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Riansh-love between police officers episode 21- vansh saves himself from the family

The episode starts with:


Vansh: v..oh.. actually..


Sia: what.. actually..say na bhaiya!


Vansh: voh she was disturbing me very much.. so I just raised my hand..


Ajay(cutting him in between): what the hell vansh!! How could you(shouting at the top of his voice)


Vansh: listen to me dad! I just raised my hand but I didn’t slap her! I didn’t do anything.. then also she started shouting!


Ishani: obviously she would!! Bhai you were about to slap your wife! You know there can be a domestic violence case on you.


Vansh looked at Riddhima listening to “domestic violence”. She was trying hard to control her laughter.


Aryan(anger): bhai..I am warning you..this shouldn’t happen next time!


Chanchal: aryan what is this way to talk to your big brother!!


Aryan: mom please..he did wrong!


Uma: yes chanchal!! Vansh did wrong!! Today he is raising the hand tomorrow he will slap her!!


Ajay: vansh..I am warning you..this must not happen next time.. otherwise the consequences would be worst!!


They all leave the room while vansh quickly locks the door.


Vansh: you..see what happened because of you..


Riddhima started laughing. She was laughing very hard.


Riddhima: vansh..you could have told them the truth.. then why didn’t you tell?


Vansh: ya ya…if I would have tell then they wouldn’t have believed me so I have to cook a story.


She laughs. Vansh starts coming closer to her. She starts moving back.


Riddhima: what..what are you doing..


Vansh: now who will save you from me Sweetheart (wink)


Riddhima: vansh..stay away otherwise I will everyone again.


Riddhima was moving back and suddenly she hits the wall. Vansh caged her between his arms.


Riddhima: what is this!!


She was about to shout again but vansh kept his hand on her mouth.


Vansh: nah.. sweetheart..now no one can save you.


Riddhima feared. It was completely visible on her face.


Vansh: oh wow..I love to see your afraid faces.


He came very close to her and tucked her hair behind her ears sending chills down her spine. Then he rubbed his rough beard on her cheek while she gasped. Vansh was moving close to her c

lips while she was in big fear. She bit his hand.


Vansh: ouch.. you..again you did this!!


Riddhima: so what will I do! You were..doing all that!!


Vansh: come on Sweetheart! We are husband and wife(smirk)


Riddhima’s face was full of fear. She couldn’t move because vansh has caged her in between his arms.


Riddhima: vansh…leave me.. otherwise I will again shout.


Before she could say anything else he kissed her on her cheek.


Riddhima(shock): vansh..


Vansh: remember you kissed me on that day..so now I did the same(smirk)


Riddhima was just looking at him.


Vansh: sweetheart don’t stare me too much. Tadna free of cost iska matlab ye nahi ki mujhe pura din tadti hi rahogi.


She gives him shocked expressions (VR rocked RVR shocked).


Riddhima: will you please do the honour of leaving me?


Vansh: nahh..I am not in mood sweetheart!!


Riddhima(anger): vansh!!


Vansh: sweetheart!! This much anger is not good for health!


She gives him deathly glares. He leaves her. She opens the door and moves downstairs.


Vansh: oh god this girl!!


Vansh gets a call.


Vansh: hello.


Person: vansh rai Singhania!! How dare you marry Riddhima..didn’t you remember your promise (are use to yaad tha par mai bhul gai thi iske baare mein🙂😂😂)


Vansh: you..again..listen she forced me to marry..I didn’t marry her with my wish.


Person: oh come on I know you are enjoying this marriage (sach boldiya😂😂😂😂)


Vansh: what do you want!


Person: you didn’t fulfill your promise now you have to do as I say!


Vansh: why will I do as you say!!(are bhul gaya kya?)


Person: ohh..if not..then you know that truth..


Vansh: I am ready to do anything..tell me what to do!!



Precap: slapped!! 



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