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Santoshi Maa 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update – Manoj confesses him crime while Lovely takes care of child.

Santoshi Maa 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with watching child’s mother unconscious Swati expresses her concern to Mata while she gives to Swati a paste which she had brought to apply on her which might make her stable & Mata also uses her powers to heal her body.
Manoj comes running to blame Indresh as well as Swati showing gun to them & warning that you shouldn’t touch my wife but Indresh is trying to calm him.
Manoj runs towards the staff who has held his son to warn of shooting him but the staff instead is warning him of shooting his son. Mata tells Swati & Indresh to stop him while she’ll look after child’s mother.
Indresh comes to stop Manoj but instead Manoj is blaming him saying that all this has done by you both & holds Swati on gun point warning that I’ll kill her if he isn’t allowed to leave with his family from here. Indresh tries to calm him & all others are also shouting him but Mata uses her powers to drop his gun hence Indresh holds him & keeps slapping for touching Swati instead trying to release his child.
The staff on the other hand is shouting them to stop all the drama & arrange for his release from here or will kill the child while Mata again uses her powers to push the child away from him near the end of the swimming pool where Swati sees & goes to pick the child but the staff realizes & warns her but Indresh sees the gun fallen of Manoj & he picks it to warn the staff to drop the gun but he isn’t while trying to shoot towards the child but Indresh shoots him on his hand which injures him.
The child is saved while the staff is arrested by police who arrive there. Mata Santoshi explains him that see you were blaming Swati but she saved your child hence due to your mistake your family had suffered the pains & punishment so to accept your crime & disclose the truth or you won’t get any second chance to repent.
Manoj discloses all the truth telling them about the earlier incidence of two years back when he had come here booking a room for bank robbery & had hidden the booty in resort.
The owner’s wife saw Manoj’s purse fallen down noticing the id card of driving license & enquired about his name but he had registered wrong name thereby creating doubt about him. The owner’s wife tried to inform this to her husband but he was so drunk that she tried to call police & Manoj he killed her. Samiksha slaps him for killing her mother.
Manoj says that again Bunny saw him hence he had to kill him too & Honey also abused him for killing his brother while the owner calms him.
Devi Polomi comes to stop Manoj from getting positive but Dev Rishi comes in front of her to stop her intimating that your negativity has been washed out from this place hence to leave while Mata also steers her & she leaves.
The injured staff asks Manoj that when you killed both of them for crores of money looted then why they were trying to steal only 15 to 20 lacs. Manoj tells them that the hidden money which was under the temple of Mata Santoshi which isn’t there now. Police inspector takes Manoj & the staff in police station to put them in jail.
Swati asks Mata that the child is left alone without her parent’s so what to do about it but Mata says that who has held the child in her hands is safe now hence presently Lovely can take care of her because both need each other at this time.
Swati along with Indresh praises Mata Santoshi & Dev Rishi for coming & helping them or this wouldn’t had happened while the owner also praises Mata Santoshi hailing her name.
Mata instead praises Swati for taking the initiative of helping people here which was appreciable & only because of her she came here to support her good cause due to Mata’s blessings it seems. Swati prays Mata Santoshi.

Precap: Devi Polomi plans to bring disturbance between relations of Swati & Indresh using Samiksha as her target & she also says that now Swati will be punished by her own father in law. Singhasan receives a call from hospital getting information of Swati’s DNA reports being arrived.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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