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#Riansh three short story part 3 by Aayu..


Let’s directly start with the update..
Siya:- Bhai what are you thinking?
Vansh:- Nothing..Done with Lunch?
Siya:- yes.
Vansh:- wanna accompany me to garden..
Siya:- okay!!
Coming in a minute..
They headed towards the garden..it was not far away from their house so they opt for  walking
Siya:- So Bhai which song are you playing in the competition? With Riddhima!!
Vansh:- We practiced several songs but not decided yet what we will play..
Siya:- ohk! So bhai how are your practice session going with Riddhima?
Vansh:- quite good!! Why are you exerting on word ‘ With Riddhima’?
Siya:- no nothing like that..
So she remembers something?
Vansh:- No!
Siya you know when I received that news I was just devastated..I am just living on my hopes that one day she will remember everything…
Siya:- Bhai don’t worry she will..I am sure..your love is not that week…
Vansh:- hmm….
They reached the garden.
Siya saw some girls who were playing so she joined them..
It was their daily routine…
Vansh would come and sit on the bench and play guitar..and Siya definately find some or others company to time pass…
Vansh was sitting on the bench..
He was looking disturbed…
He closed his eyes..
Riddhima:- Vansh will you always by my side na??
Vansh:- What type of question is this??
Riddhima entangled her hand with his..
Riddhima:- vansh I love you..
Vansh:- I love you too!!
When the car in which they were sitting..
A tuck came at a full speed and crushed the car which was parking aside the road..
Flashback ends
Tears were rolling down his cheeks..
Vansh:- Riddhima!!
He was playing agressively..
And at the very next moment Wrong note…and he hurt himself..(#experienced)
Siya who saw..came running
Siya:- Bhai what you did.. ?
It is so much bleeding..
Chalo let’s go home..
They left and after some time they reached home..
Vansh directly went towards his room…
Siya was tensed..
She knew this was his normal behaviour whenever he remembered the past..
But she was tensed Vansh has hurted his hand and day after tomorrow is their competition..
Which is very important for both of them…
Vansh’s room..
Vansh was walking here and there..
He was looking very frustrated..
He at the next moment thre himself on his bed..closed his eyes..
But this time this was also not working…
He was damn irritated..
Then he remembered something..
Vansh whenever you feel irritated..
Just take a pen and note all your frustrations on a paper and threw it..
And somewhere where no one can reach..
You know I flushed it..
Do try it..
It will definitely help u!!
Flashback ends..
A smile crept on his face..
He took a pen and started writing…
I lost her..
She lost her meomory..
We were 12..
We were best buddies..
We were just like a pencil and eraser 
I do mistakes and she help me to erase them..
We were so happy..
When we were 16 I proposed her..
We both love each other..it was not like a crush..it was real!!
But due to that accident I lost my Riddhu!!
She didn’t recognise me after that..
Now she always fight with me..
I am missing when she call me Vansh..but now mr.cranky!?
He chuckled!!
But one thing even now is uniting us..Mine and her MUSIC..
We were both like this only..
She love to listen and I love to play..
That’s why I call her Mis. Lyrics..
You will not believe she can’t go wrong with even a single word..
I am just waiting and waiting from past  8 years when she will remember everything!!
I want my Riddhu back.
I am now losing hope..
Now I can’t hold it..
I am lossing everything…
I am loosing..
I lost..
Is my love that much weak???
Is my love that much poor..it can’t afford little bit happiness??
He crushed the paper and went to bathroom and flushed it…
(Well it was just a way to convey past..poor paper)
 After one days..
Day of competition..
Host:- So a big hand of applause to Our next participants Riddhima and Vansh
Well!! I am in love with both of them…
A beautiful singer..you can say beauty with vocal..
And a handsome guitarist!!
Are you excited for both of them to perform together??
Are you ready to fall again on them but as a partner..
I am very excited so pls welcome “VR”
Vansh and Riddhima
Back stage..
