Both abhi and angre hold their fists tight .

Vansh : what happened ? , I can’t hold my nerves , better you say fast.

Abhi ram :

He asked for a dance , and he touched her differently , with his filthy hands , she is feeling uncomfortable by his presence , she doesn’t know what the feeling is , but she is feeling uneasy . She tried to move , but he held her even more tight , resulting riddima to push him .

Flashback :

Harshit saw riddima with full anger in his eyes

Harshit : what you have done ? , Why you pushed me ??

Riddima : I am feeling uncomfortable , I am leaving harshit .

She leaves from there , but the next day , he kidnaps her

Riddima : why you kidnapped me ??

Harshit : as I want you riddima

Riddima : look , we break up yesterday right ??

Harshit : hmm , so what my plans gone in vain

Riddima : what do you mean ??

Harshit : I mean that I want you on my bed , but you break up with me

Riddima is flabbergasted , and was left in shock , she doesn’t believe his words , she again reminsced all the moments with him , tears rolled down from her cheeks , she felt wet and saw droplets from her eyes flowing like a waterfall

Riddima to herself : no , I should stay strong , I should not give any advantage to this blo*dy bastard , to this f**king idiot to even touch me .

Just then he forcefully made her come with him to a room .

He made her harshly lay on the bed.

He then slightly came on her and started touching her skin with his

Filthy hands , she tried to move but he can’t , at the same time , he took off her sleeves , she tried to push him but he is not even moving an inch , just then she felt unconscious at the same time someone came…..Oops……Barged into the room and they are the brothers of riddima

Abhi ram : don’t you think we can’t find out about your deeds

Angre : she will inform us everything , she even informed us about her relationship with you , and being protective brothers , we got all info about you , we waited for the correct time , till you could show your true colors yourself .

They took her off to police station and made him arrested , but harshit’s mother anupriya and father anand , doesn’t know anything about their son’s deeds , so made him come out from prison by a bail .

Flashback ends

Angre : after that incident , it took 6 months to riddu , to come out of that trauma , she used to get panic attacks , she even tried to commit a suicide , but nah , we tried to keep her safe .

Then the trio heard a sound , and it’s of ishani and sia , they are listening their conversation .

Ishani : why didn’t you say this to me to angre ??

Siya : as best friends , we could support her right ??

Abhi : yes , but riddima took a promise that we should not inform you both .

Ishani : she thought us dead or what ??

Siya : if she said , we could understand her situation .

Angre : yaar , now stop this , and forget this situation right now .

Vansh left from their after listening riddima’s past

That’s all for today , I am not better in writing about domestic violence towards women , like vaishu di , but still , I tried my best . Hope , these monsters get the punishment they deserve for harassing the women and thinking them as dolls , I heard a lot of rape and assaulting cases .

These monsters doesn’t even left a year old child too . How cruel this society became , women doesn’t get even one chance to speak , there is no soul who could understand her situation . Many of suicides of women are caused by these only .


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