I am coming.

She drives as fast she could and reaches there.

Vik:Go and kill him in nick time. I am guard at the gate.

Vikram leaves.

Riddhima was following him. He was talking with someone in his phone.

Suddenly a voice came and both Riddhima and Nikhil turns.

Van:Hello CBI Officer Mrs. Riddhima, I am back.

Vansh was running towards Riddhima. Riddhima turns her head to see that Nikhil saw them and also heard them.

Nik:You two!!

Vansh also saw him and got shocked. Now he is gone. Riddhima will not spare him.

Nik:You are a officer. You betaryed us. Wait I will say them. You two will be finished totally.

Both of them are scared.

Nikhil starts to run on other side, Riddhima follows him.

She took out her gun and shots in his legs.

He fell down immediately.

Riddhima goes near him with an evil smile.

(Vansh’s evil bgm plays )

Rid:You will say about me to everyone? Say now. I hope you know me very well. You also know about my father. How you killed him. It’s an avenge. I killed Raj. Now you and then Neel and Raghav. No one can escape from my clutches. Good bye.

She shots on his head directly and he took his last breath.

Rid:Get ready Neel…!!!

Scene 3:

Rag:Dammit!! How are they dying one by one!! I know very well that Riddhima is behind all this.

Arm:Now our next move?

Rag:Now it’s time for confrontation.

Raghav leaves.

Flashback shows how Armaan change Riddhima’s and Vansh’s photo while giving it to Raghav. Another flashback shows Armaan talking with Riddhima in a forest.

Arm:You will not go to confront with her but to end your life in her hand. I still remember how you molest my wife. What do you think I don’t about that!! Now you will get your punishment. Riddhima is the Maa Durga who will remove all evil sights and you are the Mahisasur, the evil.

Precap:Past Unfolds. 

I notice that the comments has decreased. I can understand that the track is boring but no worries a twist is coming soon which will shake you totally🤭🤭🤗🤗. Please do comment specially silent readers. Sorry for the short update. ❤❤.

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