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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 21

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Episode begins with.. 

Riddhima goes to her cabin. She sees a person waiting there and gets shocked. It was virat.. 

VIRAT: Sorry riddhima. I think, I have disturbed you. 

RIDDHIMA: Tell me, why have you come here?

VIRAT: Riddhima, congratulations for your marriage..

RIDDHIMA: Thank you.

VIRAT: Riddhima, I have gone foreign to attend a meeting. Sorry, I couldn’t attend your marriage.

RIDDHIMA: That’s not a problem. Why have you come to my office?

VIRAT: To speak about our deal..

RIDDHIMA: Which deal?

VIRAT: That 2 crore project..

RIDDHIMA: Sorry, I have told you many times. I won’t sign in that papers. I don’t want to make any deals. This is my decision. I won’t change it. Even if you come after a year, my decision will remain the same.

VIRAT: Riddhima..

RIDDHIMA: Enough!! I don’t want to waste my time. If you want to speak about it further then, you may leave..

VIRAT: You’ll have to face mnay things..

RIDDHIMA: I don’t care about all this. Just leave. This is my office. You don’t have any rights to sit here.

Virat leaves.. Riddhima gets upset. 


Riddhima comes home. She informs everyone that they should leave by tomorrow 8.00am. Saying so, she goes to her room. She finds vansh sleeping on the sofa. 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t know, how he is getting sleep within 10 minutes. I couldn’t sleep. Let me first get freshen up. 

She goes to the washroom. Vansh opens his eyes. 

VANSH: Something is there. I thought that you weren’t able to sleep because of thinking about angre. But, what happened today? It means something is disturbing you. What’s your problem?

Just then, riddhima comes out. Immediately, vansh closes his eyes. Riddhima sees him.

RIDDHIMA: Let me first complete my presentation work. 

She works on her laptop. Time passes by. After 3 hours, she completes her work. She looks at the time. It was 1.00am..

RIDDHIMA: Now, what will I do? What is going to help me today? How am I going to spend the night? Let me go out and sit in the garden. 

She opens the door slowly and goes. Vansh wakes up and sees her going out. He looks at the time. 

VANSH: Where is she going now at this time? Let me check.. 

Vansh follows riddhima and sees her sitting on the chair in the garden. He comes back to his room and sleeps. 

RIDDHIMA: I know that this is not good for me. But, how much ever I try, I couldn’t sleep. It’s been three days, I’ve slept. I hope mom, ishani, bhai and everyone will enjoy tomorrow. Till now, I haven’t informed bhai that I’m not coming with him. Tomorrow, I must somehow convince him. But, how will I tell him. He should understand me. God, please help me.. Tomorrow is also a big day for me. I should somehow crack that deal. Nothing wrong should happen. I know that the competition for this project is tough. But, I wish that I should give my best. God, please help me. 

She sits in the garden for sometime. After sometime, she comes back to her room. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) This is not good for my health. Let me atleast try to sleep. Tomorrow, I have to be fresh to attend the meeting. Only then, I’ll be able to complete my presentation. 

She goes to her bed. Time passes by. She tries but, she couldn’t sleep. Something seems missing to her. 


RIDDHIMA: It’s 5.00. I don’t think that I can sleep. Better, I’ll go and freshen up. I think I have to check my presentation once again. 


Vansh wakes up and finds riddhima working on the laptop.

VANSH: Didn’t you sleep last night? 

RIDDHIMA: No, I slept.

VANSH: Really?

RIDDHIMA: Actually, I slept peacefully. Just now, I woke up.

Saying so, she immediately goes out to ignore his further questions. 

VANSH: Why is she lying? I know that she didn’t sleep. What’s happening to her? This girl is always a puzzle.. 

Saying so, he goes.. 

Angre, ishani, rudra, chanchal and sejal comes to raisinghania house. Uma and sia too gets ready. Just then, riddhima and vansh comes down. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, where is your luggage? 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I’m not coming with you all. Actually, I have an important meeting today.

ISHANI: Riddima, in that case you could have planned it later, right?

RIDDHIMA: No.. Actually, even I have planned to come with you all. But, suddenly this meeting was fixed. I came to know about it only yesterday evening. So, I couldn’t do anything. You all please go and enjoy. Don’t worry. Next time, we all can go.

Vansh and sejal looks at riddhima.

ANGRE: Okay. but vansh, what about you?

VANSH: Sorry angre. Even I have some work. So, I can’t come.

ANGRE: Anyhow, I’m atleast happy that you are with riddhima.

As others were getting ready to leave, chanchal signs riddhima to come aside. So, riddhima goes. 

RIDDHIMA: Tell me, mom. Is anything important? 

CHANCHAL: Riddhu, I think nowadays you are working so much. I told you many times that business won’t suit you. But, you didn’t agree with me. Now, at least listen to me.

Angre sees chanchal speaking with riddhima.  

CHANCHAL: At least now listen to me. Now, you are married. There is no need for you to work. Better, handover this business to angre or dad. Look after your family.. 

Riddhima gets upset. Just then, angre comes there. 

ANGRE: Mom, dad is calling you.. 

CHANCHAL: As usual, you came to support her. Do whatever you want?

Saying so, chanchal goes. Just then, vansh comes there. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, don’t think about mom. I know that you can’t be wrong. I support you. Don’t think about anyone. Just focus on your work. You told that you have some important meeting, right? Better focus on it. 

RIDDHIMA: Thank you bhai. You go. It’s getting late for you..

ANGRE: Okay.. Take care..

Saying so, angre goes. Riddhima still thinks about chanchal’s words. Vansh looks at her. 

Meanwhile, everyone gets ready to leave. Uma calls riddhima.. 

UMA: Riddhima, take care. I’ll call you at night. Eat properly and sleep properly.

RIDDHIMA: Mom, don’t worry. You just call me after reaching there.

Everyone leaves. Riddhima after sending them, goes to her room. She takes her laptop and some files. Just then, she notices angre and he’s photos which she brought from her house. She takes it and sees it.. 

RIDDHIMA: Thank you bhai. Thank you for supporting me. I know that I’m sentimental and moody sometimes. But, I’m not weak. I won’t give up. I won’t lose. You have supported me throughout my life. I wish that I shouldn’t fall weak at any point in my life time.

She was about to go. Just then she hears.. 

VANSH: All the best..

Riddhima turns and sees him. 

RIDDHIMA: Thank you..

VANSH: Riddhima, don’t ever lose your hope. All the best for your meeting.

Riddhima smiles and goes.. 

PRECAP: Have you gone mad? What’s all this? 

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