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Hi everyone!! Back again sabki expectations girane 😛 

Riddhima took a look of the whole room.  It was a normal guest room. But it was now hers, for how many days, even she didn’t know. Riddhima was lost in her thoughts in her bed.
Riddhima (thinking): I expected this from Dad. But mumma? Even she neglected for not being their own blood? How can she do this. The world had become cruel for me now. Vansh’s parents trust him so much. And mine? Just in sight of a picture neglected me?
She fell asleep with a tear making way from her eyes. She woke up in mid night to drink water. There was non so she went downstairs with a jug in her hand. The lights of kitchen were on.
Riddhima: Who will be in the kitchen at night?
Riddhima peeks and saw Angre, Ishani and Siya. Riddhima stands at the door.
Ishani: This is ready. Siya, make sure nothing happens till when we are back tomorrow. Ok?
Siya: Sure.
Angre: Done.
Ishani hugs Angre.
Ishani: Thank you so much. Love you!!!!
Angre gets back.
Angre: What!?
Siya: Nothing ji…. I mean she just said it in flow.
Angre: ok. I am going to sleep.
Next morning
Riddhima wakes up and after bathing, she directly reached downstairs. She prayed to God with Dadi and got ready for college. Vansh also reached and everyone started having seats for their breakfast. Riddhima came and was standing like a statue looking at the table. Uma came to her.
Uma: What happened beta?
Riddhima: Nothing, I was just thinking. Where would I have gone if you would have not taken me here.
Uma: You think the circumstances which are not even present. Live the moment. Come sit. You will be late for College.
All of them have breakfast and leave for their respective place. Vansh and Riddhima went in the same car.
Vansh: You are comfortable, right?
Riddhima: Why?
Vansh: I was thinking if you are ok living here or not.
Riddhima (laughs a little): Vansh, I am fine. No need to worry.
Both reach the college and enter together. Everyone was staring at laughing at Riddhima.
Riddhima (thinking): Why are they all looking at me? Did they….. No no. This can’t happen. If this does there will be no way of mine studying peacefully.
Riddhima enters the class and sees big posters of the picture on the board. Riddhima Wass hocked to see them. Ragini and others were laughing at her.
Ragini: What happened, my dear sanskari girl? Awww. Threw out by your family? (Laughing) You are soo sympathetic.
Riddhima: I don’t care what the hell you think or say.
Ragini: Yes… Why not. We all think that Vansh had great night with you. And you, thought it’s love (laughs) you sold yourself to him.
Riddhima gives a tight slap to Ragini. Everyone who was laughing stopped.
Riddhima: Just shut your mouth. If you can’t speak good you can’t speak bad also. And dare you raise finger on my character and self respect. First gather some emotions for yourself. You love the money. Not the person. And if even I get restricted. I have no problem. At least I will not hear your ugly talks.
Vansh enters the class and tears the posters and sits near Riddhima.
Riddhima (whispers): Did I really said too much?
Vansh(whispers): No. It was perfect. You did well.
Riddhima (whispers): Thanks.
Vansh(whispers): Why are we whispering?
Riddhima: Uhm. What? I was… Leave. Focus on the class.
Precap- This is so beautiful!!

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