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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 49

Hello everyone i m back again although u disappointed me 😏

What the hell is wrong with u guys comments are decreasing day by day..

But i love you all who always support me

@tanya k told me yesterday that we are gonna complete half century

She just used we instead of you and this gesture took my heart thnq so much dear the reason is your love n support guys who motivated me this much

Scene 1

Ishangre looks at each other in horror

Riddhima’s voice is coming from room

She is moaning (trust me guys i was hell embarrassed while writing thiz🙈)

Aaah..vansh..do it fast..aahaa.. Amazing such a pleasure it is..
My all pain vanished
Aaahaa..wow vansh..fast..do it fast..aaahhaaa… Aahhhh…

Angre puts his hand on his ears

Angre (closing his eyes) – hai Bhgwan ye sb sun ne ke pehle me behra kyu nhi ho gya

For God’s sake ishani plz let’s go..

Ishani is standing there dumbfounded

Angre shakes her

Ishani (coming back from shock) – See i told u na they are fine
See how much they are enjoying
Now let’s go we will also enjoy😉

And dare you to do any doubt now

I make u hear the proof do u wanna see now something😒

Angre (in horror)- No no !! I don’t have any doubt now lets go

And he just drag ishani from there

Scene 2

Riansh’s room (after ishangre left)

Riddhima is still moaning

Riddhima (in pleasure) – Your hands has magic vansh

Vansh (puppy eyes) – Can i stop now

Riddhima (glaring him) – Don’t you dare😒

And yes use some oil..

Vansh takes the oil and put in her hairs and start massaging again (thrki logo tum kya soch rhe the😒😂)

Vansh (annoyed) – since half and hour i m giving u head massage and you are moaning

Now plz spare me sweetheart

Riddhima gets up angrily sits on bad making a cute pout

Vansh’s pOV

She will  be the reason of my death someday

She is looking so cute in this pout should i kiss her

No no!! Stop your desire vansh you have to pacify her

Pov ends

Vansh goes to riddhima and sits with her

Vansh (slightly) – are you angry sweetheart

riddhima (smiling sarcastically) – Angry!! Who!! Me !!

No vansh why would i be angry

(glaring him)

Vansh – But why are u miffed with me sweetheart tell the reason na

Riddhima (pissed) – Because i want to

Is this reason enough or should i find more

Vansh pecks her cheeks

Vansh – still you are angry sweetheart

Riddhma (blushes) – Yes!!😊

Vansh comes near her lips

Vansh – Then i will pacify you😉

He goes more close to her lips and about to kiss her

But she puts her hand on his lips

Riddhima – Have some patience Mr. Romantic raisinghania

We have more things to sort now..

Vansh (smiling) – I know sweetheart but for now let’s sleep

Ridhima (smiling slightly) – ok

Vansh (raising his brow ) – wanna say something my wifey

Riddhima – who!! Me😒

Vansh (agitated)- I don’t think i have any other wife than u

Riddhima hits him slightly on his chest

Riddhima (awkwardly)- vansh wo!! Can i sleep with you

Vansh ( raising his brow) – Then with whom else you will sleep
Only me na !! Dumbo

Riddhima (bowing down her head) – No i mean in your arms..😊

Suddenly she feels she is crushed under something

She opens her eyes and see vansh is on top of her and smirking

Vansh hugs her and she rest her head on his chest

Vansh (kissing her crown)- Now sleep

Both sleep in each other arms listening to each other heart beats

Scene 3

Next day

Riansh room

In morning

Riddhima is getting ready near dressing table n vansh is sleeping

Riddhima (to herself) – Perfect!! I am ready bt how am i looking

Suddenly vansh opens his eyes slightly and say

Vansh – someone is looking breath taking in morning

Riddhima turn to him and smile

Riddhima – Get up fast vansh i don’t wanna late at brkfst what will all think abt us

Vansh get up and comes near her and back hugs her

Vansh – They will think that newly wedded couple are romancing

Vansh started kissing her bare back and neck

Riddhima (frowning) – Chee!!Gande…go and do brush first then kiss me

Suddenly vansh turns her and pull her by her waist

Riddhima (stammering) – What are you doing vansh

Vansh kisses her on cheeks and forehead

Vansh – Doing morning romance sweetheart

Riddhima – Let me go and get ready

Vansh (smirking) – Give me a kiss and go😎

Riddhima pecks on his cheeks

Riddhima – Now let me go

Vansh (annoyed) – Am i a kid that you are pecking my cheeks😒

Riddhima – Don’t Keep your hope too high Mr. Desperate raisinghania

Vansh again pulls her by her waist more closely and with force and started tracing her belly with his fingers

She moans

Riddhima (moaning) – Van..vansh..

