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Roommates with the CEO (episode-16)

Hello everyone,

Sorry as I said, I didn’t post yesterday but I had a reason. While I was reading, I found one comment very interesting. In that, they told….. They are sure about reunion of riansh in final. So, let me make you clear…….. I always don’t make the things which you expected. I have a surprise 😈😈😈

The episode starts with………

After riddhima left the cabin, vansh made some calls and he left to USA.

Hours passed……..

Everyone was still working in the office. One of the girls said….

Girl :- The most eligible bacholer mr.vansh raisinghania is passionately kissing his fiance ragini Varma.

Ahana :- what the hell are you taking?

Girl :- I am just reading the news which is getting viral on social media.

Ahana :- what?

Another girl :- yes! Look at this pic.

Ahana was shocked………

Riddhima was controlling her tears.

All members in the office start gossiping about it.

Riddhima get more hurt after listening to their words, she can’t take it more. She came to her breaking point.

Riddhima :- enough!!!! (Full of anger)

Everyone is shocked and confused because of her sudden change of behaviour. At same time, ishani came to there.

Ishani :- what’s going on? Riddhima what happened?

Riddhima :- sorry madam! I am not feeling well. So…….

Ishani :- it’s fine. Go and take rest.

Riddhima left from their without taking her stuff.


Riddhima :- vaaansh!!!!! How can you? I trusted you very much but what you had done. I can’t believe…………

She took the cushion and threw it away.

Riddhima :- you cheated me. How can you with that stupid………. Aaaaaaah!!!!

Her door bell rings…..

Riddhima opened the door.

Riddhima :- Kabir!!!!

Kabir :- you left your stuff at the office. So, I came here to give it back.

Riddhima :- thank you!

Kabir :- if you don’t mind, can I come in.

Riddhima :- sorry, please come.

Kabir :- riddhima, I have something important to say.

Riddhima :- Kabir! I am not in mood to talk.

Kabir :- I love you.

Riddhima was shocked.

Kabir :- from the day when I saw you, I fall in love with you. But, I never dare to say you.

Riddhima :- but Kabir!!!!!

Kabir :- let me finish! I don’t know how to confess my feelings to you. I always tried to make you realize with my actions but you always treated me as your friend. I decided to confess my feelings on the trip but I found out that you and vansh are in love.

I always want to see you happy, if you are happy with him, I don’t want to ruin it. I know it will be hard but I really love you, I always want your happiness nothing else. that’s why I didn’t tell you about my feelings.

Riddhima :- then why are you saying all these know?

Kabir :- because……… After this incident, I realize, he is not loving you truly. He is just playing with your feelings. Like these person, you can’t be happy forever. So, accept my love. We both can start a new happy life.

Riddhima was about to say something but he cut her off.

Kabir :- I know it’s hard for you but think twice and take wise decision. I will be going to wait for your answer. I am leaving for now but please tell me tomorrow, what ever it is, I will accept.

He left from there.

Next morning………


Ishani :- i have something important to announce. Riddhima and Kabir you both are fired.

Everyone was shell shocked except Kabir.

Riddhima :- what? But why?

Ishani :- go and meet mr.vansh in his cabin.

Ahana :- but, mr.vansh……..

Ishani :- he had returned this morning.

Riddhima and Kabir went to vansh.

Riddhima :- can I know the reason why you fired us.

Vansh :- of course ms.riddhima!

You and your friend, sorry! Sorry! Your boyfriend had leaked the project details to another company, due to this reasons, we fired you.

Riddhima :- what?

Vansh :- don’t act so innocently! Just be glad that I am not sending you jail. I have trusted you a lot but you!!!!! You cheated me!!!!!!! With your……

Riddhima :- shut up!!!!!! Just cut the crap! I will make it clear, we are not the one who leaked the information. Got it!!!! Firstly, he is my friend or boyfriend, it’s non for your concern. Secondly, you are the one who cheated me.

Let me remind you……. You are the one, who cheated on me. I saw the news yesterday. So, don’t push all blame on me.

Vansh :- I had known that Kabir is the one who leaked the information and he is mr.malhotras son. But what makes me shocked is……. You are with him from the beginning and you are helping him.

Riddhima was shocked after hearing that.

Vansh :- he is very close to you right? And he is the one we had seen in my birthday.

Riddhima was not understanding anything, what vansh was saying.

Riddhima had seen at Kabir, he was lowering his head as approving what vansh was saying is true.

Vansh took a photo from the drawer and threw it on her face.

In that photo riddhima and Kabir was hugging.

Vansh :- what do you say know? Still you want to pretend it.

Kabir :- who send this photo to you?

Vansh :- I really don’t want to answer but still I will. It’s ragini!!!!!

I got that photo today morning. That’s why I came from USA immediately.

Kabir :- you are misunderstanding us.

Riddhima :- are you really believing that me and Kabir…….

Vansh turn away his face. Riddhima pull him and asked him once more.

Riddhima :- Are you believing that photo more than me?

Vansh :- yes!!!!!

I called off the wedding for you, I chose you over my career but you che……

Before completing his sentence, he get a tight slap from riddhima.

At the moment riddhima was totally broken, shattered. Tears are flowing from her eyes. Vansh and Kabir both were shocked.

Riddhima :- he came to my home, to give my stuff yesterday night.

Kabir :- yes vansh! She is saying true and she doesn’t know, I am malhothras son. I keep my identity as a secret with her to. She questioned me at gala night but I promised her to say it later. Before I told to her, it all happened. She never loves me. She always treat me like a friend. And riddhima, I am sorry for….

Riddhima :- don’t! You don’t need to explain to anyone about our relationship. And one more thing, from today onwards don’t ever try to talk with me.

Vansh :- riddhima! I……

Riddhima :- please don’t say anything. Whenever you said, you don’t believe me, at the moment, we are over.

For any relationship, trust is the main thing. Without it no relationship can’t sustain. It is friendship (eyeing Kabir) or it is love (eyeing vansh)

She left from their by crying…….

Everyone in the office were watching with shock. They were not understanding, why riddhima left from there by crying.

Riddhima was running 🏃 on the streets with out noticing vehicles. A car was coming and she was running………..

Car hit her. She fell on the road and there was a heavy lose of blood. Crowd was gathered around her. One of them checked her pulse and said,

Person :- I think, she is dead.

The episode is ended.

I am gonna write a new episode, I will post it tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I hope you all will like it.

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