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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Family Supports Gehna In Completing Her Embroidery Order

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Gehna prepares food thinking that bhabhis and Baa have started embroidery work on gowns, even she should join them soon. She prays Kanhaji for help. Paresh with other male members enters and says tathasthu. Gehna asks what are they doing here. Praful says while women do embroidery work, they will cook. Pankaj asks what shall they do. Gehna gives them menu and asks to bring utensils. They discuss that they will add biryani masala in sabji and will add honey in it. Gehna says they can’t add that. Paresh says let Gehna prepare food, they will give her grocery and utensils. They mess up kitchen. Gehna scolds them and slips on tomato. They hold her, and she scolds them again that they increased her work, so they should leave. Bapuji acts as scolding her and then smiles and walks away with everyone. After finishing lunch, Gehna says she will go and start embroidery work now. Baa says they will join her soon. Hiral says Gehna took up order in excitement, how will she finish such a big order in 5 days. Anant says when whole family will help, Gehna will complete her order for sure.

Gehna checks embroidery designs online. Kanak helps her select one. Others join, and Tia praises design. Gehna thanks Kanak and starts work. Hema thinks since when Kanak became heroine from villain. Gehhna teaches embroidery to Tia and seeing Hema trying to spoil work stops her. Baa backs Gehna and asks Hema to just give them materials needed for embroidery. Sagar walks in blabbering even he will help and clashes with Gehna. Hema drops things down. Chetan asks her to clean it soon or else cloth will spoil. Kanak praises Gehna’s embroidery skills. Hema gets jealous seeing family praising Gehna, takes dress material in and tires to burn it. Kanak slaps her and warns to dare not burn such a costly material. Hema asks why is she helping Gehna, now she can experience how it feels when devrani is praised in front of jethani. Kanak suggests her to grow her hatred immensely and at the right time explode it on Gehna; says always their plan fails due to wrong timing, but this time they will defeat Gehna at the right time. Hema asks when will their time come. Kanak says soon.

Gehna finishes embroidery of a few dresses and shows it to Baa. Baa praises her followed by others. Gehna picks leftover cloth pieces. Anant asks why is she picking them. Gehna says she can make many things out of it and seeing its already 1 a.m. asks everyone to go and rest now as they need to work again in the morning. Bapuji asks if she needs tea or coffee, Paresh will prepare it for her. Anant stays back to help Gehna. Gehna searches scissors. Anant searches it for her and offers her. She shyingly asks to keep it down or else anyone will think he is threatening her; in their village, they don’t take scissors from others or else they will start fighting. He keeps it down. A thread gets stuck in his pant, and she cuts it down. Their drama continues, and they get a bit romantic. Tia and Paresh walk in and seeing their romance walks out. They get back to work. In the morning, family gets back to work and finish much more work. Gehna gets emotional remembering her mother’s gifted dupatta and says her house is broken and that dupatta must have been lost, she describes that her mother told to pass on the dupatta to her daughter and then next generation girls, and hopes that dupatta was with her. Tia cheers her up with Tara Rara Ram Tara Rampam..song. Hiral and Baa join her. Family continues helping her till late night. Gehna sees Anant sweating and wipes his sweat with her dupatta. Power goes off. Pankaj asks how will they work without light.

Precap: Police arrests Gehna. Kanak gets happy seeing that.

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