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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 31 (ACCEPTANCE & HINDRANCE)

Sorry my dear friends for being unavailable for so many days and now I’m back from my small holiday but I’ll be giving short updates from now till 2 weeks but daily because I’ve got contact lenses and I’ll not be able to write for much time till they adjust my eyes. So once again apologises for inconvenience 🙏🙏 

Episode Starts with:

VR Mansion: Author’s POV;

Vansh was shocked to hear when Siya and Shreya confirmed that Riddhima is expecting, and she knew it since yesterday. He looked at an unconscious Riddhima with tears in his eyes, she woke up and everyone knowing the situation left them alone in the room, Vansh made Riddhima sit comfortably and have her supplements to eat, but she noticed he didn’t speak a word, she held his wrist and said..

Riddhima: Vansh what happened?

Vansh (not facing her): nothing, you rest.

Riddhima: (pulling him closer) Don’t lie, tell me Vansh (keeping his hand on her head)

Vansh: (irritatingly removing his hand) what should I tell Riddhima? You tell why didn’t you inform me that you are expecting? Were you waiting for your health to get worse 😤?

Riddhima (shockingly): No Vansh! Just calm down and listen to me. I came to know it yesterday only and then (sobbing) I heard you, Siya and Angre talking that you don’t want a child due to your business and it’s threat, I was shattered hearing all this so..

Vansh: Exactly, I don’t know about this child but you are most precious to me and this was about your health and…

Riddhima: What do you mean by this child? It’s Our child Vansh, symbol of our love, I understand your reasons but you can’t deny the fact that it’s our child and you’ll be his father in some months.

Vansh: Stop it Riddhima…

(Riddhima suddenly feels Nauseaic and sits on the bed feeling weakness, Vansh worriedly holds her and made her lie on the bed and caressing her forehead he said..)

Vansh: Take care of yourself Sweetheart. Please 🥺 I can’t afford to lose you, without any worries just sleep (kissed her forehead)

(Riddhima closed her eyes and said..)

Riddhima: I love you Vansh (emotionally)

(Vansh smiles back and sit besides her, while Riddhima says..)

Riddhima (thinking): My biggest happiness is Vansh’s biggest problem, how can I make him attached to his child? Idea 💡!  (She sleeps smiling)

Vansh (to himself): I’m dealing with ACCEPTANCE and HINDRANCE! I can’t give my Sweetheart this pain again which I’ve given today. I need to fight my fear.

(Vansh hugs Riddhima and sleeps)

In morning: Author’s POV;

(Vansh gets up , and is shaken on not finding Riddhima near, he got up from bed and on the bathroom door he found a note with a smiley written..)

NOTE: “Papa; Mumma will be seeing me and hearing my heartbeat for the first time today, please come and meet me. A humble and cute request from Baby and Mumma ❤️”

(Vansh sees the note and smiles, while thinking upon!)

Episode ends!


Apologies for short update but I’ll continue small updates due to the problem mentioned above. Please bear with me 🙏Hope you all like the episode. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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