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Episode begins with.. 

Riddhima wakes up and gets ready to go to the office. Before angre could come out of his room, she leaves. Angre comes to her room and finds a note there. 

Bhai, don’t try to see me. Please, support me by staying away. 

Angre reads it.. 

ANGRE: I don’t know why you have taken this decision? But, I’ll support you. Even vansh wants me to support you. I won’t be an obstacle in your paths.. 

Saying so, he goes.. 


Riddhima reaches the office and finds sejal in her cabin. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, you can’t deny this. Because, we are partners. I have taken care of this event management company till now. We have worked together, and will work together. I hope you will understand me..

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t say anything. I know that you are even a part of this company. But, I don’t want you to speak anything regarding personal issues. I hope, you too will understand me..

SEJAL: Understood.. I won’t speak anything about van..

Riddhima looks at her.. 

SEJAL: Sorry.. Sorry..

Riddhima goes.. 

Sejal messages vansh that riddhima has reached the office. Vansh reads it and gets happy. Angre notices him. 

ANGRE: What happened? Why is your face glowing like a bulb?

VANSH: Because of your sister..

ANGRE: What!!

VANSH: Your sister has reached her office safely. Just now, sejal messaged me..

ANGRE: Vansh, what about your promise?

VANSH: I promised her that I won’t see her and won’t disturb her. But, I want to know whether she is safe. So, I’ve asked sejal to go to the office. Finally, my plan worked.

ANGRE: If riddhima comes to know about this..

VANSH: She’ll become devil.. But, that doesn’t matter to me.

ANGRE: If I try to understand you both then, I’ll become mad..

VANSH: Already you are a mad..

ANGRE: What!!

VANSH: Otherwise, you wouldn’t have chosen ishani.. Only one mad will like to be with another mad..

ANGRE: That’s true.. Day by day, your sister’s madness is increasing..

VANSH: I want to be alone for sometime. So, better you leave..

ANGRE: Why? I won’t leave..

VANSH: I’m telling you for the last time. Just leave..

ANGRE: No, I won’t..

Saying so, he sits on the chair. Vansh looks at him. Just then, he notices ishani passing by. He calls her.. 

ANGRE: What vansh? Are you going to ask your sister to take me out?

VANSH: Just wait and watch..

ISHANI: Tell me, bhai..

VANSH: Ishani, why are you behaving like this? I don’t expect this from you.

Angre looks at him confusingly.. 

ANGRE: (thinking) What is he speaking?

ISHANI: Bhai, what did I do?

VANSH: Why are you torturing him? Because of you, he is saying that he has become mad. He is saying that day by day your madness is increasing. What answer shall I tell him?

Angre gets shocked hearing vansh. Ishani’s face turns full red in anger.. 

ISHANI: Bhai, who told this to you?

Angre signs him not to tell. Vansh points his finger out at angre.. 

ISHANI: Angre.. 

ANGRE: Ishani, don’t trust him..

Ishani bites him and goes. He shouts in pain. He runs and finds vansh staring at riddhima’s pictures. He bangs his head.. 

ANGRE: This vansh has again turned into an idiot. 

VANSH: Now at least, leave the place..

ANGRE: Why did you pointed out at me? I signed you not to tell her, right?

VANSH: When did I tell her? I just pointed out at you. My sister is very smart. She immediately understood it..

ANGRE: Your sister? Smart?

VANSH: Sorry angre.. This time I didn’t do anything.

Just then, angre notices ishani standing at the door.. 

Ishani again comes and bites him in anger and goes. Angre shouts in pain. He again looks vansh and finds him staring at riddhima’s pictures.. 

Angre bangs his head.. 

ANGRE: After doing all this, he is standing as if nothing has happened here. Idiot.. 

VANSH: Will you atleast leave now? Or should I..

ANGRE: No.. Enough.. I’ll leave..

Saying so, he was about to go. But, he returns.. 

ANGRE: I have a doubt..

VANSH: What??

ANGRE: Are you all feeding any dog food to ishani in your house? Or, has any dog bitten her? Sometimes, she is behaving like a dog. First, I should go to the hospital..

VANSH: Sorry again..

Angre gets shocked and lifts up his head and finds ishani standing at the door.. 

ANGRE: Won’t you leave this room.. 

VANSH: Now, I’ll leave the room.

Saying so, he goes looking at riddhima’s pictures. Angre bangs his head. 

ISHANI: How dare you? 

Ishani bites him again and beats him. He shouts in pain. Vansh comes in.. 

VANSH: Excuse me ishani… 

Ishani stops beating angre. 

VANSH: My phone charger..

Saying so, he takes his charger… 

VANSH: Now, continue.. 

Saying so, he goes.. 

ANGRE: Idiot.. Dog.. Donkey. 

Ishani again beats angre. 


Riddhima finds her staffs speaking ill about her. The staffs were speaking about aryan and her. Riddhima hears it. Sejal sees her hearing it.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, come inside. You need to sign some important files.. 

Riddhima stops her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Just a minute.

Saying so, she goes towards the staffs. The staffs stand up seeing her coming… 

RIDDHIMA: I heard everything. My only suggestion is you all please first complete your work and then speak about it. Because, we have an important event tomorrow. So, please first concentrate on your work. And there is no wrong in speaking about others. But, before that just think what you would have done, if you were in that place. Because, backbitting is easy. You’ll know the pain and struggles only if you were in that place. I don’t think that I have done any wrong. If you think that I have done any wrong or if you have any suggestions for my life then, you can come to my cabin and tell me. But, work first. Usually, people fall weak at some point in their lifetime but, whether you stand up again or not matters.

Saying so, she was about to go. The staffs apologize to her. Riddhima goes. Sejal looks at her surprisingly… 


Riddhima returns to her home. Angre sees her going into her room. Sejal calls vansh. Vansh comes to know about what happened at the office from sejal. 

SEJAL: Bhai, I was so surprised seeing her. I thought that she’ll think about the past and become upset. But, this time I saw our old riddhima.. 

VANSH: I know that she has changed. I’m very happy now. Okay, you go to sleep.

SEJAL: Okay, bhai..

She cuts the call.. 

Vansh calls angre and informs him about what happened at riddhima’s office. Angre becomes happy.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima comes to the event and finds the manager scolding a girl.. 

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