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Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Simar asking Reema and Simar 2 about Devesh. Simar 2 struggles thinking what to say. Devesh says hi and says he is a photographer and came for the photo shoot. Avinash says we didn’t call anyone and asks Indu if Gagan called any photographer. Indu says no. Devesh says he is from groom’s side. Simar asks really, I am from groom’s side and we didn’t call him. Reema gets tensed and tells Simar that Vivaan has sent him and told that everything shall be memorable in wedding. Simar is surprised and says he didn’t tell me anything. Devesh greets them and leaves. Simar thinks where did I see him?

Simar looks at Reema and Simar 2 and then recalls seeing him with Reema outside the car. Devesh goes out. Chitra comes there in car and asks if the work is done. Devesh says almost, but many things have to be done. He shows Reema’s sign on the contest form. He asks about Simar who was there and says she was smart. Chitra says she will punish her that her soul will shaken up, says next number is of Simar.

Indu thanks Sandhya for the gifts and says you have brought many things. Sandhya says it is nothing, just send your daughter to our house. Simar asks them not to be late and tells that they will leave now. She asks Reema if she thought about the photo shoot and says pre and post wedding shoot is in trend and that’s why did you think of any theme? Reema says I didn’t think till now. Simar asks why are you worrying? She says I will ask Vivaan who had sent the photographer, might have thought of the theme too. They leave. Simar 2 takes Reema to side and says today we were trapped badly. Reema says even I was scared. She asks her to do her work and says I am sure that you will do. She asks her to go and apologize to Vivaan on her behalf. Simar 2 asks what happened? Reema says branch manager, about whom I had told you and says he is none other than Vivaan. Simar 2 is shocked and asks if Ad campaign manager. Reema says yes. She says it will be very embarassing for me as I have to go there after marriage. She asks her to go there and apologize to him and says he will forgive me. She asks him to inform about their lie. Simar 2 asks if he knows about the photo shoot and refuses to do. Reema asks her to handle this time and says she will not ask her for anything again. Simar 2 asks promise? Reema says yes.

Badi Maa talks to someone about hiring a photographer and says he should be good. Gupta ji comes there and tells that he wants to talk to her. Badi Maa asks him to sit and asks if he wants to have tea or coffee. He says Chitra and Raj have come to my house for Vivaan’s alliance. Badi Maa says even leaf don’t move without my consent in my house. She gives him tea. Gupta ji says he is assured that his daughter will be happy here, but don’t call my daughter as choti bahu. He says don’t differentiate between Aarav and Vivaan’s wife. Badi maa says we will follow our customs, nobody can dictate us what to do. She says choti bahu has to respect badi bahu. She asks Gupta ji to have tea and excuses herself for the meeting. Gupta ji says my daughter can’t be choti bahu and thinks to see until when she stands with her head high. He calls Chitra. Chitra asks how are you? Gupta ji says it happened as we thought and asks her to ruin Reema’s life, tells that he will not let Badi Maa hide her face. Chitra says Badi Maa didn’t know that the badi bahu is coming with the black potli and asks him to make arrangements for the marriage, says she will bring Kajal as the Rajkumari and not choti bahu. He says ok.

Simar tells Sandhya that Aarav is looking like Rajkumar. They go from there. Vivaan thinks of Chitra’s words. Simar comes to Vivaan and asks if you have sent some photographer to Reema’s house. Aarav comes there and asks why did they decorate all this? Vivaan says this is Aditi’s idea. Aarav says what was the need to do all this, it was a simple rasam. Aditi says let them come, I will color them and tells that she is waiting for Narayan to come. Vivaan says I am with you and will show them what Oswal family is. They go from there. Shobha comes there with her younger son and asks if anyone is here to welcome us. Chitra comes there and says you are not stranger, you shall stand with me. She sends the younger brother of Lalit to talk to Vivaan and Aarav. She asks about Lalit and jija ji. Shobha says Lalit is busy and can’t attend the marriage. Chitra says Raj is sent to Ahmedabad factory to handle it, as the fire was caught there. She says elder grand son’s marriage is happening and his chachu is not valued. She asks her to see Sandhya is coming there and asks her to hug her, and asks shall I call pesticide. Shobha says even your intentions are not good, something is going on in your mind. Chitra and Shobha laugh. Sandhya greets Shobha and goes. Shobha plans to insult Simar and kick her out. Chitra says both Simar and Ms. India will go.

Reema talks to Manager of the Ms. India contest and he welcomes her for the contest and says I hope you win the Ms. India crown. Reema thanks him.

Precap: Vivaan lifts Simar 2 and throws her in the swimming pool. Aarav jumps in to save her and holds her hand. Simar 2 and Aarav look at each other. Later Simar 2’s slipper breaks and she falls in Aarav’s embrace in the room. Mahiya plays….Both have an eye lock. Reema gets angry on Simar and slaps her, asks her to let her marriage happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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