Riddhima:- mr.cranky because of you I will loose..
You injured your hand..why you only came here..
And what will happen by holding guitar in your hand you have injured badly your left hand..
Vansh:- you don’t know me sweetheart!!
Riddhima:- sweetheart??
But at the very next moment they have to go to stage for performance..
Riddhima was feeling butterflies in her stomach..
Only one word was roaming in her head “sweetheart”
Curtains opens…
Spotlight was at Vansh and Riddhima…
Riddhima as standing infront of the mic..
And Vansh besides her on the stool holding guitar…
Everyone was hooting and clapping…all were just hooting one name ‘VR’ ……’VR’ ….’VR’..
The hall was full of this only…
Vansh open his bandage and press his fingers on the strings..
And stroke the strings with another one..
Well it was perfect..
Riddhima was hell shocked..
She could not see him like this..
Inspite of getting injured he is excerting his fingers..
Riddhima was starting him..
Vansh fell a gaze and looked in her eyes and blinks..
Indicating her to start…
Riddhima closed her eyes..
A long tear escape from her eyes….
Dil Ka Dariya Bah Hi Gaya
Ishq Ibadat Bann Hi Gaya
Khudko Mujhe Tu Saup De
Meri Jarurat Tu Bann Gaya
She couldn’t take now..she stopped…
Vansh was shocked why she stops..but he couldn’t
He countinue to play..
And countinue singing too..
He knew how important this competition is for her….
Baat Dil Ki Nazro Ne Ki
Sach Keh Raha Teri Kasam
Tere Bin Ab Na Lenge Ek Bhi Dum
Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Ham
He signal her to sing as he knew he doesn’t know the lyrics perfectly…
Riddhima was just blinking her eyes…
Tere Bin Ab Na Lenge Ek Bhi Dum
Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Ham
Tere Sath Ho Jayenge Khatam
Tujhe Kitna Chaahne Lage Hum
Riddhima came out from her lala land and countinued….
Baat Dil Ki Nazron Ne Ki
Sach Keh Raha Teri Qasam
Tere Bin Ab Na Lenge Ek Bhi Dum
Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum
Tere Sath Ho Jayenge Khatam
Tujhe Kitna Chaahne Lage Hum
Tujhe Kitna Chaahne Lage Hum
She was singing but her mind was only on Vansh’s guitar which was now full of blood…
Iss Jagah Aa Gaye Chahtein Ab Meri
Chheen Lunga Tumhe Saari Duniya Se Hi
Tere Ishq Pe Haan Haq Mera Hi To Hai
Keh Diya Hai Ye Maine Mere Rab Se Bhi
Jis Rashte Tu Na Mile
Uspe Na Ho Mere Kadam
Tere Bin Ab Na Lenge Ek Bhi Dum
Tujhe Kitna Chaahne Lage Ham
Tere Sath Ho Jayenge Khatam
Tujhe Kitna Chaahne Lage Hum
Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum
Riddhima again stopped..
Her thoughts were stop only at Vansh’s hand…
But Vansh countinued he doesn’t want to spoil the performance….
Oh Ho O, Oh Ho O
Ho Ho
At last he exclaimed
“Tujhe Kitna Chaahne Lage Hum”
And played the last note…
And that was it…
The audience was hooting and clapping once again…
Host came..
Host:- wow!! I must say..what a chemistry…
Nitric acid with hydro chloric acid concentrated in the ratio 3:1…
It was fantastic..
You both just rocked..
And Vansh I must say inspite of injured hand you played so well…..
I would like to ask audience once again a huge hand of applause for our VR..
And curtains closes….
To be countinued..
Phewww….. it was the longest update till now
I will write the epilogue and post it tomorrow..
After that I will take break..
And don’t worry I will not be able to take break for more than a week…
You know mood swings!!..I really enjoyed writing today’s episode..
I am hoping for comments on this update as I really worked very hard on this…
So 30+ comments then only epilogue!!
Bye take care..

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