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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 46- memory fluctuation

Hello my dear readers! There is a message from annoying user (writer of art love riansh fanfiction) that she is on a break and will not be able to post for nearly one week!

I thought a lot and then I realised that I did a very big mistake by changing the storyline 🤧🤧! I was very happy with that storyline but because of few people I changed. And after aayu and aarushi’s scoldings I came up with something more interesting 😌! So guys now i am telling you if you don’t remember that marriage I mean last to last episode which I made Ahana’s dream  I mean episode 45 then go and read it because now it’s important for the story🙂😂!  Here is the link for last to last episode if you forgot 🙂😂!

Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) a different love story episode 44- marriage!

Also I have started a new ff- falling for an alien! Do support it too❤️!

The episode starts with:

They were enjoying the moments when suddenly Riddhima holded her head.

Riddhima: ahh!

Everything was moving around. She looked at vansh.

Riddhima: you..why are you here.. you married Ahana right!!

Vansh was shocked. Then Riddhima fainted. He quickly took her to the hospital.

At hospital:

Doctor took Riddhima inside the ward. Raisinghanias and Malhotras also arrived. After a while doctor came out.

Aayush: doctor what happened to my daughter!! (Concern)

Doctor: don’t worry mr. Malhotra i told you that her memory will keep fluctuating due to sudden fluctuation she fainted.

Doctor left.

Aryan: what happened bhai??

Vansh: we both were on the Mountain then suddenly she remembered everything and fainted.

Vansh: now she is in her present so now I don’t have to do drama of loving her!  Uhh finally!! Because of her illness only I was doing this!

Flashback starts:

On the marriage day after Riddhima’s dance the marriage rituals were about to start but just then Riddhima falls down. Everyone rushed to her.

Vansh: Riddhima..

They took her to the hospital. Doctor checked her and came out.

Doctor: she is not fine. She has serious problem in her brain. Her memory will keep fluctuating between present and one month back. So you all have to behave accordingly with her. Please don’t make her remember anything otherwise it may lay to serious problem.

Doctor left. Aayush and vansh were in tears.

Vansh(thinking): no..god..why you did this with her!

Ishani: but before 1 month she was in relationship with bhai..

Vansh: yes and for her well being I will act like that only!!

Aayush: but you both hate each other ..so why are you doing this for her.

Vansh: I know I hate her now..but she was my love once..I can do anything for her!!

Aryan: but what about Ahana?

Vansh: we will give a special injection to her..after that she will think that it was all a dream(injection developed by me🙂😂😂).

Flashback ends.

Aastha: beta you are doing this much for her.. atleast meet her once!

Vansh nodded. They leave to riddhima’s ward.

Riddhima: you..dad..why is he here..and what was he doing with me at the mountain!!

Aayush: relax riddhu! You went to the mountain and co- incidentally he also went there and you fainted so he took you here!

Riddhima: oh ok! Thankyou mr. Vansh rai Singhania.

Vansh: welcome!!

Riddhima: so you are married now right??

Vansh: no some problem occurred so I couldn’t marry at that day but I and Ahana will marry very soon.

Riddhima: congratulations (smile)

Riddhima was smiling but deep down her heart was aching.

Vansh(thinking): I know Riddhima..you are not happy with this..your heart is paining..you are just hiding your pain! I never wanted to give you this pain but you didn’t trusted me that day. If you would have this day would have never come.

Vansh leaves to VR mansion. Soon Riddhima was also discharged and taken to malhotra mansion. She Directly went to her room. She locked the door from inside. She sat down and started crying. She remembered their moments and the last seperation moment.

Riddhima: how can you marry Ahana vansh!! (Crying)

She took the vase kept in the room and threw it on the mirror. The mirror broke into pieces. She took out hers and vansh’s photo and hugged it.

She closes her eyes and remembers:

Riddhima: I hate you vansh..I loved you more than anything else but you are all ready to marry Ahana(crying)


Maine ishq kiya tujhe sohneya
Tune di hai judai ve
Maine di hai tujhe duniya ve
Tune di hai tanhai ve..

Tune dard diye hai itne
Ambar pe sitare jitne
Jag jag ke raaton mein
Meri tarah aankhon mein
Mahi aansuon ke dhaage tu piroyega..

Tu bhi royega mahi tu bhi royega
Meri tarah tu bhi ikk din kisi ko khoyega..

Tu bhi royega mahi tu bhi royega
Meri tarah tu bhi ikk din kisi ko khovega..
Haan.. Haan…

(This song is damn amazing ❤️)

Riddhima was crying when there was a knock at the door. She quickly wiped her tears and kep the photo in drawer. She opened the door. Aayush came in.

Aayush: what is this riddhu(pointing towards the mirror)

Riddhima: voh..dad..there was a mosquito so I threw it there!

Aayush: leave it! I am here to tell you something.

Riddhima: yes dad

They both sit on the bed.

Aayush: you know na riddhu that these past days have been very difficult and it has affected your studies! So to compensate your studies..your uncle has found a very good teacher for you! A coaching teacher who will help you to complete your syllabus.

Riddhima: but..

Aayush: please riddhu..you know if you will say no..then your uncle will become upset.

Riddhima: okay! I am ready for it but who is the teacher!

Aayush: I don’t know his name! I just know that she is a very good teacher and you have to go to his home and study.

Riddhima nodded.

Precap: Riddhima gets shocked seeing her new coaching teacher!

So tell me who the teacher is😛?

Hope you like the episode! It will be revealed soon that what happened between both of them! Just want to say one thing that if I will not add suspense then the story will become boring! I was very happy with that storyline so why to change it! So now I will not change it! Just keep reading the story and trust your writer! As it is a riansh story only..so riansh will be together at end! But before that suspense has to be there! Keep reading and support my ff🙏❤️!

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