Vansh’s pov

Today , I got to know her past , today I got to know her life’s worst nightmare ever , she too became a victim of molestation , I doesn’t know about her well , but she is quiet diffrent , and I liked her to an such an extent that it could cross any boundaries

Author : AB ISHQ KI HADH PAAR HOGI (ENGLISH : now the limit of love will be crossed )

I am not showing any pity on her , I want to make her life a heaven from hell , I want to give her immense love , after all she is my wife , she should and she will come out of this nightmare , and will dream wonderful dreams of her live , will be mischievous and will achieve her goals . I promise that I will again make her smile , whole-heartedly . And yes , I will make you mine sweetheart .

I entered in my room to find riddima buried in her work

Vansh : oh madam , give some time to your hubby too .

Riddima (still sinked in her work ) : first you learn to do it and then speak .

Vansh : what I did

Riddima : don’t act like a innocent child my dear hubby

Vansh : my dear dollar biwi (dollar wife)

Riddima (interrupting his words) : don’t you dare to call me with that again .

Vansh : can I know what is it ??


Vansh : I am not any dollar biwi , I am your husband not wife

Riddima : hmm , then dollar pati is better right  ??

Vansh : hmm , if you call me so , then be ready to face my wrath sweetheart (evil smirk)


Vansh : hmm , but she will definitely get scared by VANSH RAISINGHANIA I.E. HER HUSBAND

Rupa comes and calls them for dinner .

At midnight :

Riddima’s pov

Dad always gave me happiness in my life , even if I get a small hurt , he can’t bear , he loves me more than his sons who born before me .

His love is limitless for me , and he gave me a best husband , whom I dreamt off , I used to say to my friend sejal that ” DESTINY IS DIFFERENT , DON’T KNOW WHAT IS OUR FATE , EVERY SECOND BY OUR BEHAVIOR AND DECISIONS , OUR DESTINY WILL BE LOCATED .

THE FATE COULD CHANGE EASILY THE VERY NEXT SECOND , IT WILL ALWAYS GIVE US SHOCKS AND SURSPRISES , AND HIGH VOLT JOLTS . IT’S SIMPLY CALLED UNEXPECTED.” and this fate once again gave me a shock by making harshit bad to an such a level , which I can’t even see or expect even in my wildest dreams , next it gave me one more jolt by moving this harshit to my life’s trash bin . And it gave me a surprise by giving such understanding , caring , affectionate , gentlemen as my partner , all credit goes to god , fate and my dad . I thought that I can’t settle in my life or accept my marriage or move on or Fall in love once again , but destiny played it’s card and it happened , to say it as

” UNEXPECTED” , Which is common to fate . Now my plans , all very well know , and who clearly know is the author , that is to “PROPOSE HIM ” . Got a jolt ?? , I think no , as you all very well knew it .

I went to vansh

Riddima : vansh , I want to give you a dare .

Vansh : say

Riddima : hmm , you have to propose me

He is left in shock

Riddima : hmm , jaw – dropped ????

Riddima : c’mon , it’s a dare just a dare .(stressing the word dare)

Vansh nods

Riddima : but one condition

Vansh : what ??

Riddima : you have to propose me in front of the whole family .

Vansh nods with no option

Riddima : good boy

You all will be shocked right ?? , That how could I reverse my word to vansh , but there will be twist tomorrow , hold your hormones .

Pov ends

The next day :

All gathered near hale after having breakfast as vansh said

Dadi : what happened beta ?? , Why you called us

Riddima : it will be revealed in few minutes dadi

Vansh comes on his knees , ishani and siya’s jaw-dropped

Ishani : do bhai know how to even propose ??

Siya : I don’t think so , as he came to me for help before his sangeet ceremony and asked my help in dancing with his bride as he doesn’t want to lose his so-called pride aftrol for a single dance .

Ishani : hope bhai doesn’t do any wrong

Abhi Ram : you both stop your gossips and see the awesome scenery in front of your eyes , such a lovely couple

Uma : indeed best couple

Ishani : (teasing angre) kinda romantic right ??

Angre :(without understanding her gesture) indeed

Ishani (pulling his leg) : you never did like this , see my bhai , he has such a romantic persona , but you are such indulged in work that you even doesn’t pay heed to my beauty , I will waste my previous time to makeop and get ready , but you , just sitting like a stop , holding your laptop , like a cute child , you know what , you will hug your laptop while sleeping better than hugging me , better you marry that laptop

Vansh : riddima I Love you

Riddima : vansh , it’s 38th time , still you doesn’t get to know how to propose , I don’t know how you spent your college days , I think like a book worm , but you learn from me , I am like a love guru you know.

Vansh : hmm , I am not such like you Madam ji

He turned back , and when he saw riddima , she was on her knees , everyone are left flabbergasted by her move

Riddima :

Iss zindagi ko muskurana aadat hoo chuki ,

Par jab darr aur jung ka baat aati , tab mein kabhi taiyaar nahi

Iss zindagi ko safar aadat hoo chuki

Par jab woh mushkilon ki sadak banti , tab mein taiyaar nahi

Iss zindagi mein khushi ka hi shaamil hai

Par jab gham ki baat aati , yeh taiyaar nahi

Iss zindagi mein dosti ka hi staan , pyaar ka fikr nahi

Par iss jaan , pehli baar , kisi jaan ki waje se jee rahi hai , aur iss jaan ne, darr ya jung se lad sakte , aur iss jaan ne mushkilon ki sadak par pair rakh sakte , iss jaan ne gham se lad ke , khushi ki khoj mein rehne ki taiyaar hain , aur dosti se bad kar , pyaar ek se karne ki taiyaar hain , aur yeh sab sirf uss jaan ke liye , aur wo jaan tum hoo , mujhse pyaar karoge ?? Har dard mein , har gham mein , har khushi mein meri saath rahoge?? Tune meri hoke rahoge??

(Translation : this life got habituated to smile and laugh and coming to fear and war , it’s not ready

This life got habituated to travel , but when it is on the road on difficulties , it’s not ready

This life only knows to be happy and the happiness only is the part of this life and coming to sadness , it won’t be ready

This life only knows about frienship and doesn’t care of love

But for the first time , this heart , wanted to live for someone , and it became it’s habit , and this heart could fight that fear and war , this heart could keep it’s feet on that difficult road of problems , this heart is ready to fight sadness in its life and want to live in the hunt of happiness ,

More than friendship , this heart is ready to love someone , but just for its soulmate , and that is you

Will you love me ?? , Will you be with me in my sadness , gear , war and happiness ?? Will you be mine )


Ishani : (breaking the ice of silence) kya philosophy hai yaar !! Waah !! , Waare wah !! (Wow !! , What a philosophy , waah , waare wah !!)

Vansh kneeled down to her height and nodded in approval

She instantly hugged him and he reciprocated it

Angre : (to ishani in teasing way) you too are there , never ever does such , not mocking others , you learn it first !! , Not doing makeup and wasting the time , somehow try to get romantic with your husband

Siya : could you both stop your fight

The end of this SS , I am getting ready for my next one , so be ready and stay tuned

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