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Here it goes ……

Vansh and Ridhimma were still shocked by this sudden decision of engagment . Others were chuckling at their expression.

Kabir: guys relax its just engagment . You are not marrying now

Vansh: but don’t you think its too early

Ridhimma: yes Kabir its too early

Kabir came and took Vansh to a corner sejal did same to Ridhimma and took her to another corner .

Kabir: Vansh this engagment will make her officially yours . No other guy will eye her . Think if someone else propose her in front of you how would you feel

Vansh thought about Kabir words and he agreed on the it. He cannot even think to see Ridhimma with someone else.


Vansh: you are right  Kabir . Its only engagment there is no problem it (mumbling) but problem will surely arise if someone else will propose her.


At the same time

Sejal: why are  you panicking yaar its only engagment .

Ridhimma: sejal but its too early

Sejal: do want some one else to take Vansh. After this engagment he will be officially yours.


Though Ridhimma knew Vansh wouldn’t go away from her but still the idea scared her to hell. She cannot afford to loose Vansh.

Ridhimma: okay I am ready for it

She goes and sejal does thumbs up to Kabir who also shows her thumbs up.

Vansh and Ridhimma agree and tell this to anupriya who becomes happy.


Anupriya: I am so happy for you two. Finally I will see my son getting engaged.


Vansh Ridhimma smiled in return  and then they left for office. After they left she called red hoodie person (RHP)

Anupriya: yes first step is successful . Now you implement the second step.

RHP: okay


Then she hangs up.


Vansh Ridhimma are on the way to office . Vansh ask Ridhimma

Vansh: Ridhimma are you sure about  engagment ?

Ridhimma: yes I am sure . But why are you asking this ?? Are you not sure (looking at him with narrow eyes)

Vansh: I am sure but was asking this because after engagment you would be officially called To Be Mrs Raisinghania.

Ridhimma: I don’t have any problem with that after all I will get extra attention

Vansh: so you want extra attention you could have told me I will be happy to give you that


Saying this he stopped the car and started going close to Ridhimma. There was a very small gap between them . Ridhimma breathe stopped sensing their proximity.

Suddenly a click sound occurred and she saw Vansh was actually opening her seat belt. Vansh got back to normal position and said

Vansh: why are you looking at me like that Ridhimma ?? We already arrived at office get down of car .What are you thinking?? (smirks)


Ridhimma: nothing ( saying this she quickly went out of car while Vansh was smirking)


Both enter office and go to Vansh’s cabin . Ridhimma was about to go to couch to sit when Vansh pulled her and they landed on floor as they lost balance. Both were lost in each other eyes. Vansh tucked ridhimma’s hair behind her ear and in a swift moment kissed her cheek . Ridhimma came out of her dreamy world and was shocked by Vansh action. Vansh made both of them stand and asked making a innocent face.

Vansh: why are you looking at me like you saw a ghost I just did what you did in morning .

Ridhimma: ( more shocked ) you were awake at that time ?? I thought you were sleeping.

Vansh: I was awake from a long  time and was looking at you when you were about to wake I pretended to sleep. By the way I liked that side of yours .

Ridhimma: shut up you shameless man . You are flirting with me in office.

Vansh: so you are my girlfriend  and soon to be fiancee (winked)

Ridhimma : huh I am going otherwise you will make me mad.

Saying this she goes and Vansh was smiling at her.  Then he got back to his work


Ridhimma was inspecting the under construction side of the office and was immersed in file when someone pulled her then she heard a loud noise “THUD”

She saw Vansh was the one who pulled her and saw that many bricks were fallen on ground .

Vansh: (angrily) are you mad Ridhimma  can’t you see and walk properly. Thee bricks could have fall upon you. What if something would have happened to you ??

Then he hugged her tightly. Ridhimma  hugged him back and patted his back to calm him down .

Ridhimma: nothing happened to me Vansh. I am fine . You are here to protect me so what will happen to me.

Vansh looked at her but was silent . He just held her hand took her out of construction area. Rest of the whole day Vansh was worried and thinking something . Even while returning home he was silent . Ridhimma leaned on his shoulder and held his hand tightly  so as to make him calm .  They reached home and Vansh was about go when Ridhimma stopped him holding his hands.

Ridhimma: Vansh I am sorry ( holding her ear and making a puppy face) I promise I will take care of myself

Vansh: promise??

Ridhimma: pakka wala promise . Now please smile

He smiled and hugged her and pecked her forehead . They went inside where ishani told them dadi has arrived and is taking rest. They also went to their room to rest.


At study area

Angre came to Vansh and asked

Angre: boss you called me??

Vansh: yes Angre . Actually I think someone is trying to kill Ridhimma.

Precap: Vansh ask Angre to find out about the incident that occurred in construction area. Engagment preparation starts

Here part 16 ends . Hope you liked it. Please comment and let me know . Silent readers are requested to comment as it means a lot to us.

ya I forgot to give hint about red hoodie person in last episode  .The hint is

‘sometimes dead isn’t really dead’

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