Vansh (sniffing her neck) – If u will keep moaning like this then we will surely ended up making a hot love session here

Riddhima (pushing him slightly) -Cheee!! kitne chipde ho vansh tum
Such a chipo you are..

Suddenly vansh takes her hair in his fist not hurting her and pull her face near him and join their forehead

Vansh (seductively) – You are my drug riddhima

Dare you to doubt my love for u..

Riddhima – I didn’t mean that vansh

Vansh (sniffing in her neck)- You won’t leave me again na

I can’t leave without u

Riddhima instantly detached herself from him

Riddhima (serious) – You know everything vansh then why are u asking me this kind of question

She cupped his face

Riddhma- i just know right now that we are together and we have ample of time to think abt everything but for now i just want to enjoy and cherish my life with u after that whatever will happen i will have this moment in my heart

SHe kiss on his forehead and leaves

Vansh’s POv

The game has gone to next level now sweetheart😎

Now it’s about my obsession for u more than my love

I will play from both sides now

So that you will be mine along with my revenge

Because i can’t let go any of them

He smirks

POV ends

Scene 4

Siya’s room (before brkfst)

Siya is doing something suddenly riddhima comes

Riddhima – Siya i need a favour from u

Siya – U don’t have to ask bhabhi just tell me what u want

Riddhima – I need your perfume siya

Siya – Which one bhabhi

Riddhima – That one which u used yesterday

That one i smelled at vyom’s room yesterday

(That’s what she was thinking in vyom’s room )

Siya left dumbfounded

Siya (stammering) – what..what..are ..are u saying bhabhi

Riddhima – your lie has been caught i know what are u hiding from us (this was lie guys i told u na it will be beyond your imagination)

Tell me why u meet vyom and didn’t tell us

Even he hide this from me

Siya (stammering) – It..its no..Nothing like that bhabhi

We just meet casually

Riddhima (serious) – Do you love him siya

Siya -bhabhi..wo..me..wo

Riddhima – I am asking u something do u love him

Suddenly siya hugs her and started crying

Riddhima- Shhh!! Siya stop crying baccha

Nothing is wrong in loving someone

Siya – i don’t know bhabhi do i love him or not but staying away from him hurts me

I don’t know anything

Riddhima – See siya i know vyom very well he is such a Nice guy

But think twice before making any decision

You won’t be only vyom’s life partner you will be a mother too and he loves his daughter more than anything

Siya – I also love anaisha alot but i am really confused

Riddhima – It’s ok i am with u take your time

Siya – Bhabhi..wo..

Riddhima (keeping her hand on siya’s hand) – I won’t tell this to vansh i know how possessive he is for u relex

She leaves

Scene 5

At dinning table (for brkfst)

Ishani – My ears are paining badly

Vansh – What happened princess why your ears are paining

Ishani (teasing) – I heard so loud noises yesterday night bhai

Riddhima – From where

Ishani (teasing) – From you room guys it was too loud

Your faces are telling how much u both enjoyed

Siya (keeping her hands on her ears) – Oh!! My virgin ears
Stop your nonsense ishu di
Singles are also here

Vansh and riddhima looked at each other in shock

Dadi – I am also here baccho kindly bless my ears

Riansh blushes

Angre – Bhai we all are going tomorrow to kuldevi’s temple for a puja

Vansh – I am not coming i have imp work to do and riddhima is weak she can’t go you all enjoy

Siya (teasing) – U can directly say bhai u wanna spend some time with your wifey

Riddhima blushes

Angre – then i will stay with u na bhai you will need me for imp work

Ishani (glaring him)- Your ex gf is married now and don’t need u he has her wife with him you better don’t be kabbab me haddi

Angre – but bhai..i..

Vansh – It’s ok angre you can go i will manage

Angre (reluctantly)- Ok bhai

Dadi – Its final we are going except u both

Enjoy ha😉

Angre’s Pov

I know bhai you are sending me purposely but why

What are you hiding i will surely find out this

Pov ends

Vansh’s POV

It’s high time to do something

I will implement my plan tomorrow angre is not there it is good opportunity for me

But i have to stay alert from sweetheart she is just on another level now

He smirks

Pov ends

Riddhima’s Pov

I know you are smart vansh but i am 2 step ahead from u this time

I can’t stop bhai  from going and tell him to stay with u but i can stop vansh

But if u try to do anything na vansh i swear i will show u my wrath this time

She smirks

POV ends

Done for today guys

Next epi will be my half century so it will be special one full of riansh moments

Precap : A full day with riansh with hidden motives of both of them

(What do u think who will be succeed )

Target is 40 comments are declining do support guys

There is a msg from my dear frnd @riansh1212 that she won’t be able to post for some days due to her health issues and she said sry for this

Luv uh all


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